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CBS, Not Content With Egg On Face

Drudge has the following headline with no link yet:


Laser imprints of its trademark eye insignia on 35 million eggs in September and October...

I'm not sure who thought this one up...

If you consider the past performance of the their news division, does handing out 35 million eggs with the CBS logo on it really seem like such a good idea?

I just glad I'm not a window washer at the CBS News building.


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Comments (11)

Hmmmm.I can't resi... (Below threshold)


I can't resist:

Does this mean that CBS is preparing for the next time they'll have egg on their faces?

eh? eh? Get it? Egg on their faces?

Please limit the applause to no more than 36 minutes.

ed:Didn't you mean... (Below threshold)


Didn't you mean...60 minutes?

I'm digging up Elvis's song... (Below threshold)

I'm digging up Elvis's song for the Youtube vid as I write.

And by the way, what is the Guiness record for the number of eggs thrown in 60 minutes?

morning show promo... (Below threshold)

morning show promo

Now come on! They are just... (Below threshold)
Bill M:

Now come on! They are just bowing to the reality of the situation (they are part of the "reality based community", aren't they?). I mean, they've had so much egg on their faces of late, they have just decided to appropriate it for their advertising campaign. Think of the possibilities!

"Nobody lays an egg like SeeBS"

"Eggstra, Eggstra, be sure to watch and egg Katie on!"

"You can't speak truth to power without breaking a few eggs!"

"This is Eggscatly what cutting edge news reporting is all about."

"This week, a 60 Minutes Eggstra on document forgery."

We should all egg them on!

Perhaps they saw the story ... (Below threshold)

Perhaps they saw the story the other day about the egg in Kazakhstan with "Allah" supposedly on it written in arabic. If it's good enough for Allah, why not CBS?


NBC had the peacock, decade... (Below threshold)

NBC had the peacock, decades later CBS responds with the egg. Not difficult to answer the age old question of which came first, now, is it?

What came first, the libera... (Below threshold)

What came first, the liberal or the egg?

CBS to use eggs in a promo?... (Below threshold)

CBS to use eggs in a promo?

Why not?

Doesn't CBS lay eggs anyway?

dang, Jay - you used that h... (Below threshold)

dang, Jay - you used that headline before I could. Good for jokes, but the dumbest idea I have ever heard.

Anybody else seeing Vincent... (Below threshold)

Anybody else seeing Vincent Price, in his Egghead role from the old Batman live action show, while reading this report?






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