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9/11 Denier on Hannity and Colmes

Ann Althouse has the rundown of 9/11 denier Kevin Barrett, the UW-Madison lecturer, and his interview on Hannity and Colmes. After watching the video of this guy, I don't see how any reasonable person could possibly conclude that Kevin Barrett is anything other than a complete nutcase.

Be sure to read Ann's detailed account of the interview.

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What the hell is making the... (Below threshold)

What the hell is making these mental midgets crawl out of their basements lately?? This guy is obviously a loon, I mean, he KNOWS 9/11 was an inside job, he knows it. Everyone else is believing conspiracy theories. Ridiculous.

I don't see how any reas... (Below threshold)

I don't see how any reasonable person could possibly conclude that Kevin Barrett is anything other than a complete nutcase.


Oh right, she said any reasonable person.

This guy is considered mainstream by the DU, KOS Kids group.

But then, the rest of us are just blind sheep following a corrupt, evil president.

I personally love the fact that these types are crawling out from under their rocks to see the light of day -- spotlight even.

The more the far left associates itself with these nutjobs, the more rational, decent Democrats will realize how far the leadership of their party has disassociated itself from reason and join the rest of us "blind sheep" in common sense land.

Oh, yeah, definitely looooo... (Below threshold)

Oh, yeah, definitely looooooney-tunes! I love his statements at the end about 60% (or whatever) supporting him and his right to teach.

Good lord, what has America come to, that FACTUAL TRUTH is determined by polls?!

Excuse me while I go puke in the corner over there...

-- Kat

Unfortunately, this guy may... (Below threshold)
cate s.:

Unfortunately, this guy may be a loon but he's becoming the norm on a lot of college campus'. I have a friend who took her daughter on a couple of campus tours this year and she said that her daughter was amazed at the anti-Americanism that seemed to dwell there. She has decided to go to Purdue and her folks told her just to keep her mouth shut and her head down when dealing with these "learned" types.
I went to college in 1982 and there were a few hairbrained profs but nothing like there seems to be now. Of course the only class I ever failed in my life was a Poli Sci class where I knew I was doomed when I told my prof that I thought Ronald Reagan would go down as one of the greatest Presidents that we ever had. I made a freshman error in the third week of class. However, I found out the hard way to keep my opinions to myself.

Total nut case. Claimed th... (Below threshold)

Total nut case. Claimed that he KNEW the truth and everyone one else was being duped by the evil BushChimpyMcHitlerHaliburton empire.
I wish that they would use a mute button on filibustering people. He kept interrupting Hannity before he could even start a question.

This man should NOT be teaching anywhere except an institution with white jackets with very long sleeves.

So all the terrorist attack... (Below threshold)

So all the terrorist attacks after Bush was elected are part of the U.S. conspiracy, but all the attacks pre-2001 were actual terrorist attacks?

You know, I'm not entirely convinced this guy isn't just a bush hater.

Hmmm.To really get... (Below threshold)


To really get the full flavor you need to watch the that part of H&C. He comes across as a mouth-foaming madman psychologically held together with tape.

There have always been 9/11... (Below threshold)

There have always been 9/11 conspirators. I think they are being given exposure now is because of the mid-term elections coming up.

You have to plants seeds of doubt early to get ready for the harvest in November.

Kevin Barrett reminds me of... (Below threshold)

Kevin Barrett reminds me of RFK, Jr.: never let anyone get in a word in edgewise. It's like Batsh*t .. er, Barrett ... is giving the Lefty equivalent of putting his fingers in his ears and saying "LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA".

This is what happens when you're unattractive to women: makes you bitter and arrogan with a side career in "activism".

Barrett - 1Hannity -... (Below threshold)

Barrett - 1
Hannity - 0

Amazing. Some pissant professor brings Sean Hannity to his knees.

mesa, Lee can't answer righ... (Below threshold)

mesa, Lee can't answer right now... He's busy taking the make-up from his performance.

HA- He just declared himsel... (Below threshold)

HA- He just declared himself the winner

Lee,It's amazing h... (Below threshold)


It's amazing how your views filter your comprehension of things.

Actually, it's disturbing. As in disturbed, clinically.

