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Barbaro Experiences Pontentially Serious Complications

This is not good news for such a magnificent horse:

Barbaro, who shattered three bones in his right hind leg at the start of the Preakness at Pimlico Race Course on May 20, has undergone three surgical procedures in the past week. In the most recent one Saturday, Richardson replaced the titanium plate and 27 screws and treated two infections -- one in the injured leg and a small abscess on the sole of his uninjured left hind hoof.

"Today we will focus on further diagnostics and keeping our patient comfortable," Richardson said.

Doctors are also keeping watch for any signs of laminitis, a potentially fatal disease sometimes brought on by uneven weight balance.

Unfortunately, it's because of laminitis that horses in past years had to be put down after breaking a leg. Let's hope technology has improved enough that Barbaro can be saved.

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It's just a horse, you know... (Below threshold)

It's just a horse, you know.

After reading SmartGuys com... (Below threshold)

After reading SmartGuys comment I know why I love animals more than most people. But if a person were hurt and facing a long recovery with setbacks I would never say It's just a person and not be concerned and try to help if I could. My heart also goes out to the owners who are spending all that money and time because they think Barbaro is not just a horse but a special horse and I have the feeling they would help Barbaro even if he had never won a race. They are all in my prayers - The vet, too.

It's just a horse, you k... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

It's just a horse, you know.

Well, yeah, a horse is a horse, of course.
And no one can talk to a horse, of course,
that is, of course, unless the horse is the famous Mister Ed.

Only on a rightwing blog wo... (Below threshold)

Only on a rightwing blog would you find ugly remarks about a horse who may be about to be put down.

Shame on you.

Well, SmartGuy, we all have... (Below threshold)

Well, SmartGuy, we all have our calling in life. The veterinary orthopedic surgeon occasionally has the privilege of working on the elite of the sport. The human orthopedist may be lucky enough to find employment with a professional sports team. The auto mechanic if appropriately trained may be asked to tune a Maserati. But your bottom line is correct, Barbaro is just a horse and you are just a human being - either of whose passing would not even cause a hiccup in the world's eye.

CA DFLer,You may b... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


You may be right. On the left wing blogs, animals are usually much more important than people.

In fact, on left wing blogs, killing humans is frequently celebrated (e.g. abortion, euthanasia, Terri Schiavo, etc.).

What I don't get is all thi... (Below threshold)

What I don't get is all this outpuring of concern for Barbaro, but not any of the other horses put down every day. I guess since he is an athlete he is a better horse? So should human athletes be treated better, doted upon and worried about more than any one of us? I mean, we all know that that is the reality, doesn't make it right. Its just interesting to me that so many people all of a sudden are so concerned with this horse because he runs fast. All the other horses can go to hell though, right?

I am in the horse business,... (Below threshold)

I am in the horse business, though not racing. I hear of horses going to slaughter all the time and I hate it. Some of those are good horses whose owners can't pay their feed bills anymore. Most are old, lame or untrainable. No one seems to care for them yet everyone cares about Barbaro. I'm not denying that I care about Barbaro's outcome but at least I care about all horses. I agree though, sometimes it IS tough to care for the lame and unmanagable (horse and human) but isn't that why God put us here? And yes, I am a right wing Nebraskan, and proud of it.

Dusty, I appreciate your po... (Below threshold)
Kim Priestap:

Dusty, I appreciate your point.

It makes me sick that owners have no problem sending their beautiful animals to slaughter without thinking twice. I just don't get how they see them as just things rather than living, breathing animals that have value.

However, I didn't blog about Barbaro because he's of greater importance than other horses. I blogged about Barbaro because I love horse racing. It's one of the most amazing sports in existence, as far as I'm concerned.

I also respect the Jacksons' commitment to Barbaro. They love him and are willing to spend the money required to save his life. Many would argue that the Jacksons are doing this just in the hopes of making lots of money in stud fees. Yes, Barbaro would make a lot of money by being put out to stud, but his owners have made it clear that they would work to save his life even if he were a gelding.

It makes me sick that ow... (Below threshold)

It makes me sick that owners have no problem sending their beautiful animals to slaughter without thinking twice.

I have horses and sheep.

I raise sheep not merely because they're cute and fuzzy and the stuff of nursery rhymes, but because they eat my back yard that I can't finish mowing before I have to start all over again, and they make male babies that get fat on my back yard and I can sell them for meat.

I raise sheep for slaughter. Specifically for slaughter. And I "think twice".

If one of my horses were to get feebled -- say my pony/horse mix, who tends to founder -- he would need to be "euthanized", which is merely a euPHAMized way of saying "slaughtered". And I would think twice about that as well.

I think it's foppishly sentimental to consider some animals -- cows, sheep, pigs, chickens -- acceptable to eviscerate and even serve up on a dinner plate, but horses are beyond the pale. Wyzat? They're no cuter than anything else, except pigs maybe. They're certainly no cleaner. I'd put a ewe up against a horse any day for "stateliness". The ewe is just smaller.

We don't complain about sending the hale and healthy whethered rams to the slaughter house, the ones who are their peak physical condition. Why should we complain about sending the old and feebled horses to same? Makes no sense.

I love barbaro but it god w... (Below threshold)

I love barbaro but it god wants him then he should be able to run and play with all the other pets that god has and never be in any pain any more. But if it is not his time them let do all we can to help out.IF we all pray for a good out come then lets all pray.......We love you Barbaro from head to tail and from happy to sad. you will always be a winner in Arizona hearts....






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