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Israeli Airstrike Destroys Palestinian Foreign Ministry


After a two week offensive into Gaza in its effort to reclaim kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shilat, Israel bombed the Palestinian Foreign Ministry in Gaza City. From the AP:

A bomb dropped by an Israeli warplane destroyed the Palestinian Foreign Ministry building in Gaza City early Thursday.

The bomb collapsed the building and caused widespread destruction in the area. The Palestinian foreign minister is Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar.

The Israeli military confirmed it carried out an airstrike on the Palestinian Foreign Ministry, noting that it is "led by Hamas."

At least three people were wounded in the strike, which took place after 1:30 a.m. The injured were in neighboring buildings, and it was not known if anyone was in the ministry at the time. Ambulances and rescue services were racing to the scene.

Houses and cars in the area were badly damaged by the force of the blast, and the third and fourth floors of the foreign ministry building were destroyed.

Israel has been waging a two-week offensive in Gaza after Hamas-linked militants carried out a cross-border raid, killing two Israeli soldiers and capturing a third. Early Wednesday, an Israeli aircraft dropped a quarter-ton bomb on a house in Gaza City where Hamas commanders were meeting, killing nine members of a family.

Earlier this month Israeli warplanes attacked the Hamas-controlled Interior Ministry twice, causing considerable damage.

Israel is proving to its enemies, who probably expected more capitulation, that it is prepared to engage in a two front war.

Update: Fox News' Shephard Smith asked Jennifer Griffin if this was all out war. She replied that if it was, then it was an uneven war since Israel has the largest military in the region compared to its neighbors. So what? I give Israel credit for being as restrained as it has having sustained year after year of mortar attacks, car bombs, and homocide bombers. The terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah decided they wanted a war, and they got one.

Update II: Isreallycool has all the coverage from inside Israel.

Update III: Terrorists are such cowards that they insist hiding behind innocents in the hopes that Israel would never strike them. Take Abu Salmiyeh, a Hamas terrorist. Rather than having war planning meetings at a location away from his home so his family could remain safe, he instead held them surrounded by his wife and children:

Nine members of one family were killed in Wednesday's airstrike, with an Israeli F-16 warplane dropping a quarter-ton bomb on a home in a crowded Gaza City neighborhood. The strike was by far the deadliest in Israel's 15-day military campaign in Gaza, launched after Hamas-allied militants kidnapped an Israeli soldier

Israel's air force targeted the two-story house of Nabil Abu Salmiyeh, a Hamas activist and university lecturer, after getting intelligence information that the leaders of Hamas' military wing, responsible for the abduction of the soldier, were meeting there. Palestinian security officials said seven or eight top Hamas officials were present.

The blast wounded 37 people, three critically, said Health Minister Bassem Naim. Hospital officials said Raed Saad, a top Hamas operative, was among the wounded, but details of his condition weren't released.

Abu Salmiyeh, his wife, and seven of his nine children, ages 4-18, all died.

Now that Israeli government is finally responding to its enemies as it should have a long time ago, Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists would be advised, if they love their families that is, to hold their war planning meetings away from home. Then again, Hamas and Hezbollah would be denied anti-Israel PR opportunities.


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Comments (45)

Sand to glass.End.</... (Below threshold)

Sand to glass.

Just head for Damascus. nu... (Below threshold)

Just head for Damascus. nuff said

(though I hope they take the Bekka Valley "scenic route")

Let's see if they can get i... (Below threshold)

Let's see if they can get it done in less than six days this time :)

God Bless Israel.Ham... (Below threshold)

God Bless Israel.
Hamas and Hezbollah just found out that if you continue to poke an ant hill with a stick, it will bite and bite hard.
And much as I like Shepherd Smith, he can ask a really boneheaded question.

God bless Hamas. Israel has... (Below threshold)

God bless Hamas. Israel has violated human rights for years.

You have to wonder if the P... (Below threshold)

You have to wonder if the Palestinians ever regret rejecting the UN sponsored 1948 two-state solution.

