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BREAKING: 7 Explosions Reported on Bombay Trains

Little is known at this point

7 explosions hit trains in Bombay, India

BOMBAY, India - Seven explosions rocked Bombay's commuter rail network during Tuesday evening's rush hour. The blasts ripped apart train compartments and reportedly killed dozens, police and Indian media said.

There was chaos throughout Bombay's crowded rail network following the explosions, and authorities struggled to determine how many people had been killed and injured. But Indian television reports indicated the death toll could be in the dozens.

Television images showed injured victims sprawled on train tracks, frantically dialing their cell phones. Some of the injured were being carried away from the crash site. The force of the blasts ripped doors and windows off carriages, and luggage and debris were strewn about.

Pranay Prabhakar, the spokesman for the Western Railway, confirmed that seven blasts had taken place. He said all trains had been suspended, and he appealed to the public to stay away from the city's train stations.

Bombay, India's financial center, and New Delhi, the capital, were reportedly on high alert. Bombay's commuter rail network is among the most crowded in the world.

If early reports are correct and it is 7 blasts, it seems a certainty it was not an accident. As always Wizbang will be updating.

Update FOXNews reports 60 confirmed dead.

Update 2 Bombay (Mumbai) police now report 80 dead.

It looks like the number of blasts is steady at 7 and clearly they are bombings. Now the question is who did it. So far no claims of responsibility. - Apparently the 7 blasts were timed over 30 minutes.

100 feared dead 300 injured.

Update 3 7 bombs in 11 minutes. Mostly in first class areas.

Update 4 Indian officials knew the attacks were coming but didn't know the place or time.

Update 5 The death toll is now at 147.

Update 6 Suitably Flip reports that bystanders in Srinagar captured one of the terrorists who lobbed a grenade in a vehicle and turned him over to police.

Update 7 The AP is now reporting that there were eight bombs.

Update 8 Death toll has reached 163 with 460 injured.

Update 9 Allah at Hot Air links to an MSNBC report that says the prime suspect is Dawood Ibrahim, an Indian Muslim with links to al Qaeda.


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Comments (23)

My immediate thought on thi... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

My immediate thought on this is that it's the Tamil Tigers again.

Sounds exactly like the pla... (Below threshold)

Sounds exactly like the planned attack on the NYC tunnel system that was busted up last week. If the Intel community was allowed to dig deep into the records and computers of those captured without a months delay (for a warrent)demanded by the democrats this attack may have been stopped also. But then the leftie pundits said this type attack wouldn't work, but then they also think President Bush attacked the twin towers. Sometimes you get what you wish for, i'd say the lefties will get the attack that won't work in NYC. Death toll at 80+ and climbing by the minute.

We all know how al-Q loves ... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

We all know how al-Q loves their numerology. Today's date is 7/11, folks.

Sorry cousin Dave, this is ... (Below threshold)

Sorry cousin Dave, this is not limited to AQ, this is the total of Islam, the religion of death and destruction even to their own people.

7/11? This is the day of th... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

7/11? This is the day of the revenge of the Convenience Store Clerks?

7/11? This is the day of th... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

7/11? This is the day of the revenge of the Convenience Store Clerks?

>Sounds exactly like the pl... (Below threshold)

>Sounds exactly like the planned attack on the NYC tunnel system that was busted up last week.

Nope: One of the lefty commenters explained to us that there was no planned attack, it was just a Republican election machine fantasy. (rolls eyes)

This might not be a terrori... (Below threshold)

This might not be a terrorist plot at all, but in the meantime, maybe Muslim Unity could keep us updated on this story.

So far this sounds a lot li... (Below threshold)

So far this sounds a lot like AQ but there is that Pakistan thing.

And one of the resident tro... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

And one of the resident trolls can explain why it's our fault.

I wonder how long it is goi... (Below threshold)
Charles Bannerman:

I wonder how long it is going to take before the Muslims put the final straw on the camel's back. They are striking just about everybody and sooner or later the everybodies are going to say Enough is Enough.

There are a lot of Muslims in the world but that just makes it easier to find them when the non muslims have had enough. They, the Muslims, are playing a very dangerous game with the rest of the world and the deck is stacked against them.

