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New York Times Anthrax Scare

There's not much more information than this available right now...

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The New York Times said on Friday it was investigating an envelope received at the paper containing white powder, raising fears of a possible recurrence of anthrax-tainted letters sent to newsrooms and other offices in late 2001.

"At about 12:30 p.m. (1630 GMT) this afternoon ... an employee opened an envelope that contained a white powdery substance. The envelope was handwritten and addressed to the New York Times, not to any individual. The postmark was from Philadelphia with no return address," said Times spokeswoman Catherine Mathis.

Normally these turn out to be false alarms, but this incident is noteworthy because to the heavy criticism of The Times lately. Countdown to the blame being affixed for this scare being put on conservative blogs in 3, 2, 1...

Update: All clear. Turns out someone was returning this, though in an inappropriate fashion...

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Heck, it was probably some ... (Below threshold)

Heck, it was probably some nose candy for the editorial staff. Didn't a bunch of postpeople just get busted for selling coke?

I blame Karl Rove who defin... (Below threshold)

I blame Karl Rove who definitely engineered this to take the focus off the NYT's telling terrorists how to escape detection...

Maybe it's talcum powder, w... (Below threshold)

Maybe it's talcum powder, which Editor-in-Chief Bill Keller uses to make sure his staffers lips don't stick to him when they kiss his ass!

We all know that none of th... (Below threshold)

We all know that none of the conservative blog writers or commenters have been advocating the murder of New York Times employees, right?

We all know that n... (Below threshold)
We all know that none of the conservative blog writers or commenters have been advocating the murder of New York Times employees, right?

Not exactly. It's been advocated that NY Times Editors and "journalists":

(a) lose their jobs
(b) name their sources on leaks classified info
(c) be called before Congress
(d) be tried for treason

None of those things qualifies as "murder". While I feel sorry for the staffer who got an unnecessary scare, there's no evidence that the envelope contained a biological agent nor that it was sent to the paper by a Conservative. Not that such an occasion wouldn't be your darkest wish, Lee.

Most likely medicated Baby ... (Below threshold)

Most likely medicated Baby powder since they have bit themselves on the A** so many times lately it has to be raw. Someone is evidently looking out for them. LMAO

I see that Lee the 'whiner'... (Below threshold)

I see that Lee the 'whiner' is on so there's your source of the baby powder. His momma must use it on him nightly.

(Posted again without a lin... (Below threshold)

(Posted again without a link since when my comments go for moderation they never get posted.)

Not exactly. It's been advocated that NY Times Editors and "journalists":

Well, I've seen plenty of commenters say the employees of the NYTimes should be hung for treason or shot. As far as bloggers, the worst I say was this guy
(he has since taken down his blog, apparently. I posted the cached copy link but it went into moderation. If it get's approved you can follow the link):

Let's start with the following New York Times reporters and editors: Arthur "Pinch" Sulzberger Jr. , Bill Keller, Eric Lichtblau, and James Risen.

Do you have an idea where they live? Go hunt them down and do America a favor. Get their photo, street address, where their kids go to school, anything you can dig up, and send it to the link above. This is your chance to be famous - grab for the golden ring.

This is probably no more th... (Below threshold)

This is probably no more than the "white powder" Times employees have to be on just to be Times employees. Why in the world would a terror group send anthrax to one of its biggest supporters?

Mantis:Not a very ... (Below threshold)


Not a very good example. Aside from the idiot rantings from Ann Coulter, please provide examples from someone we've *heard* of.

And no, I don't condone the... (Below threshold)

And no, I don't condone these kinds of threats (the Deb Frisch type) from anyone.

A friend working at the Tim... (Below threshold)

A friend working at the Times tells me everything above the 8th floor was evacuated. And not everybody working at the Times is a raving moonbat; some even disagree with the paper's release of info and left-wing stance. Just keep that in mind when making comments.

Aside from the idiot ran... (Below threshold)

Aside from the idiot rantings from Ann Coulter, please provide examples from someone we've *heard* of.

And no, I don't condone these kinds of threats (the Deb Frisch type) from anyone.

Had you heard of Deb Frisch?

It seems the <a href="http:... (Below threshold)
Can't speak for Tom Blogica... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:

Can't speak for Tom Blogical, but I'd run across Deb at Steve Verdon's site, and also Stephen Bainbridge's.

She'd threatened to "out" Bainbridge as a homosexual, despite her own acknowledgement that she had no proof that he was gay---simply because she disagreed w/ him and thought economists are all less-than-stupid.