Probably wouldn't have made any difference even if they had accepted the offer.

This is a tired old argumen... (Below threshold)

This is a tired old argument. If you guys are really proponents of Israel then try to support a governemnt or state that isn't being terrorists themselves.

Force does not work. You can kill a top Hamas official, he'll just be replaced a few days later. Everytime a bomb is dropped, some small child dies a generation grows up with nothing but hatred toward Israel. Is that really what Israel wants?

Hamas WAS following a ceasefire, Israel's artillery murdered 8 innocent civillians on a beach head with drew international condemnation. or have you forgotten this? It was only then that Hamas withdrew the ceasefire and began bombing AFTER being provoked.

You're saying Israel was patient? There is a side of Hamas not many people see. They're the ones who use their funding to build hospitals and schools. They were elected in a free and fair election, the type of election the US always been trying to promote. and what was the raection? All funds were cut.
50 Million US dollars owed to the news Hamas goverment through customs duties were not handed over by Israel.

Adhering to a ceasefire with that kind of treatment... now that is patience.

The Gaza strip is simply the largest prison in the world. Nobody goes in or out without Israel's permition. Do you have a wife or child living in the Gaza strip? oh sorry... you can't go see them. but there's hope though... if they do get seriously ill they MIGHT get permission to leave for medical treatment.

durcellAlthough I ... (Below threshold)


Although I strongly diaagree with your assertion, would you please explain how it pertains to the current dituation?

Shahram...hey, nice Hamas p... (Below threshold)

Shahram...hey, nice Hamas party-line!! very well done. all bullshit, of course, but very well done!

Israel has a large military... (Below threshold)

Israel has a large military because it has to defend itself against the likes of Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and to a lesser extent Egypt and Jordan (the only two countries to sign peace deals). The rest are still in a state of war with Israel, and fund terrorists to strike at Israel as a proxy army.

Israel has shown tremendous restraint in not eliminating Hamas and Fatah to date, though that appears coming to an end as well, as both groups have engaged in multiple and ongoing acts of war. Hizbullah has done the same.

"homocide bombers"? Is thi... (Below threshold)

"homocide bombers"? Is this a fox run site?

both sides acting like chil... (Below threshold)

both sides acting like children, so they should be treated like children. i for one am disgusted by my tax dollars going to support feuding groups of terrorist and jews

tom:Your not only ... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:


Your not only a bigot; your a moron!

I think they must be giving... (Below threshold)

I think they must be giving the Gitmo morons access to the internet tonight! kewl that Wizbang is their first stop!

and as for "Justread" and its "homicide bomber" comment...here's the difference, dummy.
- a SUICIDE bomber uses a bomb to kill THEMSELF...and if an innocent civilian dies it is a COINCIDENCE
- a HOMICIDE bomber uses a bomb to kill as many innocent civilians as they can and COINCIDENTALLY dies in the process

seems clear to all but morons and the MSM...which is redundant

I love the way the AP descr... (Below threshold)

I love the way the AP described in detail how the 4 yaer old died.

Rescue workers pulled from the rubble the mangled body of a 4-year-old child, clad in a red-T shirt, whose head was blown open by the blast and whose lower body was torn off.

Eight paragraphs later this is mentioned:
After the bombardment, a car that fled the scene was hit by a missile fired from an Israeli aircraft, Palestinian security officials said. Witnesses said top Hamas militants were inside.

Hamas initially said its leaders were safe. But later in the day, Hamas militants took over the intensive care unit at Gaza's Shifa Hospital. Seven people were being treated inside, including four in critical condition, medical officials said.

Black-uniformed Hamas gunmen stood guard at the entrance of the unit. A large bearded man blocked people from entering, permitting only a team of doctors and Hamas lawmakers to pass. He angrily declined to say who was being treated.