You need some help, bud.

Tough question: who is a b... (Below threshold)

Tough question: who is a bigger nut case, this guy or Lee who spends much of his free time on this board making silly liberal arguments to conservatives.

Both waste their time equally, but not sure who'd the bigger nut.

Its amazing to me just how ... (Below threshold)

Its amazing to me just how much you guys hinge on my every word.

I don't agree with Barrett's theories, but I do think he handled Hannity extremely well, hence the scorecard above.

But you morons can't read, and just start blabbering as soon as you see my name.

Lee, we just treat you with... (Below threshold)

Lee, we just treat you with the annoyed patience that we extend to any delinquent child whose parents abviously did not give enough attention.

Just found:

Lee when Bush beat Gore.

Lee as he posts on Wizbang comment threads.

Well, why not clear things ... (Below threshold)

Well, why not clear things up for everyone here about your opinions on 9/11? Do you believe that Bush had anything to do with its planning? Do you think Bush had any prior knowledge and did nothing about it? Do you believe the planes were hijacked by Islamic terrorists and then crashed in the WTC, the Pentagon, and the field in PA?

Just curious is all and it would clarify a lot for everyone here.

Also, if you believe that good debate tactics include shouting, interupting questions, and spouting off talking points without making sense then yes, your scorecard is correct. Hannity made this guy look like the nutcase he is.

Hannity - 1Barrett -... (Below threshold)
Red Fog:

Hannity - 1
Barrett - 0

Lee, you're such a soft target.

Lee, do you have soft hands? Tell the truth, Lee.

Red Fog - 1
Lee - 0

It was more like:H... (Below threshold)

It was more like:

Hannity: 0

Barret: Some imaginary number from a magical land whose absolute value is still less than zero and divisable by zero at the same time.

It's not all that surprisin... (Below threshold)
Red Five:

It's not all that surprising that this guy is from UW. Craziness is sorta built-in for Wisconsinites; after all, they are the only state population to have voted a member of the Socialist Party to public office.

You know that dumb cluck fr... (Below threshold)

You know that dumb cluck from the Dumbocrat Underground who tried to "prove" the towers came down because of a BushCo plot, using chicken wire, kerosine and a concrete slab?

Seems the fumb duck did an earlier "experiment" that was just as "successful" in proving his supreme idiocy:


That idiot. There's no WAY ... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

That idiot. There's no WAY 9/11 was done by our gov't.

It went off with only minor problems, it was on time, and it was under budget.

Off topic - This is for Red... (Below threshold)

Off topic - This is for Red Five, Mesablue, and J.R. only - the rest of you - don't bother...


Lee,More handwavin... (Below threshold)


More handwaving on your part. Once again you evade questions about your actual beliefs and point to something meaningless.

I was just posting a question as to what your actual beliefs are. For most comments, the commenters views can be implied from their comments. You just speak with snark and as if you occupy some sort of moral high ground that the rest of us are incapable of attaining.

I guess it's our fault for actually challenging your assertions instead of catering to them.

"the rest of you - don't bo... (Below threshold)
Red Fog:

"the rest of you - don't bother..."

Okay, Lee, thanks for the guidance. I'd be less inclined to listen to you in person, let alone lend you $20, because of those ever-present festering lip herpes you picked up down at the docks. Lee, don't be afraid of the big bad conservative juggernaut ...

J.R. - I admit I ignored yo... (Below threshold)

J.R. - I admit I ignored your question - sorry, but I don't take questions from morons. You're repeated troll attempts puts your squarely in that category.

Just because you're dumb enough to jump through the hoops I hold up for you -- don't assume the opposite is true. I'd scroll up and look at one what you wrote, since I skipped over it the first time, but I have more pressing things to do - like yawning.

Red Fog - see comment above... (Below threshold)

Red Fog - see comment above reference "hoops". lol

Lee,Why would I (i... (Below threshold)


Why would I (in reference to what was in the linked post) do anything that you tell me to? None of us are here for your amusement -- me, least of all.

Like Red Fog said, you are a soft target, not really even worth the effort.

But, you've become like black mold, insinuating yourself into every thread just to disrupt it. And ruining it in the process -- thus acheiving your sick goal.