I have to admit, however, that I never thought she was so unhinged as to actually threaten a child---and the stuff she wrote at Goldstein's comes across as threatening, even if it was not a direct threat.

(Her subsequent postings at various sites, including her own which now seems down, suggest a level of obsession that is frankly disturbing, going beyond creepy.)

Yes...a liberal blogger. I... (Below threshold)

Yes...a liberal blogger. I thought we were talking about examples of conservative ones...?

3, 2, 1.....DING!O... (Below threshold)

3, 2, 1.....DING!

Oliver Willis. Of course.

LOL! Took me a while. Man... (Below threshold)

LOL! Took me a while. Mantis, as I'm living in the present, *everyone* has heard of Frisch.

Well lets see, the June 28t... (Below threshold)

Well lets see, the June 28th Editorial "Patriotism and the Press" and a big red x with beige corn starch in the envelope. Mailed from Philly. Maybe the ghost of Frank Rizzo mailed it? Just don't ask how he got the corn starch to turn beige...

But hey, Count Cockula rule... (Below threshold)

But hey, Count Cockula rules!
One thing I've noticed about Frisch in the last month or so since I first ran across her... she is obsessed with gayness.

...and people with too much... (Below threshold)
Totally Matt:

...and people with too much time on their hands are obsessed with Frisch.

She's an idiot. Why do you care about her? Did she have any plans to kill any children, or was she just making really stupid statements like Scrapiron and other hilarious wingers make here all the freaking time?

Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter are popular conservatives who have published phone numbers of people they dislike and expressed a strong desire to kill liberals (respectively). Glenn Reynolds has defended conservatives publishing home addresses of people they dislike, because people post his e-mail address on their blogs and he gets spam (which is just as bad as scaring the shit out of people with white powder, apparently). On the other hand, Deb Frisch had a blog with a handful of readers. And the stupidity is supposed to cancel itself out? Maybe if you combined Frisch's ideological influence with Ward Churchill's...

You people are funny.

I see it really works on le... (Below threshold)

I see it really works on lefties like Matt, push them a little and they jab themselves in the eye with a sharp stick. Love it, Love it. If my memory is correct Michele published information that the idiot students published about themselves on their own web site. She didn't go looking of anything, it was already there for the world to see. If she had wanted to 'link to an idiot' she could have saved the typing and let people read it on the idiots site. Isn't that about the same as old Joe paying to publish Val's real name in Who's Who to show how important he is. Hey, all you lefties can do that, Who's Who will publish anything, even a slime ball leftie, for a price. Then you can file a lawsuit if someone is retarded enough to buy a Who's Who and has (no life and) time to read it.

Yeah, and their numbers wer... (Below threshold)

Yeah, and their numbers were probably also in the phone book. What's your point, crazy ol' Scrapiron? She put them on her blog so that her million or so readers would think of calling them, knowing full well that her army of flying monkeys would harass and threaten them to no end. Whether she violated the law or not is moot--it was wrong, and I know that you know that.

You're obsessed with Joe Wilson. Are you jealous that his wife is hot? He published his wife's name, not her fucking occupation. If "Joe Wilson's wife's name is Valerie Plame" means the same thing to you as "Joe Wilson's wife Valerie Plame works for the CIA", then I was wrong about you being a Kossack troll in disguise. Even they are smarter than that.

P.S. - you only capitalize the first word in a sentence unless it's a name.

What do you mean, funny? W... (Below threshold)

What do you mean, funny? We amuse you? What do you mean, funny? Funny how?

Not funny-"HAHA!", but funn... (Below threshold)

Not funny-"HAHA!", but funny-"Hypocrites are funny".

Good Pesci, though. :)

Now that the mood is lighte... (Below threshold)

Now that the mood is lightened a little, let's take a look at the "Malkin flying monkey" statement. The students (Students Against War) picked the fight by kicking military recruiters off campus. They didn't just protest, they intimidated by using sedition. Malkin also made a point of saying that she did not condone threats or foul language in her post. Their contact information was public access, she posted it on her website. Boo-freakin'-hoo. They played hardball, what did they expect in return? (Aside from the obvious, threats and abusive behavior are intolerable.)

Here is her post:

There is nothing wrong with voicing an opposing opinion. *You* do it here all the time.

Oh, and the Students Agains... (Below threshold)

Oh, and the Students Against War made their own contact information available on their own press release concerning the protest, on the internet. They reaped what they sowed.

But I don't dig up anyone's... (Below threshold)

But I don't dig up anyone's address or phone number (not that I could, but presumably people can) and then encourage a million acolytes to effectively try and ruin their lives.

