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Dan Rather And Mary Mapes Together Again?


It could happen on "Dan Rather Reports"...

PASADENA, Calif. (AP) - Former CBS anchor Dan Rather said Tuesday he will be the ultimate authority on a weekly news program he'll begin in October on HDNet for owner Mark Cuban, promising "independent journalism."

While he carefully framed his remarks, saying they were not intended to reflect criticism of his former longtime employer, Rather described himself as moving from an environment of corporate accountability to freedom.

The "difference here is the chain of command begins and ends with me. ... You could say it's like operating without a net, but I don't see it that way," Rather told a meeting of the Television Critics Association.

...He has yet to start hiring for his HDNet venture but would consider former CBS colleagues, Rather said. Asked if Mary Mapes, the CBS producer who was fired over the report on Bush, might be considered, he gave an evasive reply.

"The only member of the team I know of right how is sitting in this chair," Rather said.

Now that "fake but accurate" is moving to high definition, perhaps we can see better versions of the Killian memos. We know they exist - we've seen them. Much more on that later...

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I used to have some respect... (Below threshold)

I used to have some respect for Mark Cuban, but I question his judgement on this one.

Taking care of a fellow Texan is one thing, but enabling his self immolation is another.

Maybe Mark is smarter than I am giving him credit for.

Either way, it sure will be interesting to watch -- if you are a fan of slow motion train wrecks.

Ok, so he used forged docum... (Below threshold)

Ok, so he used forged documents for a news story - back in the good ole days when he had "corporate accountability." What will he do now, now that he has his newfound "freedom?" We can only hold our breath.

Well I think that I will co... (Below threshold)

Well I think that I will contact the cable compnay anc cancel my subsciption to HDNET.

Mark Cuban thinks the NBA i... (Below threshold)
Red Fog:

Mark Cuban thinks the NBA is fixed when his team looses in this year's final and has been muzzled by the NBA. Cuban made his fortune on a big bet that his company's stock would collapse. Now, Cuban hires dinosaur Rather.

Mark "Small Penis" Cuban: Enormous ego unsupported by his intellect. Especially not good when money is mixed in.

(Personal Message: Lee, do you have soft hands?)

mesablue--Mark Cub... (Below threshold)
the wolf:


Mark Cuban is from Pittsburgh.

This story is comedy gold:

"The 'difference here is the chain of command begins and ends with me. ... You could say it's like operating without a net, but I don't see it that way'"

Translation: I can make up any stories I want, facts be damned, and no one can do anything about it.

I'd Rather be smoking a Cub... (Below threshold)

I'd Rather be smoking a Cuban!

No Kevin, Fox news has alwa... (Below threshold)

No Kevin, Fox news has always been in HI DEF.






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