You don't have the ability to engage, so you spew crap and loose moobat bits all over the place, never answering a question and not able to venture even inches off the last netroots talking points memo.

But, the best part, and it really is the best part...

You do more damage to any of the things that you say you believe in by your actions here. You remind everyone day after day just how whacked out you and all of your little buddies are.

Annoying insignificant little gnats that no matter how much they shout, kick, bite or scratch can only succeed in driving people farther and farther away.

Every time you open your mouth our type a single keystroke -- you lose.

It's like watching someone kill themself over and over again. But they still have to stick their finger in the socket -- over and over.


Well stated Lee!Yo... (Below threshold)

Well stated Lee!

You really showed me and everyone for that matter. You're the best.


One thing I don't understan... (Below threshold)

One thing I don't understand about the pancake theory to the Twin Towers and WTC 7 is why go to so much trouble and do that? The demolitions I see on TV involved removing and weakening of the superstructure in order for the building to go down. And they didn't pancake. They kinda fell into each other.

Maybe I'm wrong but wouldn't the Twin Towers and WTC 7 have to have had thousands of holes drilled in it with miles of exposed wire to detonate the explosives?

Lee,Keep up the go... (Below threshold)
Deb Frisch:


Keep up the good work!

You make me go all moist and stuff.

Especially since Lee is androgenous and I can fantasize about all kinds of things.


P.S. I really wish you would get back to me about the job thing -- my parents just cut me off, again.

We just had a long thread o... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

We just had a long thread on 9/11 denial.

Here is Lee's post directing at another poster, kathy.

Which engineers are those, Kathy? This is the first I've heard that there were engineers involved in the planning of the 9/11 attack.

Here is how Lee was caught red-handed denying the obvious


Engineers in al-Qaeda?

Hmm, you mean like Khalid Shaikh Mohammed?

What's that, he never got an engineering degree? Hmm, that's not what wikipedia, the Washington Post, or the LA Times discovered, when they were doing research on him.


And that's after an exhaustive, two-minute Google search of "Khalid Mohammed engineering."

Vagabond - "wouldn't the Tw... (Below threshold)

Vagabond - "wouldn't the Twin Towers and WTC 7 have to have had thousands of holes drilled in it with miles of exposed wire to detonate the explosives?"


Which would, of course, have required tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of witnesses to this little conspiracy be kept silent.

In other words, lefties that believe the towers came down by controlled demolition are the stupidest, dumbest, mind-numbingly idiotic numbskulls on the planet.

Vagabond:We've see... (Below threshold)


We've seen so much controlled demolition on TV over the years, people tend to think that's the only way to make a building fall down. They use a lot of explosives, very carefully placed, in order to get a very specific result. Minimal shrapnel, targeted collapses, lower sound volumes, et cetera.

If you just wanted to knock the towers down, it would take a lot less explosives (a piece of C-4, shaped correctly, around each column you want cut), and the building would still fall, and would usually fall in a fairly small footprint.

However (and that's a huge however), it would still take hundreds of pounds of fairly high-powered explosives, placed precisely, or a couple of thousand pounds, placed somewhat less carefully, to knock down pretty much any tall tower. It would take some time to set up (hours to days), and people would notice.

A lot of people would notice, or at least note whatever operation you devised for the cover-up.

There's also the "why bother with a huge, complicated 'planes into buildings'" fraud, when you could just blow up the buildings directly and blame it on the same folks... You know, some folks with connections to people who tried to blow them up once before.

The Big Monster Conspiracy Nuts want us to believe that the planners of the attacks are simultaneously supremely evil, extraordinarily devious, and very, very stupid, and had no worries that their very complicated plan would be foiled by, say, a janitor walking into the floor at the wrong time.

Hannity: Poor control and p... (Below threshold)

Hannity: Poor control and poor preparation - a little of the well researched and published DEBUNKING of the controlled demolition theory, and a good retort to the reference to Osama running 9/11 from a cave in Afghanistan being a more ludicrous conspiracy theory, would have left this piece of cowbell dung defenseless.

