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Can You Spare A Dime For Joe And Valerie Wilson's Bogus Suit?

I thought I had seen the height of brazen behavior when I saw news of Valerie Wilson's lawsuit. I was wrong. Ankle Biting Pundits has the story of the Joeseph and Valerie Wilson Legal Support Trust. I can't find the words, but Bull Dog Pundit had a few at ABP:

I don't think I've ever seen something quite as ballsy as this website in which our favorite media-whoring Bush haters Joe Wilson and his wife Valerie are asking people to contribute to them for the bogus lawsuit they filed today.

Keep in mind that Valerie Wilson just sold her silence for $2.5 million in a book deal. The first thought that comes to my mind is how does she expect to win damages in a lawsuit when she and Joe became rich and famous beyond their wildest dreams, even though Pat Fitzgerald found no one committed a crime by allegedly "outing her".

And old Joe is himself a paid author for his "Politics of Truth" (How's that for an ironic title), and is a paid speaker.

The next thing that comes to mind is the absolute gall of these two in asking for people to give them money for this sham lawsuit.

And let me tell you this, these are the two stupidest people on the planet if they're paying one dime for lawyer fees. Cases like theirs are almost always done on a contingent fee basis, where you don't pay the lawyer if you don't get money. Sure, you might have to pay costs for copies, filing fees, and the like, but any lawyer who gets paid by the hour for this ought to have a bronze statue erected in his honor.
One thng I really hope they do is publish the list of donors. I really want to see the people out there that are more stupid than the Wilsons.

I don't know about that. They conned the entire mainstream media into believing that they were victims of a vicious political dirty trick which endangered the life of a super secret agent. I think we already have seen a whole lotta people who are stupider than the Wilsons.


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Comments (32)

Oooh, this is going to be r... (Below threshold)

Oooh, this is going to be real fun!

Just wait until the defense subpoenas their emails, their tax records, their bank records, records of their political donations and involvement, Plame and Wilsons personel files from former employers, etc.

I am going to guess that this lawsuit will be quietly dropped by those two soon.

I love it!Can ther... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

I love it!

Can there be anything better than the moonbats sending lots of money to a worthless cause. Sounds to me like this is the point of the whole law suit - MORE MONEY. At least someone is using their brains.

If the Joe & Valerie Travel... (Below threshold)

If the Joe & Valerie Traveling Dog & Pony Show has to pay lawyers' fees, it's probably because no lawyer in his right mind would touch the case on a contingency fee basis.

I'm with you on this USMC P... (Below threshold)

I'm with you on this USMC Pilot. I've always said that if you want a get rich quick scheme that works, all you have to do is get an anti-Bush lawsuit going. It doesn't matter if the suit has a snowballs chance in hell as long as the lefties really, really believe in it.

The money making mechanism isn't going to be a pay off from any damages paid, but rather from the collection of donations raised for the cause.

This reminds me of the meltdown at DU when all the lefties were screaming about all the money they were sending in to get these lawsuits going over recounts in Ohio.

They were sending millions in with no bang for their buck. However the attorneys orchestrating the whole thing made some big money knowing how gullible the lefties are, and while knowing they really were never going to win. But hey they tried (wink, wink)

If you are a liberal it doe... (Below threshold)

If you are a liberal it doesn't take much to con the media. The media takes every opportunity presented, true or not, to bash the Bush Administration.
The people who will contribute to this fund will stop at nothing to bring down this Administration. That's the only factor they will consider.
How many more Valerie Plames work at the CIA?

Fatman, you are absolutely ... (Below threshold)

Fatman, you are absolutely correct. As a lawyer, I can tell you I would definitely require an hourly rate contract on a case with such doubtful merit.

It speaks volumes about the weakness of their case that they have to pay an hourly rate. It means that they've got close to 0 chance in the law suit, by their lawyer's own tacit admission of requiring an hourly rate fee.

I don't think anyone has be... (Below threshold)

I don't think anyone has been conned here. The media know this is BS, but when you have a mega case of BDS the truth does not matter. As for the lawsuit, this is a prime example of why we need a loser pays system.

What amazes me is that this... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

What amazes me is that this post has been up for 5 hours and we haven't heard from Lee yet.

I thought he was our 24/7 auto troll.

Michael nails it.... (Below threshold)

Michael nails it.

Don't worry, Lee and his sh... (Below threshold)

Don't worry, Lee and his shadow puppet mak44 will be along at any moment, to throw some kind of wankjob curveball argument or one liner that is either a personal smear (I won't even dignify it by calling it an ad hominem attack) or some off the wall BDS/PEST remark completely unrelated to the discussion.

As for me, my only comment here is to remind our gentle readers of the famous saying about suckers by P.T. Barnum.

With each ring of that Tru$t fund's ca$h regi$ter, another $ucker get$ born...

I don't think they are stup... (Below threshold)

I don't think they are stupid at all. Like all good entrepreneurs, they found a need and filled it. Millions of leftists around the world are desperate for tangible proof of the evil saturating the Bush administration. The Joe and Val show fills that need.

What's really telling is how defective the product is. Despite being exposed as liars by the Senate Intelligence Committee, the Robb Commission, and the Butler Commission in the UK, and more recently by the outcome of the Fitzgerald investigation, their appeal seems to be growing.

It's...it's...it's k... (Below threshold)

It's...it's...it's kinda lonely around here without Lee, Totally Stuoopid and Smak44, isn't it?

Well, here's my two cents.<... (Below threshold)
Bob Jones:

Well, here's my two cents.

I just donated.... $0.02 charged to my mastercard. I feel so much better now having helped these poor creatures.