Hmmm...hiding behind civilians? Not Hamas! And why the big deal about killing civilians from Hamas? Aren't they the ones that consider all Jews, man, woman and child a fair target?

cstmbuild...and what about ... (Below threshold)

cstmbuild...and what about the orphaned PUPPIES that these people were caring for??

All these Hamas supporters want is to be *FREE!!!!

(*free of Jews anywhere in the world)

The murderous murderers wil... (Below threshold)

The murderous murderers will continue to murder with or without a "2 state solution" they murder for the thrill of the gore, only to wake up where they had no idea they would..

Eradicate the vermin before it passes to the next generation around the world. Kiss your Homicidal worthless trashy existences goodbye Hamas,Hezbola,Al Quaeda,PLO etc.

oooh, bombing an empty buil... (Below threshold)

oooh, bombing an empty building at 1:30 in the morning.... that will show the Palestinians that the Israelis mean business, right?

There is no palestinian sta... (Below threshold)

There is no palestinian state. For 50 years they've been nothing but a refugee colony with a little land given to them. This is the land that belonged to them pre WWII. and even in this land they happen to have, Israel walks in and out whenever it pleases. It controls everything that enters and leaves the area. It is internationally accepted that Palestians are under occupation.

whether you actually care about their plight is another debate. but if you were under occupation, i don't think you'll be too worried about the morality of the methods you use to get rid of the aggressor.

whether you agree with their methods or not, they're resisting an invasion. under geneva conventions, there are no restrictions in self defence. u do what u must to protect yourself. If Israel REALLY do want to convey a message of self-defence. it should go back to its internationally recognised pre-1967 borders.

and anyway, i think they're both idiots. none of them can win. Israel might have the largest army, but whats the use if they can't stop rockets coming in to their terrritory. If an Israeli civillian is hurt or injured, its pretty stupid to think that his/her family is going to take solace in how strongly the IDF response will be.

same goes for palestine. a father who loses his 6 year old daughter is not going to give a damn about the next suicide bomb in tel aviv as a tit for tat attack.

violence needs to stop on both sides...

Shahram: "violence needs... (Below threshold)

Shahram: "violence needs to stop on both sides..."

Translation: "the violence will stop, when all the JEWS are dead"


Shahram, you might try reading the TRUE history of the Middle East, from 1900 forward. Upon doing so you will realize (if you can comprehend) that EVERYTHING you believe is built on a pure foundation of bullshit!!

Hi Justrand,please... (Below threshold)

Hi Justrand,

please tell me where I have ever suggested that killing jews is fine? I only said that they are resisting an occupation. it doesn't matter who the occupier is, there is nothing wrong with defense against ANY aggressor. please don't sink this discussion into something racial.

and please enlighten me on this TRUE middle easten history that i am so poorly lacking. I would really like to know. That would be a lot more helpful than big condescending statements like yours without any content.

ShazamTake a course!... (Below threshold)

Take a course! what? Do You think educations for free? If Youn cant figure out whats happening in world events by now? better vote for Kerry again.......

Shahram...start with the Ba... (Below threshold)

Shahram...start with the Balfour declaration and come forward from there. Read up on the British occupation, the Mufti and the 1948 partitioning of Palestine.

You're in 1948 now. Read up on the 1948 war to exterminate Israel. The 91967 war to exterminate Israel. The 1973 war to exterminate Israel.

Note that in ALL THREE WARS the goal of the Arabs is NOT to settle territorial claims...but to wipe out Israel and EXTERMINATE the JEWS!!

From 1948 to the present the goal of the Arab states has NEVER been to arrive at a peaceful solution...just to EXTERMINATE THE JEWS.


Getting the picture??

Shahram...the point is that... (Below threshold)

Shahram...the point is that the Arab states and the muslims in Iran, etc, do NOT recognize the existence of Israel. In any other war there is always the possibility of negotiation. In this case one side starts from the position that the other side HAS NO RIGHT TO EXIST...AS PEOPLE (in fact they do NOT acknowledge them as HUMANS).