College Republicans have used violence lots of times. Jesus' General had loads of good photos and videos up during the '04 election. Whoever does it is an idiot, and deserves to be treated as such, but call the police--don't sick the Freepers on them. (Especially with these anthrax scares happening more often than is appropriate, which is never.)

You must not have carefully... (Below threshold)

You must not have carefully read what I wrote. She didn't "dig" it up. Their contact information was on their own press release about the very incident they (SAW) was bragging about...on their own website. She also didn't encourage anyone to try to ruin their lives. She encouraged *disagreement*. Big difference. Per her own words in her post, she did not condone violence or abusive language.

TM, do you really think old... (Below threshold)

TM, do you really think old Joe's wife is hot. Looks more like a phony washed out blonde with a lot of plastic to me. Been around the world and in hundreds of bars and whorehouses. Never donked anything so phony. Reading people is not in your future. Go back to pumping sewers like a good boy, maybe you'll find something for the dumocrats.

Scrapiron--ZING! Hey, if I ... (Below threshold)

Scrapiron--ZING! Hey, if I drained out septic tanks for a living, maybe I could be the Republican House Majority Leader! Val Plame isn't my type, but I'd date her 25-year-old daughter if she had one. She might, I dunno. Don't much care about them. Wilson is a pompous ass, but maybe the Dems needed their own Swiftboat Veterans for Slime. Can't beat the Republicans if you play nice.

And buddy, it's been like five posts in a row that you haven't expressed a desire to kill somebody! You didn't switch to light beer, did you?

Tom, Malkin knows who her readers are. The Freepi aren't the sorts to call and express their grievances to them in a reasonable manner. I guess the SAW should have known not to publish their contact info on the web. She didn't break any laws, and probably meant it when she said not to be violent, but she has to be more responsible. People like her and Limbaugh and O'Reilly have to understand that their audiences consist in some part of what are mobilized political action groups, and should take that into account when they're talking about people who aren't public figures. And so should any liberal, Michael Moore especially.

So, she refers people to th... (Below threshold)

So, she refers people to their own press packet, that they put into the public eye, and the correct response to to publish her home address and phone number?
Matt, had they published her office number, that of her syndicate and publisher, etc, that would have been equivalent.
They (SAW) are the ones that took it past the pale.

Hmmmm...I read Malkin's blo... (Below threshold)

Hmmmm...I read Malkin's blog...every day...does that mean I'm required to join the Freepers? Nah.

Lets see, Times Anthrax sca... (Below threshold)

Lets see, Times Anthrax scare; lets see liberals blame conservative blogs; Oliver Willis; and lots of diversions.


Any posts with links describing popular conservative blogs calling for folks to mail Anthrax to the NYT's? Or domestic terrorism of any sort to be promulgated upon them?

[pin drops]

Any posts ad hominem, pleonastic, disingenuous and with otherwise illogical or inappropriate mutterings?

Misha called for the lynchi... (Below threshold)

Misha called for the lynching of Supreme Court justices, and Malkin has him in her blogroll. And since she bitches and moans about the "left" (who are in all likelihood pimply "anarchist" Naderites) sending her nasty e-mail, I think it's fair for people to be upset when someone who Malkin has referred to their contact info calls them and threatens them. Malkin saying "Here's someone I disagree with! Go exercise restraint and be nice but tell them why they're silly gooses!" is the same thing as telling a few thousand slavering idiots to jam someone's phone with screeching hatred. (I assumed you aren't one of said idiots.) Malkin is a bully who plays the victim.

Oh, epador--<a hre... (Below threshold)

Oh, epador--





All shamelessly lifted from Glenn Greenwald. Publishing satelite photos of a NY Times' publisher isn't telling someone to send them anthrax in the mail, but you have to wonder what the reason for doing that would be. Goldstein tries to out liberal bloggers too, but to what end I have no idea.

TM:Obviously, I'm ... (Below threshold)


Obviously, I'm not. And once again, you act as though SAW are innocent little victims. She asked people to politely speak their mind about what *SAW* did, which was to play hardball.

They. Reaped. What. They. Sowed.

If you can't run with the big dogs...

Ok, there at least are some... (Below threshold)

Ok, there at least are some links, now 11 hours into the post. Sorry, but I have Saturday Duplicate to be spanked at before I proceed to your "spanking." However, without reading them, and simply going by your post TM, I'm not impressed. See ya'll later.

As far as what Misha wrote,... (Below threshold)

As far as what Misha wrote, I will grant you that I wouldn't write something like that. However, I don't see where you're getting that he "called" for it, as if he were sending out the directive to his supposed "minions" to carry out an actual lynching of 5 people. Let's have some perspective, shall we?

