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Novak Says No One In Administration Ever Said Anything Critical Of Wilson To Him

The Robert Novak revelations in the Plame matter have been covered here at Wizbang quite comprehensively already (see here, here, here, here and here), but a few additional pieces of information Novak revealed in his Fox News interviews yesterday should be noted. In fact, if the story were not already cast in stone in so many media outlets, the Novak statements would be heralded as blockbuster revelations that shed new light on the entire story.

In interviews on Special Report with Brit Hume and Hannity & Colmes, Novak added some additional information to the column that was published on Tuesday. He disclosed the following:

  • The discussions with his original source, who has not yet been named, and with Karl Rove, were initiated by Novak and were discussions pertaining generally to the Niger uranium story, not the specific issue of who sent Wilson on the mission.
  • Novak says he did not believe the information regarding Plame from the original source was a conscious leak.
  • The references to Plame came up in the middle of the discussions. Novak was the one that asked why Wilson would have been chosen for the mission.
  • Not only was nobody pushing Novak the information about Valerie Plame, but Novak says that nobody in the administration ever said anything critical of Wilson to him.
  • Novak's discussion of Valerie Plame with Rove lasted about 20 seconds and consisted of Novak saying he heard Wilson's wife worked at the CIA and played a role in Wilson getting the mission and Rove replying "Oh, you know that, too?"

These statements stand in stark contrast to the story woven by Joe Wilson and media of an administration desperate and hell bent to do anything and everything to discredit Wilson and to punish him and his wife for daring to speak against the President. That version of the story has been repeated as fact on all three networks and in numerous other outlets. I wonder if even one major media outlet will see fit to correct their earlier reports.

The AP is still Rove-obsessed, but at least in this piece there are extended quotes from the Novak interview so it is worth reading.


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And to this the Left and th... (Below threshold)

And to this the Left and the Democrats will exclaim just as they do to just about everything else, say it with me... LIAR!

The Left and there allies i... (Below threshold)

The Left and there allies in the MSM have invested 6 years (7 if you include the campaign year 2000) in finding 'scandals' 'conspiracies' and 'criminal acts' against GWB. Why would anyone think that those who created these falsehoods, would ever admit they were wrong?

They crafted stories to go with their politcal dogma, and nothing will ever change their minds. We could have perky Katie Couric interviewing Bin Laden, and having him confess he ordered the planes to fly into the WTC. Perky Katie without blinking, would ask him if he believed as experts at the University of Wisonsin have stated, that the WTC disaster was actually a controlled implosion.

Years after W leaves office, the MSM will still present the Wilsons as 'victims' rather than the political opportunists they really were.

At first glance, I thought ... (Below threshold)

At first glance, I thought Hermie's comment about the perky katie Couric was true.

What is scary is that it sounded so real.

Good round-up of the Wilson... (Below threshold)

Good round-up of the Wilson trip to Niger and his subsequent lies about it can be found here.

Can we NOW co... (Below threshold)

Can we NOW consign this whole Plame nonsense to the garbage can where it belongs?

I hear the next Vanity Fair... (Below threshold)

I hear the next Vanity Fair cover will be of a well appointed Karl Rove at the wheel of a luxury automobile driving away with tire marks over what appears to be Joe Wilson. OK, maybe not.

Let's see -- Novak is a jou... (Below threshold)

Let's see -- Novak is a journalist for the Chicago Sun-Times --- you know, the evil-doing MSM Chicago Sun-Times -- and he should be believed because...?

because he's telling you gullible clowns what you want to hear!

"because he's telling you g... (Below threshold)

"because he's telling you gullible clowns what you want to hear!"

What, that Joe Wilson is an imbecile?

I knew that, but Novak also saying that this whole investigation was about nothing is interesting.

And to think of all the screeching little people who cried over Whitewater...

I guess Lee didn't get the ... (Below threshold)

I guess Lee didn't get the Red Rider BB gun he wanted for Fitzmas.
Just as well son, you'd shoot your eye out...

"...the Novak statements wo... (Below threshold)

"...the Novak statements would be heralded as blockbuster revelations that shed new light on the entire story."

Lorie - are you making the mistake of actually believing Novak? Because you shouldn't.


Wow. Talking Points Memo. ... (Below threshold)

Wow. Talking Points Memo. No agenda there, jp.
Why not cite DU next time?

Perfect Plame/Wilson timing... (Below threshold)

Perfect Plame/Wilson timing, they just announced their law suite against Cheney, Rove et al for their intent to "destroy" Plame's career.

In light of today's news, this is really small, petty stuff. And to think she was considered a serious person regarding our national security.

You guys, you guys...if peo... (Below threshold)

You guys, you guys...if people in Bill Clinton's administration had been accused of the same things in an alternative situation, you would have been all over it like white on rice...like a cheap suit...like sauce on a meatball; with the erectilely-disfunctioned drug addict and multiple marrier Rush Limbaugh leading the charge every day, followed by his lapdogs Sean and Bill O and all the folks who would have pursued Monica Lewinsky's semen-stained dress to the depths of hell...where Satan, by the way, has a barbecue grill waiting for a particularly fat, tender, and succulent morsel by the name of K. Rove. If you can't admit that about yourselves, you've got no integrity at all. So don't grow too bitter in complaining about anybody capitalizing on this particular screw-up from the Unitary Executive.

if people in Bill Clinto... (Below threshold)

if people in Bill Clinton's administration had been accused of the same things in an alternative situation, you would have been all over it like white on rice

You mean like taking campaign money from China?

I suppose you had a point in that mess somewhere, Bush, but God only knows.






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