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Ex-Teacher Pamela Rogers Sent Back To Prison


Another one of the crazy hot teachers who couldn't keep her mitts off of a young boy is on her way back to prison; this time for a long time.

MCMINNVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - A judge ignored a former teacher's sobbing pleas for mercy Friday and sentenced her to seven years in prison on charges that she sent explicit photos to a young teenager while on probation for having sex with him.

When Pamela Rogers, 29, was released after serving 198 days in jail, she was under orders not to contact the student or his family or use the Internet. But authorities say that even after appearing in court on a charge of violating her probation in April, she continued talking with the boy and sending him text messages and sexually explicit photos and video of herself.

"You have done everything except show this court that you wanted to rehabilitate yourself," Warren County Circuit Judge Bart Stanley said. He revoked Rogers' probation and ordered her to serve the rest of a seven-year prison sentence that had been largely suspended.

By the time she gets out her now 14 year-old lover will be old enough to legally be with the batshit crazy Rogers. In case you'd forgotten, it was a MySpace page that got Rogers in trouble after hef first stint in prison. She looked a little better in street clothes...


The booty-shaking video she the boy after her last court hearing didn't help her defense. If you missed that you can see it below.

Pamela Rogers Archive


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Comments (44)

Political correctness be da... (Below threshold)
Totally Matt:

Political correctness be damned. We need to start profiling hot teachers now, 'cause this trend runs deeper than statistics.

I nominate David Lee Roth to coordinate the operation. He's had it bad, so bad, for these pervs for a real long time.

Alright... I'll do the hono... (Below threshold)

Alright... I'll do the honors....

I'd hit it.

Wouldn't let her near my kids though.

I wouldn't hit that prison ... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

I wouldn't hit that prison matron with Ted Kennedy's... Nevermind.


Christ. When I was in scho... (Below threshold)

Christ. When I was in school all the teachers looked like my grandmother. These kids today got hot teachers who're puttin' out. I was born too late.

I went to highschool in the... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

I went to highschool in the 60's. There was not one female teacher that anyone but the very sick or desparate would have considered anything near hot. But I can tell you if I had had the opportunity to do a teacher that looked like Pamela Rogers, I would have protected my source. Realistically, I fail to see, outside of an improper student teach relationship, any harm to the young man, except maybe an overblown ego, now.

She was just doing the jobs... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

She was just doing the jobs an average teacher would not do.

At the risk of spoiling you... (Below threshold)

At the risk of spoiling your fun, would you be treating this so light-heartedly if it was an attractive young male teacher in prison for having sex with a 13 year old? Saying, oh, no real harm done. Didn't think so.

Rogers' looks don't change the fact that she is a paedophile and just as disgusting (if not more so, as she was in a position of trust regarding the kid) than the traditional dirty-old-perv-in-a-raincoat type.

Why did something like this... (Below threshold)

Why did something like this never happened to me when I was 13?

Hmmm.Sorry ladies ... (Below threshold)


Sorry ladies but having a really hot teacher demanding action is a particular fantasy of many men.

*shrug* That's reality.

OK, gentlemen, fantasy is o... (Below threshold)

OK, gentlemen, fantasy is one thing but reality is another. How will that 13-year-old handle a relationship when he's an adult? I don't know what problems he might have to cope with now, but I'd be very surprised if he didn't have some.

Lizzie is so right. The woman is a pedophile. Her behavior during probation is beyond stupid--thank goodness, because if she were smart, she may have not been caught.

SHE IS A PREDATOR and needs psychiatric help. Instead of getting that help while on probation--which, I guess, would have necessitated her admitting she needed help because she did something terribly wrong--she flouted the terms of her probation.

The women commenting here j... (Below threshold)

The women commenting here just don't know men. As either Larry Miller (or Seinfeld) once said "If women knew what we were thinking, they'd never stop slapping us."

People, we still live in a ... (Below threshold)

People, we still live in a gender society. Boys are different from girls, both socially and biologically. Of course if a 13 year old girl would be introduced to sexually explicit behavior, things would be different. But it's a boy!! The woman didn't FORCE anything on him, at least from what I know about the story. If that was the case, then I agree, she is a paedophile.
I wish I had that happen to me, even now at 21 yrs of age, I remember fantasizing about hot, blonde, older women at 13 yrs of age.

"Would You be treating t... (Below threshold)

"Would You be treating this so lightheartedly if this were an attractive young male hot teacher in prison for having sex with a 13 year old?"

no, but then Im not attracted to guys? anyways it must be a heck of a distraction having to learn anything accept your anatomy is rapidly changing for these poor young men??

Perhaps thats why the teachers all looked like Aunt Bea when I was in school.. Schucks.

The teacher who started thi... (Below threshold)

The teacher who started this trend a few years back was pretty much a "bunny boiler", and was in the habit of making "If I can't have you, no one can" type threats. In that case, yes, it's disturbing & manipulative.