A sampling of the hate talk... (Below threshold)

A sampling of the hate talk lifted from the links TM got from Greenwald:

"Dean" of Dean's World

When I say "treason" I don't mean it in an insulting or hyperbolic way. I mean in a literal way: we need to find these 21st century Julius Rosenbergs, these modern day reincarnations of Alger Hiss, put them on trial before a jury of their peers, with defense counsel. When they are found guilty, we should then hang them by the neck until the are dead, dead, dead.


Michael Reagan (as reported by Media Matters)

"Howard Dean should be arrested for treason and either hung or put in a hole until the war's over"

Greenwald reports the following:

David Horowitz:

I issue a call to the blogosphere to begin finding and publicly listing the addresses of all New York Times reporters and editors. Posting pictures of their residences, along with details of any security measures in place to protect the properties and their owners (such as location of security cameras and on-site security details) should also be published.


and Horowit's pal Rocoo DiPippo followed with this (according to Greenwald)

DiPippo published the home address of NYT Publisher Arthur Sulzberger, along with directions to his home, and linked to a post by right-wing blogger Dan Riehl which contained directions to Sulzberger's home along with photographers of it. In a now-deleted post, DiPippo also published the home address of Linda Spillers, the NYT photographer who took the photograph of Don Rumsfeld's vacation home (with Rumsfeld's express permission), and he urged everyone to go (presumably to the home address he provided) and confront Spillers about her actions.

and Riehl World View published the address and satellite photos of the home of NY Times Publisher Arthur Sulzberger.

I don't know, is it such a big deal? I can't imagine NY Times Publisher Arthur O. "Pinch" Sulzberger would mind someone pointing out that a search for his name can give you:

(I deleted the home address and satellite photos that followed)


<a href="http://wi... (Below threshold)
wave man:
Lee at July 15, 2006 11:04 AM said:

A sampling of the hate talk lifted from the links TM got from Greenwald:

"Dean" of Dean's World [snip]

Michael Reagan (as reported by Media Matters)[snip]


Before you throw your shoulder out of joint patting yourself on the back for your brilliance, realize that these commenters were not talking about murder, they were talking about treason and the penalty therein.


§ 2381. Treason

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

That is all.

The timing of this is inter... (Below threshold)

The timing of this is interesting. I mean, the NYT has been pulling the same crap for months. Now the NYT's reputation is hurting because they exposed a program that was no threat to the general public, damaged cooperation with our allies and later became indignant about it. So they get a package now?

There isn't anyone with a half a brain that wouldn't know such a package would help NYT deflect and crawl out of it position.

I'm hoping they investigate this fully and find the source.

Wave-Man - and the definiti... (Below threshold)

Wave-Man - and the definition of treason that is thrown around by many conservatives is a lot looser than the one you cite. Anyone who dares speak against the thrown of King George is labelled as "treasonous" by blind loyalists. Labelling NYT's editors as "treasonous" falls into the same category, just as falsely labelling you a murderer in order to justify your execution would be.

The incorrect application of the word "treason" in order to advocate murder doesn't make it right.

1) I fail to see one of the... (Below threshold)

1) I fail to see one of the articles linked so scrupulousLee advocating terroristic actions, or even mob violence, against the NYT editors, etc. Legal actions against "treason," harassment by publishing addresses and such (in response to the Times publishing the sat and security photos), those I see, Lee.

2) Thanks to wave (and Lee for providing the text and saving us the time in finding it).

3) The way you disingenuousLee twist around the "definition of treason" and then distort to say folks are using it to advocate murder does not help your attempts to logicaLee present an argument coherentLee.

wave man and epador<p... (Below threshold)

wave man and epador

Please don't feed the troll.

DavidB,I broke my ow... (Below threshold)
wave man:

I broke my own rule of ignoring the troll. Normally I skip his BS, but I guess out of boredom I read his tripe. Couldn't resist shooting fish in a barrel. Thus the "That is all" comment. Didn't want to feed him further.

UnfortunateLee I have been ... (Below threshold)

UnfortunateLee I have been unable to follow my own advice to DNFTT, but veriLee, it doth make such sport and gLee to do so heartiLee.

PuLeeze accept my apologLees.

epador - hope you get your ... (Below threshold)

epador - hope you get your meds straightened out - and see what you can do for DavidB. He is wandering through threads repeating himself verbatim. I think his hate button is stuck on "Lee".

After reading the latest Da... (Below threshold)

After reading the latest Daniel Handler novel, I am strangLee stuck on adverbs...






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