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Sari, wrong number

I am an odd sleeper. I do most of my dreaming almost immediately after falling asleep, something that I understand is odd. The consequence of this is I almost never remember my dreams.

Tonight, about 20 minutes after falling asleep, I was awakened by my cell phone. It turned out to be a wrong number.

But the one consolation was that it interrupted a rather nice dream, meaning I get to remember it.

For some reason, Michelle Malkin was hosting a bunch of us bloggers for a weekend. Several of us were talking into the wee hours around her home, and she was dressed just like she was in this Vent...

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M Malkin is very hot. Smar... (Below threshold)

M Malkin is very hot. Smart and good looking, you don't get that everyday. My ideal MILF.

Your's too, I see JT.

I'd hit . . .Oh Hell, who a... (Below threshold)

I'd hit . . .Oh Hell, who am I kidding. I'm not smart enough.

I would have been embarrass... (Below threshold)

I would have been embarrassed to admit it, but now that there are two others with whom I agree, I can finally say it...DAMN, she looks good! Oh wait, I guess that's not PC, though is it?

Who cares if it's PC or not... (Below threshold)

Who cares if it's PC or not.

If I weren't married, I'd hit it too.






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