I think its worse? The mere... (Below threshold)

I think its worse? The mere existence of Isreal is proof to the Muslim people that their prophet is not God! Therefore, all the hatred will continue without leadership and direction until the false Messiah arrives..20..

Well, one is left pondering... (Below threshold)

Well, one is left pondering what the end-game will be. As some here cheer on war without really considering the consequences, I am reminded that the last invasion and occupation of Lebanon was rather catastrophic for both Israel and Lebanon. If they could actually dismantle Hezbollah, that would be great, but we already know they cannot achieve that worthwhile objective, and in fact, provoking a wider war is what Hezbollah is hoping to achieve. The events of the last days on our own U.S. interests is far from clear, but is almost certainly a negative. There really isn't much for a sober person to cheer here.

- a SUICIDE bomber uses ... (Below threshold)

- a SUICIDE bomber uses a bomb to kill THEMSELF...and if an innocent civilian dies it is a COINCIDENCE
- a HOMICIDE bomber uses a bomb to kill as many innocent civilians as they can and COINCIDENTALLY dies in the process

Umm, no. A bomber is someone who bombs something, usually remotely or with a timer (if you send it in the mail, apparently you're a unabomber). You could conceivably call this a homicide bomber if the intent is to kill. A suicide bomber is someone who detonates the bomb with the intention of killing himself in the process. A homicide bomber is a stupid unnecessary term coined by some twit who thought suicide bomber was too touchy feely or something and it caught on among some on the right because, well, who the hell knows why.

A bomber who intends to kill people and accidentally kills himself isn't a suicide bomber, just an stupid bomber.

So much experience on the s... (Below threshold)

So much experience on the subject of suicide bombing.

Please demonstrate.

There is no palestinian ... (Below threshold)

There is no palestinian state.

Correct. And when the UN partitioned the place, what did the two partitions do? The Jews hit the ground running with a government pre-created; the arabs hit the ground running with a 6-sided attack on the jews. They never bothered to create a government.

For 50 years they've been nothing but a refugee colony with a little land given to them. This is the land that belonged to them pre WWII.

That they sold to Jews... that they gambled and lost in their repeated attacks on Israel.

It is internationally accepted that Palestians are under occupation.

It is further accepted that the pal-arabs tried playing the foreign conquest game, lost, and now want a do-over.

but if you were under occupation, i don't think you'll be too worried about the morality of the methods you use to get rid of the aggressor.

Probably not, but I'm not under occupation, but am an outside observer who is taking the long view, and I see a bunch of petulant infants demanding that they get a new ice cream cone because the first one they had they didn't want when they had it and left it sitting in the sun.

under geneva conventions, there are no restrictions in self defence. u do what u must to protect yourself.

That's not entirely true. But in any event, under all international protocols in place since Westphalia, if you attack someone else and lose, that someone else gets to take your land.

Don't think so? Then give East Prussia back to the Germans, and Alsace-Lorraine back to the Germans as well. First things first.

mantis, you couldn't be mor... (Below threshold)
Totally Matt:

mantis, you couldn't be more correct. Only a fascist who gets Fox News beamed directly into his/her brain would find the term "suicide bomber" to be too friendly to terrorists. As though the term contains a pejorative approval built into it.

McCain--you're 100% right. All of the teeth gnashing from the armchair warriors is despicable. Unless Israel wipes out two entire terrorist organizations over the next short while, which they most certainly will not, they'll be back to square one, but with more pissed off Muslims eager to kill Zionists (and a pile of dead IDF troops, some of whom are my friends and are conscripts who don't hate Arabs).

virgo1, why don't you go post your genocidal lunacy over at LGF or Misha's place. Contribute something substantial to a conversation--I dare you.

Personally, TM, I was using... (Below threshold)

Personally, TM, I was using the term Homocide bomber long before Fox news was on the air.

To me, a suicide bomber is someone that is willing to give their life to get a bomb close enough to their target.
The subset of suicide bombers that are homocide bombers are the ones who's targets are large groups of civilians. Ones they would kill anyway they could, but being a human guided ordnance is their best bet.