Paul (the writer on Wizbang... (Below threshold)

Paul (the writer on Wizbang?), you're only 21??? Holy I'm Feeling Old, Batman! You write much older. If that makes sense.

If I were the kid I would b... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

If I were the kid I would be suing the judge and everyone involved in denying me that shit.

"OK, gentlemen, fantasy ... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

"OK, gentlemen, fantasy is one thing but reality is another. How will that 13-year-old handle a relationship when he's an adult? I don't know what problems he might have to cope with now, but I'd be very surprised if he didn't have some."

I can't imagine they would be much worse than the problems most of the rest of us had from the rejection, ridicule and mind-fucking from girls our own age.

Being warped at a young age... (Below threshold)

Being warped at a young age isn't the worst thing that can happen to you.

Where the fuck where these ... (Below threshold)

Where the fuck where these teachers when I was in school.

I agree a bit with the "she... (Below threshold)

I agree a bit with the "she's hot" crowd, but in reality she is a very disturbed person. Having her anywhere near my son would be troubling--given the crazy batshit scary stuff a chick like this is capable of.

If she's capable of thinking she can have a relationship with a 13 year old, I'd say her powers of logic and self-awareness are barely measureable on the looney chart.

Next thing you know, you've go a bunny and a son boiling on the front burner when you get home from work.

Mitchell--Yeah, sh... (Below threshold)
Teacher's Pet:


Yeah, she's gotta be batshit crazy for many reasons. But still, SHE'S HOT!!

I doubt she's got any more batshit between her ears than most hot barflies.

I'd hit that!

Hmmmm.I c... (Below threshold)


I can't imagine they would be much worse than the problems most of the rest of us had from the rejection, ridicule and mind-fucking from girls our own age.

Amen! It's frankly amazing to me just how whacked out many women are.

Once at a party I had a very pretty single woman, in a remote corner of the house, pull down her pants to show me a bruise on her ass (wearing a thong!) and then five minutes later refuse to go on a date with me.


Life would be a lot easier if every woman had a sign on her forehead listing her individual set of mental issues.

Wow. I went to the wrong sc... (Below threshold)

Wow. I went to the wrong school when I was younger.

I side with goddess, she ne... (Below threshold)

I side with goddess, she needs to be locked away from children.

However, I did have momentary flash of the start of a women in prison fantasy...

Ok , most of us guys are al... (Below threshold)

Ok , most of us guys are all for this hot teacher thing. Most of us guys would think, "Damn, I wish she were my teacher", "I wish she would do me" etc. etc.

But the reality is that the teen years, for boys and girls, are the formative stages for the ongoing ability to deal with intimate relationships. A one-sided relationship based on sex with someone in a position of authority over you (teacher, priest, whatever) does not allow the child the ability to form a good pattern of having loving, lasting, healthy relationships. In the teen years, these relationships need to be with other teens that are going through the same problems.

Need proof that this damages boys? Check out the Mary Kay Letourneau/ Villi Fualaau case. She was his six grade teacher and had sex with him when he was 13. He went through numerous court cases, the media, emotional issues, and two children. His first child was born when he was 14 years old! Is this is OK for boys to go through at 14 just to get 'lucky'? He was denied the ability to have normal, healthy teen relationships from which he would learn.

"OK, gentlemen, fantasy is ... (Below threshold)

"OK, gentlemen, fantasy is one thing but reality is another. How will that 13-year-old handle a relationship when he's an adult? I don't know what problems he might have to cope with now, but I'd be very surprised if he didn't have some."

Oh that is such horsepoopie. I don't even remember how many of my friends in school lost their virginity during their early teens (or younger), but every single one turned out to be "well adjusted" (or what passes for that in this day and age). My best friend lost his when he was 12... and he's a terrific husband/father and has a very good head on his shoulders.

Y'all femynists need to stop reading/believing your own propaganda.

I'm torn, but I have to agr... (Below threshold)
Bill M:

I'm torn, but I have to agree with the ladies on this one. Yeah, she's hot, and damn! where were the teachers like that when I was a kid? But...

She is a predator. If the roles were reversed and we were talking about a 13 or 15 year old girl instead of boy, we'd be up in arms about it. There is really no difference here. She is what she is and is being punished for it. She is obviously not smart enough to realize that her activities would be monitored, so back in the slammer. {Insert appropriate blonde joke here, if desired.} For the remainder of her 7 year term. It is likely that she will remain obsessed with this kid, and we will likely see another LeTourneau-like situation in the future. Who wins in that? Not the kid. His life is hosed if he stays hooked to this predator.

Someone posted about Villi Fualaau. There is one screwed up kid with no future ahead of him. This kid will rpobably go the same way. It's sad.

She needs to do a stint at ... (Below threshold)
The Exposer:

She needs to do a stint at a psychiatric facility, not a 7-year prison sentence.