I think everyone should donate their $0.02 too. Think of it. Thousands of $.02 donations will go a long way in racking up their CC acceptance fee bill as well as making a statement. As they say, there's NO LIMIT on contributions, so here's my two cents.

LOL they have no lower lim... (Below threshold)

LOL they have no lower limits set-up you can "donate" a penny ( I checked ) and it will end up costing them about 35 cents or more, probably more

To bad we don't have loser ... (Below threshold)

To bad we don't have loser pays.

Lorie - The permalink has b... (Below threshold)

Lorie - The permalink has been fixed.
Here's the new link

What? It is because of the... (Below threshold)

What? It is because of the Bush regimes act of treason by exposing the Wilson's that the US no longer has viable intelligence in Iran. Why isn't Bush hanging for this? Oh yeah, because Bush is a facist dictator.

Hmmmm.I imagine th... (Below threshold)


I imagine that, as has been pointed out, that this entire farce is to create a media buzz through the 2008 election cycle. But I wonder if the plan isn't to simply drop the case at some point when all of the value has been gleaned from it.

Now if this is their plan, and I frankly don't see how anyone can sue for damages when the "damage" amounts to millions of dollars earned, then couldn't Cheney, Rove & Libby counter-sue?

The Wilson's made very explicit charges in their lawsuit that, I think though IANAL, should be considered as defamation. So couldn't that be the basis of a counter-suit?

The reason being that I think they'll try to stall the deposition and discovery process as much as possible and then, when stalling is no longer possible, drop the case. This is one reason why the lawyers are on a hourly fee basis rather than contingency. There's no real intent to win the case.

I think they may have shot themselves in the foot.

Who in the hell does she th... (Below threshold)

Who in the hell does she think she is, Paula Jones?

Bull Dog linked to an old N... (Below threshold)

Bull Dog linked to an old Newsmax story putting the Wilson/Plame book deal at 2.5 million with Crown Publishing. Didn't that deal fall through and the new one is with Simon Schuster for an undiclosed amount. If the value of the new deal is not released you can bet that it is not as lucrative as the old deal.

The Wilson/Plame suit is all about raising money to pay for legal counsel in the Libby trial.

Hat tip to Topsecretk9

I think this is a worthy ca... (Below threshold)

I think this is a worthy cause. If the Plames are able to go forward with this BS, they will be exposed as the complete and total frauds that they are. In the end, Old Joe will find himself hoisted on his own petard.

Contribute if you can.

I think it's interesting th... (Below threshold)

I think it's interesting the lengths to which whoever created this site has gone to in hiding themselves from the public.

The site was registered with Go Daddy, designed by a New York ad agency, but the site registration has been deliberately shielded from view.

Absolutely no transparency here. There really isn't even a legitimate way to determine whether you are in fact donating to Joe Wilson or not.

My guess: Nigerian scammers!

What? It is because of t... (Below threshold)

What? It is because of the Bush regimes act of treason by exposing the Wilson's that the US no longer has viable intelligence in Iran. Why isn't Bush hanging for this? Oh yeah, because Bush is a facist dictator.

Yes. Valerie and Joe WERE our viable intel assets in Iran.

Of course, our intel in Iran has been non-existant since 1979 --- so they should've been fired for ineptitude decades ago.

And I thought Valerie analyzed weaponry, not the actions of Iran. Is that her clandestine mission?

Money GRUBBING scam artists... (Below threshold)

Money GRUBBING scam artists from the Dan Rather school of bilge.

Why doesn't the left unders... (Below threshold)

Why doesn't the left understand the definition of fascism?

The only time I watch NBC i... (Below threshold)

The only time I watch NBC is on the local station to get the local news. As a result I also catch a few minutes of NBC national propaganda and todays propaganda was a doozy. They are slobbering all over themselves fawning over Mr. & Mrs Plame, you know Joe and Valarie. What a joke that they can even call themselves part of the news. Three minutes of Joe & Val and 3 seconds that the accused deny all charges. They prove FOX really is the only fair and balanced news in the United States. All the rest are a carbon copy of Pravda or the Tehran times.

I'm sure you have all donat... (Below threshold)

I'm sure you have all donated to Scooter's defense fund.

Or maybe the phone jammers as well.

Said Ms. Plame:"...w... (Below threshold)

Said Ms. Plame:
"...we believe the time has come to hold those who use their official positions to exact personal revenge accountable and responsible for their actions."

Gee, Val, I couldn't have said it better myself! I look forward to seeing you and your lying hubby held accountable for your attempt at personal revenge against the Bush administration.

It is especially shameful t... (Below threshold)

It is especially shameful that the way those moonbat jerks set up the legal trust fund, all proceeds are donated to charity. That is an obvious trick to make all of us accusing them of profiting from this lawsuit look stupid.

jp2,As usual, you're... (Below threshold)

As usual, you're wrong.
While most of the folks here don't want to see Libby get rail-roaded (you, Mak and Lee excepted, of course) I doubt anyone here paid any money to a defense fund. He has richer and more powerful friends than the commentariate of Wizbang.
Point to the Scooter defense fund, and where it is soliciting donations from Joe Average.

The one common thread about... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

The one common thread about all news items on liberals, is that it is always followed by the website of their defense/contribution/donation fund. Occationally they slip up and get the web site notification out first.

jp2: The "phone ja... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:


The "phone jammers." Would you be referring to the 2002 New Hampshire Senatorial race, where GOP officials hired a telemarketing firm to clog the phone lines of the Democrats' "get out the vote" efforts? The same scandal I've ripped on numerous occasions, to the point of urging readers to call their local GOP officials and ask why the hell the RNC is paying for their defense?

Or is there another one I've missed?

(Hint: do a search on this site for "Tobin.")







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