I predict that in a years time, if the Muslims keep up their terror tactics, the wrath of the non Muslim world will fall upon them and then they will learn the meaning of terror first hand.

Terrorists....killers, murd... (Below threshold)

Terrorists....killers, murderers...
Tried to trackback you, but the URL link is not working on my end. Sorry.

It's Kashmirs separatists, ... (Below threshold)

It's Kashmirs separatists, not Tamil Tigers. Tamil Tigers haven't done anything in India since killing Rajiv Gandhi in 1991.

Lashkar-e-Toiba or Jaish-e-Mohammed, both terror groups tacitly supported by Pakistan is likely to be behind this.

Of course, JeM and LeT are both in bed with Al Q.

fucking terrorist assholes...

You could not have said it ... (Below threshold)

You could not have said it better. My feelings are the same. Thank you.

Well, of course, if India w... (Below threshold)

Well, of course, if India wasn't so desperate to get its hands on all that sweet, sweet, Iraqi crude, this would never have happened.

Or perhaps. . .

If India didn't try to force its lifestyle and values onto the Muslim world, this would never have happened.

Or perhaps. . .

If only Indian troops weren't occupying free Iraq, this never would have happened.

Or perhaps. . .

If only Al Gore hadn't been cheated out of the presidency, this never would have happened.

Go ahead, Lee, jp, MU, and all of you lefty swine. Tell us how the Indians deserve this. And how it's the fault of the right-wing noise machine. And Chimpy McBushitler. And the GOP theocrats.

Asshats, all of you.

Politics even in death huh.... (Below threshold)

Politics even in death huh.

BTW cmd, why was I not included with Lee,MU, and jp as a part of the lefty swine conspiracy? I am offended.

Paul said: "One of the l... (Below threshold)

Paul said: "One of the lefty commenters explained to us that there was no planned attack, it was just a Republican election machine fantasy. (rolls eyes)"

Since I was commenting about the republican election machine last week I will assume you are rolling your eyes in my direction.

What I said was that the timing of the release, and the choice to leak the info to the New York Daily News instead of the New York Times, were both matters of strategy tied to republican election efforts.

I didn't then, and don't now, doubt the accuracy of the reports that an attack was planned. Paul's statement that I had is just another example of a conservative idiot trying to twist the truth to his political advantage.

No surprise, he learned this trick from the President.

"Politics even in death,... (Below threshold)

"Politics even in death, huh."

See: Wellstone, Paul, funeral of.

But you are cute when you try to pretend you've got the moral high ground.

Lee,Superb effort!... (Below threshold)
Deb Frisch:


Superb effort! A gold star for you.

You really WERE paying attentetion in my class after all.

See you at the Rhodian convention next month.


P.S. Still waiting to hear if you could line up a job for me.

Whoever posted as Frisch ma... (Below threshold)

Whoever posted as Frisch made me bust a gut.

Even had a reference to that "gold star" thing, HAH.

Did you hear Cindy Sheehan's fasting isn't even a true hunger strike? She's drinking smoothies any chance she gets.

cmd, I am cute all the time... (Below threshold)

cmd, I am cute all the time:)

So dems were wrong to politicize the funerals of Sen. Wellstone and Coretta Scott-King. And your point is?

Oh, was that you attempting to score political points? News flash! I could care less about the repub and the democratic gangs. I actually think for myself.

The point is on top of Your... (Below threshold)
Sillary Rotham:

The point is on top of Your head Negroponte!!

"I could care less about the dem and repub partys
? I actually think for Myself".


Such things are very sad an... (Below threshold)

Such things are very sad and remember I have never supported any such thing. Because it is not people like me who support it but the ones who gain to benefit from this and make Muslims look evil.
It is already clear how so many people are trying to once again blame Islam and Muslims for it.
Shouldn't people introspect? Muslims are brothers and sisters with people of all relgions, because that is how it should be. Remember we are the most tolerating people and culture. Just don't offend us and our values and learn to respect them and adhere to them -everything will be fine and we will all be happy.






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