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What he said

There are days when I deeply, truly resent Dafydd ab Hugh. And this is one of those days.

I'm trying to find material to blog about, so I take a look at the latest developments regarding gay marriage. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court -- the same body that gave us gay marriage in Massachusetts -- has ruled that it is perfectly fine and valid for the issue to go before the people in the form of a referendum on a Constitutional amendment. This is exactly what I have been supporting for some time, and what many people on both sides of the issue wanted. It was only because the legislature, in a supreme act of cowardice and arrogance (a peculiar combination, but all too common in Massachusetts politics), kept killing the attempts before they could get to the people. After several go-arounds, the court essentially put the legislature on notice that if they did nothing, the very first case they got to on the matter would go in favor of gay marriage. The legislature did precisely nothing, and so it happened.

Well, Dafydd beat me to that one. He took a far different angle, but his points are excellent. I also believe that he stands on the opposite side of the issue, but we both agree that it is not a matter to be settled by the courts.

He also discussed the recent video depicting the desecration of the corpses of two of our Marines in Iraq. Here I hang my head in shame -- I, too, had the same visceral reactions as many, and wanted sure and fast justice brought down on these savages. But Dafydd argues -- convincingly, to me -- that focusing on the actual perpetrators is exactly the wrong thing to do. In fact, it's embarassing to admit that it is exactly the same philosophy behind my apathy towards the fate of Osama Bin Laden.

Thanks heaps, Dafydd. Now I gotta find SOMETHING to write about...

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Write about the new Miami V... (Below threshold)
Robb H:

Write about the new Miami Vice movie.

Ok now, repeat after me....... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

Ok now, repeat after me....

Daffyd Ab Hugh is NOT Peter David.

Daffyd Ab Hugh is NOT Peter David.

Daffyd Ab Hugh is NOT Peter David.

Daffyd Ab Hugh is NOT Peter David.

How about how the NYT is wh... (Below threshold)

How about how the NYT is whining today about the inappropriateness of the "terror site list."

Their basic premise seems to be that only the big city is an appropriate target, and since these other soft sites haven't been targeted, we shouldn't be concerned about them.

Petting zoo and food production are noted as silly sites, but let me tell you that contamination of a widely distributed food source, or a petting zoo, with a bio agent with a long incubation period (anthrax or even multi-drug resistant TB) would be a cheap and easy way to spread death and terror, cheaper than a few boxcutters and an airline ticket (no flight lessons needed).

Daffyd Ab Hugh's blog has t... (Below threshold)
Totally Matt:

Daffyd Ab Hugh's blog has the most awesome heading atop itself of any blog ever, making his arguments even more formidable.

Jay TeaI've seen s... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea

I've seen several recent posts where you declare your support for gay marriage, but I haven't seen where you've stated why. If you don't mind and since you apparently have time, I'd like to know your opinion on this.

I was surprised to find you held that position but thats probably because I'm a dolt and only qualify as a lurker at Wizbang. Maybe to everyone else it is abundantly clear why you support gay marriage. Maybe I have stunningly missed that you are a gay man and it would be natural for you to hold that position. Anyway, If you you find the time, it would be nice to check that mystery off of my list of things I don't understand.


scotty, why the surprise? M... (Below threshold)

scotty, why the surprise? Maybe Jay Tea is sympathetic to the gay rights movement, for the same reason a white guy would have been supportive of black abolitionists. Maybe he's a principled conservative, instead of a Christian GOP reactionary, and thus sees the social utility of making the institution of marriage more inclusive, were such legislation to pass through Congress.

Not meaning to put words in anyone's mouth. That's just the impression I've gotten.

Do you really think you need to be part of a group in order to sincerely advocate on their behalf, scotty? Are neocons all Iraqis?

No, scotty, I'm not gay. No... (Below threshold)

No, scotty, I'm not gay. Not even bi, for that matter. But I have spelled out my reasoning for supporting gay marriage on several occasions -- here are the two most recent examples:



To my way of thinking, every gay man is one less man I have to compete with for women. Every lesbian is someone with whom I agree. My main problem is with other heterosexual men -- they're the competition.


I can attest to Jay not bei... (Below threshold)

I can attest to Jay not being gay - I've been his friend for almost a decade, and his conquests are great if somewhat dry at the moment. Ladies, the line forms to the left and wraps around the building.

Also, he takes the pro side of the gay marriage issue simply to piss me off to the bitter end.






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