Ya know, if we can't even k... (Below threshold)

Ya know, if we can't even keep secret how we track the terrorists from the New York Times, how in the world do you suppose we could keep something like this secret?


Hannity: Poor control an... (Below threshold)

Hannity: Poor control and poor preparation

Exactly. Barrett walked all over him.

Exactly. Barrett walked ... (Below threshold)

Exactly. Barrett walked all over him.

Stumbled drunkenly, maybe.

Barrett basically walked all over himself, loudly and stupidly, firm in his conviction that his half-learned knowledge is The Truth.

So he's what, your role model or something?

Nah, Lee was pointing out t... (Below threshold)
Totally Matt:

Nah, Lee was pointing out that Sean Hannity is a middle-aged frat boy who really sucks at his job.

Actually I don't think he w... (Below threshold)

Actually I don't think he walked all over Hannity. But he sure talked all over him.

His point that it is not believeable that terrorists could take over an airplane with box cutters sounds true because they couldn't do it now. However, pre 9/11 I can believe it.

Lee is again caught red-han... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

Lee is again caught red-handed denying the obvious. I have shown how Lee was caught red-handed denying the obvious 9/11 attack plan by at least one engineer in AlQ rank. Again, he is trying to twist Epador 's point to deny the obvious that Barret was a joke and a disgrace. I can't believe they allow such a joke to give lectures at a major university. But they allowed Ward Churchill to spout his lies for years at Colorado. So this is no surprise. The bottom line is that Lee has been caught red-handed denying the obvious again. Epador simply meant that Sean could have demolished Barrett more completely.

BTW, Epador mentioned that it is delusional to believe in the controlled demolition. And Barrett is such a delusional person.

Barrett: "When I'm an activ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Barrett: "When I'm an activist or satirist..." then he espouses his views of 9/11 being an inside job? Teacher, too. We are many people it seems. Scary.

Exactly. Barrett walked all over him.

No, Barrett is so intune with his delusions and his conspiracy theories that he can rattle his answers off at will without thinking. Being able to do is the sign of someone who has clinically defined persecutory delusions--"an irrational yet unshakable belief that someone is plotting against them". It explains his steadfastedness in answering BOTH Colmes and Hannity's questions quickly and without pause. (Two close relatives are psychs--docs, not patients, LOL-- that's my source.)

Bigger hint that Barrett is Cuckoo for Coca Puffs: When Colmes is perplexed, you know the interviewee is whacked.

Ha Ha Ha...... (Below threshold)

Ha Ha Ha...

Hey LAI, did Ward Churchill... (Below threshold)
Totally Matt:

Hey LAI, did Ward Churchill steal your girl or run over your dog or something? I'm asking, because you seem to give a shit about him.

Lee, we just treat you ... (Below threshold)

Lee, we just treat you with the annoyed patience that we extend to any delinquent child whose parents abviously did not give enough attention.

Just found:

Lee(link removed) when Bush beat Gore.

Lee(link Removed) as he posts on Wizbang comment threads.

Posted by: mesablue at July 11, 2006 03:43 PM

Sorry to go OT like this, but what the hell was the kid screaming about in the 2nd link? I don't speak... German, I think it was. Anyways, I'd really like to know what tweaked him out...

Mostly because it was reall... (Below threshold)

Mostly because it was really funny, I couldn't stop laughing.

I think the guy is a nut, t... (Below threshold)

I think the guy is a nut, too, and don't believe for a second his crackpot theories, but I think Hannity and Colmes both did more talking over than he did, and they didn't let him finish his answers in what can only be termed a rude display of their own arrogance. You don't refute these guys by talking over them (and yes, I think that Hannity and Colmes BOTH did more talking over than this guy did) calling them nutjobs. You refute them by listening to them politely, writing down their points, then shredding them one by one in front of them. This just looked like kids who couldn't quit talking over each other, including Barret.

This guy sounds as nutty as... (Below threshold)

This guy sounds as nutty as those who say Iraq has been getting more stable.

Barret and Lieberman. Two peas in a pod!!

Robert:Iraq was "s... (Below threshold)


Iraq was "stable" under Hussein.

"Stable" is only good when things are good overall.

