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Patterico Demands Retraction From Greenwald

Patterico has caught Glenn Greenwald in a pretty obvious falsehood or a sloppy mistake. I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume Greenwald just didn't do his homework. For those who have never heard of Glenn Greenwald (I hadn't until recently) he has been demanding retractions and corrections from conservative bloggers for various offenses. In the case of Patterico, Greenwald denounced him for not denouncing over-the-top conservatives.

Your "day job" didn't seem to prevent you from spewing all sorts of moralizing and self-righteous condemnations over the Evil of The Deb Frisch Comments.
. . . .
You certainly were vigilant in railing against those irr[e]levancies, even though you're way too busy to notice or condemn any of the far more significant, vile rhetoric pouring forth regularly from the higher echelons on the Right -- a glaring inconsistency which, incidentally, was the principal point of my post.
Evidently Greenwald has not read any of the statements Patterico has made about Ann Coulter. In his post today Patterico cites about a dozen examples of his denunciation of conservative bomb throwers, including citing one post titled "Why I Don't Like Ann Coulter, Volume 14." It would be an understatement to say that Patterico proved his point.

Update: Ace makes an excellent point. I think I will take his advice from now on.

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What is it with Greenwald a... (Below threshold)

What is it with Greenwald and his ilk who talk about the "higher echelons on the Right," and how he imagines Misha is a member is just beyond me. I love the Rottie, it's great fun reading people just blasting away in high dudgeon or crazed rage, but a leader, Misha? Only in his Empire, GG.

The Lefty bloggers are the ones with a rough organization featuring an echelon who fancies to give marching orders to their drones, and Greenwald on the bloody mailing list they use to coordinate. Projecting the same to "the Right" is just dumb.

Never heard so much clatter... (Below threshold)

Never heard so much clatter and flexing of egos in while, a true carnival in its self.

Frisch,Goldstein,Patterico, and Goofy, ummm Brit Hume tonight reporting the Jeff and Deb affair.

What's in the air?
Poor Novak's gettin no attention, but plames are flowers aren't they?

Greenwald is now claiming h... (Below threshold)

Greenwald is now claiming he was being ironic & spoofing the outrage of those on the right who demanded leftist bloggers denounce Saint Deb. Given his past history, i.e. all Bush supporters are cultisists, etc, I say he couldn't take the heat & unwisely ventured too far from his echo chamber of a blog. His arguments throughout the blogsphere in his defense show this & that he is now talking out his other end, I mean his mouth.

Who's Misha, aside from a g... (Below threshold)

Who's Misha, aside from a girl I knew in high school?

Wow . . . there are Glenn G... (Below threshold)

Wow . . . there are Glenn Greenwald posts which are not accurate.

Stop the presses.

Next thing you know, someone will report that the sun will rise in the east later this morning.


He's using the same excuse ... (Below threshold)

He's using the same excuse that fellow who got suckered by the Onion article (Jay Tea noted the dolt back here) fell back on when the Ridicule Police showed up at his comments door.

I gotta admit, I agree with... (Below threshold)

I gotta admit, I agree with Ace on this one.

This is a pretty boring blogwar. I meanasf gbowihjkhg;alagsd.


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