ExSubNukeUes, but ... (Below threshold)


Ues, but were your friends' partners their teachers or other role model/authority figure?

Here's another hypothetical: what if this teacher's victim (yes, that's the word) were female? Would that change your reaction?

I don't really see the corr... (Below threshold)

I don't really see the correlation you're trying to get at. I'll assume you're a female (a reasonable assumption seeing as how you are the "goddess of the classroom".) Also, we'll stick to talking about my best friend as I know his story the best. He lost his virginity when he was 12 to a 13 year old. I don't see the correlation you're trying to get at.

The cold hard fact is that in either case, a young male experienced sex at a young age (too young in my honest opinion). And you being a female, you just don't know what it's like to be a boy. In my own experience, and in all the reading I've done on the subject, boys tend to look at the sex act as exactly that. An act. Something you do, and then it's done. Girls, in my experience and all the reading I've done, tend to attach emotion to the act itself.

So yeah, if it's a girl, prosecute the bastard to the fullest extent of the law. If it's a boy... in all honesty, he'll probably be alright.

Don't presume, just because the average girl would be destroyed by this happening to them, that it's the same for boys. Boys are wired different. It's as simple as that.

Oh, and for the record. I ... (Below threshold)

Oh, and for the record. I do believe she should be prosectuted to the fullest extent of the law. It is the law, she did break it, and there are consequences to pay for those actions.

Besides, why tempt fate. Maybe it might destroy this boy. No need to encourage this behavior by not punishing it every time it happens.

I wonder how he will cope i... (Below threshold)
George W:

I wonder how he will cope in the future...never being able to get something like that ever again.

She has ruined him for life, and should be put away. Poor kid.

I bet there will be a line outside her cell every day though!

There are cases like this a... (Below threshold)
OJ Simpson:

There are cases like this all the time: gorgeous young (often) blonde teachers doing their young students.

I wonder why they are doing this, and not going after men their own age. They often seem to be recently divorced after marrying young. I wonder if they are trying to hold onto their youth, or just trying regain control of their life...I would love to read the psych reports for some of these cases. Something is screwed up in their heads somehow.

It makes you wonder how much of it goes on that never comes out.

BTW, when I was at school there were two male teachers that I heard about that were sleeping with female students. Both later married them. One was a young guy, and the other was in his 50's.

You won't See A Red Head Do... (Below threshold)
Red Head Lover:

You won't See A Red Head Doing stuff like this!!!!!

To the people that say she ... (Below threshold)

To the people that say she needs Psychiatry,

You might want to think twice about that...

I agree, she is hot, but wh... (Below threshold)

I agree, she is hot, but who's to say she won't go psycho on you and pull a Lorena Bobbitt and nail it to her headboard as a trophy? Call her unpredictable-----yes!

Everytime I see this smokin... (Below threshold)
Mighty Mike:

Everytime I see this smoking hot bombshell, I get so bummed that not only did I not get an opportunity to hit something like this when I was a kid, but now a hottie is gonna be locked away doing carpet munching for the next 7 years and probably coming out a lesbian. Yeah, her gears are burnt up and smoking, but when's the last time a guy with a boner during a one nite stand gave a shit about her mind?

She looks good in her shack... (Below threshold)

She looks good in her shackles. I hope she's gotten used to them, that's her jewelry for the next 7 years, whenever she's out of her cell pretty much.

She need 7 years with me in... (Below threshold)

She need 7 years with me in my house not in prison poor girl, and stupid kid

If I had been hittin' that ... (Below threshold)

If I had been hittin' that hot ass at 13 I can assure you that no one would have ever found out about it. Now if it was a 13 year old girl being taken advantage of by a male teacher, that's different. He should be hung by his nuts. Girls are ruled by their hearts, guys by their dicks. A girl on her first date is thinking love and mushy stuff like that. A guy on his first date is trying to figure out how he can get his finger wet.

the boy calls himseif a pim... (Below threshold)

the boy calls himseif a pimp in school.the police and the boy worked together to fram her.she is sickthat is that.if the judge was anykind of man at allhe would have got help for her not just lockher away to get rid of her.i am from mcminnville.i do not know this pam person but i do know this town.cops push drugs.they lie steel and look out for thareselfs.the judges do whot thay wish to.by the law or not.the D.A.did not like that she got out so soon so he had the boy to help set her up

hhhhhhhhhhh... (Below threshold)


Okay, she was wrong and is ... (Below threshold)

Okay, she was wrong and is very sick. However, girls and young ladies in high school and college have been having relationships with male teachers in order to get high grades since time began. We have had to just put up with that all these years. Why not expose that too? Why not revoke the grades girls got under such circumstances? -won't happen!

asan n ung video????we woul... (Below threshold)

asan n ung video????we would like 2 watch it e...its cool b????






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