(Even though Iraq is getting better and getting more stable.)

iraq? "Stable" under Saddam... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

iraq? "Stable" under Saddam? Like the 300,000-500,000 people massacred under his "stable" system? The two wars he started under his "stable" system? That kind of "stable"? The billions he bilked under the Oil-For-Food scam in his "stable" system?

Nobody's painting overly rosy, it's-a-Shangri-La pictures of Iraq right now, friend. But it is certainly better than it was even six months ago.

Yup, hundreds of Iraqi citi... (Below threshold)

Yup, hundreds of Iraqi citizens killed every week and the nation spinning into all-out Civil War.
That's an improvement.

If you believe that, you might as well believe 9/11 was an inside job.
Really, what's the difference?

"Yup, hundreds of Iraqi cit... (Below threshold)

"Yup, hundreds of Iraqi citizens killed every week and the nation spinning into all-out Civil War.
That's an improvement."

Actually, yes, it is, even though your "spinning towards a civil war" bit is just flat wrong.

Even at "hundreds" per week , it's a fraction of the number who were killed or died needlessly at the hands of Hussein's henchmen in the same time period.

By the way - a lot of the people being killed nowadays are the folks who used to be doing the killing in the Baathist days. Meanwhile, things in the Kurdish north are pretty damned "stable," and improved incredibly from the days when Hussein was doing that little "genocide" thing you don't seem to care much about...

Only hundreds a week killed... (Below threshold)

Only hundreds a week killed in iraq? I guess they are more stable then the U.S. because theres way more then that murdered everyweek here and they mostly occur in the Liberally ran big cities.. Go figure?

I "don't care so much about... (Below threshold)

I "don't care so much about"?

Why would you say that? How would you know?

Back to the point of my post.

You'd have to be a fool to believe Barrett about the 9/11 "inside job" and you'd have to be a fool to think Iraq is going well.

virgo1, compare homicide RA... (Below threshold)
Totally Matt:

virgo1, compare homicide RATES in Iraq and the U.S.

Comparing total numbers is unhelpful insofar as you were attempting to contribute a meaningful point.

Robert, why the non sequitu... (Below threshold)

Robert, why the non sequitur?

Oh I get it, this is your attempt to brush all those who believe Iraq is going well as whackos!!

How creative. A more apt comparison would be finding people who believe Saddam and Bush are in cohorts and planned the Iraq war together and then compare them (if they exist) to this 9/11 idiot.

Yeah right totally Matt! Th... (Below threshold)

Yeah right totally Matt! The point is ridiculously apparent to anybody but the Shamestream media? The point is our Country is very violent! So if you are going to obsess on it? at least give it a proper perspective in the grand scheme of things?

No J.R.Comparing o... (Below threshold)

No J.R.

Comparing one pie in the sky fantasy to another makes total sense.

Maybe Barrett is one of them "irrational Bush haters" so it makes him feel better that he "knows" the REAL story about 9/11.
His REAL story "could" be true, but our eyes and common sense tell us different.

Maybe those who think Iraq is better today than it was a year ago are "irrational Bush supporters" so it makes them feel better that they "know" the REAL story about what is happening in Iraq.
It "could" be true, but our eyes and common sense tell us different.

I dont see one person here ... (Below threshold)

I dont see one person here with one single shred of anything to refute the findings of not only steven jones but a butt load of highly qualified experts who have given us MORE than proof that 911 was a controlled demolition! Give me one single solid form of proof to debunk anything these guys have discovered, other than the 911 commission. All you guys are saying here, is that they are nut cases... YOU are the nut cases!!!! www.myspace.com/911omissionscommission

I love how some people are ... (Below threshold)

I love how some people are so stupid they can see the exact opposite of the truth. To the guy who thought that Barrett was interrupting Hannity and going "LA LA LA LA LA", if you back up and look objectively you'll actually see that it is Hannity that is talking over Barrett and going "LA LA LA LA LA". Barrett has good things to say, and although you don't agree with him, he should have the chance to say them. Hannity's "job" is to keep Barrett from saying anything useful and to spin everything he can to the FOX News Neo-Con viewpoint. Hannity clearly lost. Hannity looked like the nutjob who doesn't have his facts straight.






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