So, a bomber that blows up while destroying a power station, military post, tank etc, is a suicide bomber.
The one that walks into a crowd of civvies becasue they are a crowd of civvies and blows up is a homocide bomber.

And if bad actors in the islamic world get nukes, they'll try to create the genocide bombers.

Oh, and Matt, when you take... (Below threshold)

Oh, and Matt, when you take a break from denouncing Isreal's current course of action, what alternative path would you propose?

SCSI, I think it goes witho... (Below threshold)
Totally Matt:

SCSI, I think it goes without saying that suicide bombers are attempting to commit murder. I have never heard of someone blowing themselves up with no intention of killing people, and I think the most salient description is "suicide" and not "homicide" because unlike with normal targeted explosions (tank shells, guided bombs, whatever), part of the deal is killing yourself.

"Homicide" only means the killing of one person by another. This can obviously be justified, i.e. solider shooting a terrorist, but I take it that there is more or less a consensus here that suicide bombing is morally unacceptable. I thus find "suicide bomber" more apt, and not because it's more sensitive to the perpetrator, but to the meaning of relevant concepts.

What world do you live on, ... (Below threshold)

What world do you live on, SCSI, where there is always a solution, and problems are never intractable? Hope for a swift resolution, that Israel exercises as much restraint as is appropriate (talk of turning the West Bank into radioactive glass--unhelpful), and that people who really seem to like killing each other find things to do.

I'm glad I don't live in Israel; and I'm glad it's not my job to figure out what to do. But do you think it possible to just crush their enemies into submission? If so, why do you think that?

find *other* things to do.<... (Below threshold)

find *other* things to do.

And yes, I do realize how stupid that sounds, but if these aren't stupid times...

I thus find "suicide bom... (Below threshold)

I thus find "suicide bomber" more apt, and not because it's more sensitive to the perpetrator, but to the meaning of relevant concepts.

Plus it's the term we've been using since people started doing it. Note to fans of the term "homicide bomber", if a bomb kills anyone it's a "homicide bomb", whether it's intentional or not. That's what homicide means, the killing of a human. It also doesn't have to be large groups of innocent civilians to be homicide, it just needs to be a human or humans. Incidentally, how many civilians must one bomb, SCSIwuzzy, in order to attain the title of "homicide bomber"? 3? 10? Define a "large group".

I'm also curious, what if I use a bomb to kill my brother, am I a fratricide bomber? Or royalty, a regicide bomber? How about if I use bombs to wipe out an ethnic group, a genocide bomber? Do we really need to be creating new categories?

Oh, and by the way, Justran... (Below threshold)

Oh, and by the way, Justrand, I forgot this before:

a SUICIDE bomber uses a bomb to kill THEMSELF

Themself?! Not a word. Maybe before you jump around telling people what terms mean you should brush up on your grammar. One person can't be a "them" (you don't get to count the voices), and a more than one person can't have one "self" (except the Borg).

Picking nits:One ... (Below threshold)

Picking nits:
One person can't be a "them" (

Modern usage would disagree. Gets away from grammar's pesky "indefinite gender" issue.

and a more than one person can't have one "self" (except the Borg).

Who we all know to be the "neo-cons" ... right?

I always thought that was t... (Below threshold)

I always thought that was the case, rwilymz, and wrote that way throughout my undergrad, but my MA supervisor, as anally retentive on the subject as anybody, said that "they" and "them" is definitively plural, and that "he", "she", or "one" is the way to make a singular third person referral. So all of the examples in my thesis had to be changed to specific names (frome "somebody" or "someone") so that I could avoid using the ugly "he/she"; and then an ultra-feminist on my dissertation panel scolded me for using too many male characters. She talked about that more than my backhanded dismissal of her book chapter on the subject. :)

Modern usage would disag... (Below threshold)

Modern usage would disagree. Gets away from grammar's pesky "indefinite gender" issue.

