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Bill Clinton's Pledge To Defend Israel

Kim and Jay have done such a great job covering Israel the past week, that I have not posted anything on the subject. This quote the Anchoress posted was too good to resist, though.

The Israelis know that if the Iraqi or the Iranian army came across the Jordan River, I would personally grab a rifle, get in a ditch, and fight and die."

- Former US President Bill Clinton, July 31, 2002

Betsy Newmark says in answer to the question of whether Bill Clinton would make good on his pledge, "I guess it depends on what the meaning of "army" is. Perhaps, firing missiles doesn't count."

Update: Now Bill Clinton is calling on Muslim countries to send troops to Darfur. I wonder if he is planning on grabbing a rifle and joining them, as well.

Update II: Bruce Kesler has some ideas about ways those of us who would like to do something, can help those in Israel. And none of them involve picking up a rifle.


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Comments (20)

Lee should be along momenta... (Below threshold)

Lee should be along momentarily praising Clinton and saying, "aw shucks, he didn't really mean to say that".

Now, now... He was specific... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

Now, now... He was specific... They have to come across the Jordan River, not the Lebanese border.

Clinton has a rep for sayin... (Below threshold)

Clinton has a rep for saying what his audience wants to hear. Unfortunately, on occasion, what they want to hear involves you actually committing yourself to their cause.

And, just as unfortunately (for your audience), saying what your they want to hear means you usually haven't paid any real attention to the potential ramifications of what you just said.

That is, until someone dares actually hold you accountable for all your pretty words.

Beware what you wish for, Bill Clinton: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad might just grant you that wish.

Fight and die .... for WHO?... (Below threshold)

Fight and die .... for WHO?

Thank you so much for your ... (Below threshold)

Thank you so much for your blog! Everyone in the world is so proud you are of all the good you are doing.

Jeebus loves the little children!

If Jeebus loves the childre... (Below threshold)

If Jeebus loves the children, he ought to be on Israel's side--Jeebus likes very graphic pictures.

Clinton is Mr. Phony. What an Idiot.

Listkeeper's got it right. ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Listkeeper's got it right. When you're listening to Bill Clinton, you have to parse every single word and find the least amount of obligation behind his promises.

Taken literally: IF -- and only if -- the Iraqi or Iranian (and no other nation or group, such as the Syrian army, Hezbollah, Hamas, or any other terrorist organization) army (not navy or air force, and certainly not any missiles or artillery shells) were to cross the River Jordan (and not bypass it and come in from the north or south), then and only then would Bill Clinton be obligated to take up arms.

Anyone who thinks otherwise of Bill Clinton is a self-deluding idiot who doesn't know what the meaning of "is" is.


And you thought Tony Snow l... (Below threshold)

And you thought Tony Snow looked goofy in a helmet, wait until you see bubba!

Who's Bill Clinton?... (Below threshold)

Who's Bill Clinton?

The only thing Bill Clinton... (Below threshold)

The only thing Bill Clinton would/will be grabbing is his ankles. He's a disgrace.

Jay, even more obvious--or ... (Below threshold)

Jay, even more obvious--or obscure as the case may be--is that Clinton did not indicate who's ditch he'd get in, who's rifle he'd pick up and who's side he'd die for.

Are those children dead bec... (Below threshold)
mc harrison:

Are those children dead because of Israel's bombs or because the terrorists surround themselves with civilians? We'll be hearing about the barbaric Israelis killing babies now. I'm assuming that Jeebus has no problem with terrorists targetting Israeli women and children. And since the primary objective of education among the Palestinians is the fine art of suicide bombing - how many of those children would eventually blow themselves up in Israel or elsewhere? Just asking, Jeebus- I know where you stand on all of this.

Jeebus has opened my eyes t... (Below threshold)

Jeebus has opened my eyes to a very pressing problem in Lebanon. How old do you have to be to get a drivers license? Don't they know it's dangerous having such young kids cruising around the country without an adult in the car?

Someone close to Mr. Clinto... (Below threshold)

Someone close to Mr. Clinton might want to point out to him that, while a gun is slighly phallic in shape, it probably would not be as useful for his purposes as, say, your average cigar.

I would personally... (Below threshold)
Mark A. Flacy:
I would personally grab a rifle, get in a ditch, and fight and die.
Who said he would do all these at the same time?

He'd grab a rifle to go deer hunting. Get in a ditch to shake some construction worker's hand in an effort to get out the vote. Fight with Hillary. Die of old age.

See? Perfectly honest!

Maybe if we convince him th... (Below threshold)

Maybe if we convince him that we'll send him lots and lots of care packages full of Big Macs he'll go?

So 35 years ago Clinton was... (Below threshold)

So 35 years ago Clinton was a draft dodger, but now he's going to volunteer? As pathetic as Jimmy Carters example has been, Bill Clintons shameless self-absorbtion and unrivaled arrogance serve to make the over-matched peanut farmer look almost presidential by comparison. Sorry Will, but you'll never be much more than a bum with a mouthy wife.

Bill Clinton could not even... (Below threshold)

Bill Clinton could not even defend His privates from violating women on a regular basis!

Give Me a break!

Maybe if Hilary is elected ... (Below threshold)

Maybe if Hilary is elected she could get Olmert and Hezbollah's leaders to shake hands on the White House lawn to signify the beginning of a long lasting peace, like Bubba did. After all, once the Republican warmongers are out of office, the Islamofascist murderers that rule and live in the Middle East are only mad at the Republicans. Once we get Bush out of office, this unbridaled hate and rage aimed at America will go away through diplomacy. Right!?!

If you guys can get past yo... (Below threshold)

If you guys can get past your hatred of Clinton and recognize what he is saying--this is retoric, not literal speaking. He's saying that the US supports Israel and will not allow it to be pushed into the sea. Do you have a problem with that?






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