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Who is Dawood Ibrahim?

Douglas Farah at Counterterrorism Blog has a post which offers some insight into the life of Dawood Ibrahim, chief suspect of the Mumbai, India bombings. Here's a portion:

A criminal kingpin, ally of al Qaeda, large-scale drug runner and financer of some of Bollywood's biggest movies, Ibrahim loves to hang out with movie stars and live the good life. Not exactly a natural ally of radical Islamist groups, but he appears to provide the muscle and know-how to attacks, rather than being the intellectual author of the violence he has pariticpated in. His ideology seems more firmly wedded to his financial well-being than to his religious beliefs.

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Dawood is a criminal who ha... (Below threshold)

Dawood is a criminal who has been hiding in Pakistan for the since he masterminded the killing of 300 people in Bombay.

Mush lets him live in Karachi. He also has a Pak passport. Indians have been trying to get him back to India for a long time. Pakistan denies he is there.

I apologize for nitpicking,... (Below threshold)

I apologize for nitpicking, but it was hard enough to figure out where the hell Mumbai was without it being misspelled.

Ok, the spelling of Mumbai ... (Below threshold)
Kim Priestap:

Ok, the spelling of Mumbai is fixed. I should've just written Bombay.

Race/muslim brotherhood, po... (Below threshold)

Race/muslim brotherhood, power, money. I believe the muslim/islamic world honors only these things and in that particular order.

He sounds like the Keyser S... (Below threshold)

He sounds like the Keyser Sose of the Islamic world.

i wana join you Mr Dawood I... (Below threshold)

i wana join you Mr Dawood Inrahim...






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