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Wizbang Redesign Update

Sadie at Apothegm Designs has been busy whipping up new looks for all the Wizbang sites.

Here's a sneak peak at some of the headers that are nearing completion...

Wizbang Sports, Wizbang Tech and Wizbang News are in progress and we're still tinkering with the Politics logo, but we're on track for an August rollout.

If you were paying attention you might have noticed a few of those banners are for sites that aren't online yet. I'll have more news on those later...

Comments (7)

Banners look great, Kevin. ... (Below threshold)

Banners look great, Kevin. I think you should leave Politics with what you have posted. A picture of the Capitol Building is perfect. Sadie, who also did the redesign of my personal blog (http://www.artitumis.com */selfplug*, has done a great job.

Cool... (Below threshold)


I like the present. New si... (Below threshold)

I like the present. New sites, that's one thing.
This sis "Explosively Unique."

Sadie is amazing! ... (Below threshold)

Sadie is amazing!

I like these much better th... (Below threshold)

I like these much better than what you showed us a few months ago. Can we have a Lohan-free Wizband Pop? (just kidding!)

The Politics logo will stay... (Below threshold)

The Politics logo will stay essentially the same. There may be some sharpening, blurring, or shading added, but it will look pretty much as it does here.

Wow - they look great. Cant... (Below threshold)

Wow - they look great. Cant' wait to see the official site re-design next month!






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