One might write it another way, despite modern colloquial usage.

Who we all know to be the "neo-cons" ... right?

Neo-conservatives are hardly a collective with one mind. Consider recent disagreements between Fukuyama and Kristol for proof.

Whatever, they both eat bab... (Below threshold)

Whatever, they both eat babies. =)

Way to read into my words M... (Below threshold)

Way to read into my words Matt.
I didn't say there was one solution.
You clearly have opinions on the issue, and when I asked the question, all I've seen in this thread is that the Isreali path was wrong. Your crunchy granola learn to get along is sweet and quaint, but as useful as an oyster bar at a baht mitzvah.

Mantis and TM:
Here's the operational piece of my definition you've missed:
The subset of suicide bombers that are homocide bombers

Homocide bombers are the ones that target soft civvie targets and those targets alone as their goal. Kill as many civilians going about their lives as possible, to inflict maximum damage in terms of casualties and psychological trauma.

Suicide bombers are any bombers that use themselves to deliver the bomb and knowing die in the attempt. They also target hard and military targets, and until islamic nutjobbery got into the act, homocide bombers were the exception.

A Taurus is a car
All Tauruses are cars
Not all cars are Tauruses.

Apply the same logic where homocide bomber = Taurus and car = suicide bomber.

Here's the operational p... (Below threshold)

Here's the operational piece of my definition you've missed:
The subset of suicide bombers that are homocide bombers

Ridiculous. If anything, suicide bombers are a subset of homicide bombers, since both kinds kill humans. Any bomb that kills people is a homicide bomb. Hell, killing Zarqawi was a "homicide bombing". Logic doesn't work if you misrepresent your terms. Plus, syllogism doesn't work if you use the same two terms in both the major and minor premise. Here's a correction:

All bombs that kill people are homicide bombs.
All suicide bombs kill people.
Suicide bombs are homicide bombs.


All suicide bombs kill the bombers.
The bomb that killed Zarqawi did not kill the bomber.
The bomb that killed Zarqawi was not a suicide bomb.

But it was a homicide bomb, wasn't it?

Considering your logic it doesn't really matter, but you still didn't answer my question. How many people must a suicide bomber kill to qualify for your definition of "homicide bomber"?

Cut it out, mantis! If ther... (Below threshold)
Totally Matt:

Cut it out, mantis! If there's one thing I've learned from Wizbang (being facetious, of course), it's that liberals don't know how logic works. It's too cut and dry for our mushy minds.

I never said that you said there was *one* solution, SCSI. I said that I would like to know what makes you think that there can be any positive outcome to this crisis. Seriously, what's a plausible best-case scenario? I can't think of one, so why not hope for it to blow over? 'Cause escalation isn't going to work for anyone.

Hi guys,My problem w... (Below threshold)

Hi guys,
My problem with Israel's actions are that I see them as being counter-intuitive. The ground situation is actually pretty simple.
1. They live in an extremely hostile neighborhood.
2. Their military prowess is probably the only deterrent to full-scale war.
3. Force does not work.

As I said earlier, neither side is getting anything out of using force. It's a catch-22 but the more violently Israel attempts to keep the palestinians in check, the more violenty they will react. The best example is the surprise election of Hamas to government.

I think that Israel needs to try an about turn in policy to actually make some headway. I just think that the more violent Israel deals with Palestinian issues, the more hatred they create. And that hatred has disastrous consequences to both the middle east and Israel.

Right now, it very similar to a situation in Iraq. With 50 years of war, there is no palestinian infrastructure to police themselves, armed militias have a free hand. I think that Israel needs to very seriously consider helping those people economically and actively help in the training of police officers and other security personel to maintain law and order.

Mahmoud Abbas seems like a viable partner for peace. The lesser violence Israel uses, the more his voice of moderation is going to sound sensible. Who do you think those people are going to run to when they hear sonic booms in the night and stories of children being brutally killed... Hamas or Abbas?






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