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Mr. Duckie's Maryland

With the demise of my digital camera, I've found myself depending on the kindness of strangers (well, friends, but they're pretty strange) for my photographic needs.

While at the convention, I got quite a bit of good stuff. I picked up a truly wonderful T-shirt, a couple Firefly/Serenity lanyards, and a certain button. I also got Peter David's book on writing comics (which he signed for me), as well as the final Khan novel by Greg Cox.

And yes, here is that button.

Away from the convention, though, I found my friend's neighborhood in a sleeply little suburb of Baltimore has its share of celebrities. It took some persuading, but I found two very well-known celebrities who were willing to pose for photos with Mr. Duckie. And just around the corner, I found evidence that a very well-known American artist had been by.

Yeah, it was a lot of fun. I'll definitely have to get down there more often.

Update: photo links fixed. Doh!

Comments (7)

Allright Jay, I'll bite. W... (Below threshold)

Allright Jay, I'll bite. What is the deal with Mr. Duckie? Do you have a roommate named Bert?

Holy Crap! Glen Burnie! I... (Below threshold)

Holy Crap! Glen Burnie! I grew up in the next town over. You're in my former backyard. How's the Con?

Sorry to hear you're in Mar... (Below threshold)

Sorry to hear you're in Maryland. Hopefully they'll let you out soon. What did you do to deserve that? It must have been quite horrible.

Jay,Since you've bee... (Below threshold)

Since you've been here (ok, Baltimore is about 50 miles from Northern VA, but it's still "somewhere around here") it's been humid - did Mr. Ducky bring it down with him? ;)

Completely forgot about the Con until you mentioned it. Ah well, there's always next year.

Horray for the Firefly/Sere... (Below threshold)

Horray for the Firefly/Serenity reference! And hello form COH thread at the OB. ;)

I can assure you that Mr. D... (Below threshold)

I can assure you that Mr. Duckie brought the humidity right back with him. Also, my pool has had an aura about it ever since Mr. Duckie's famous visit some weeks back - it's like celebrity touched us... But yet, I don't recall a Mr. Duckie's Maine headline splashed across the homepage of Wizbang, and I'm pissed.

Also, my husband really wants to set up a webcam in our chicken coop (don't ask) and it's quite far from the house - anybody know where I can get a wireless webcam? I think he secretly wants the next bear attack on streaming video so you can all enjoy it.

So what's with the Boy Scou... (Below threshold)
Bat One:

So what's with the Boy Scout uniform? Working on a photography merit badge, perhaps?






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