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Milblogger is Going to Iraq

Charlie from OP-FOR has announced that he's leaving to prepare for deployment.

Added: Charlie's ultimate destination is unknown. I jumped the gun when I said he was going to Iraq.

Folks, my number's up.

Sometime in the near future I'll depart to an undisclosed location and begin preparations for deployment. I've left my job, moved out of my apartment, and have spent the last week shedding all vestiges of civilian life. My radio silence here at OP-FOR has been directly linked to those preparations. I'll be out of touch for a while, but blogging will continue once I can get a reliable connection overseas.

It's been great, running this blog. I look forward to continuing my contributions here, but duty calls (and duty usually has a way of getting in the way of the things you do for fun.)

OP-FOR, meanwhile, is (and has been) in good hands with John and MAJ P.

So until my next dispatch, I big you all farewell. Soon I'll have the OP-FOR forward command post established, but until then, continue the fight, win the race, and keep the faith.


Thank God for men and women like Charlie who risk everything keep us safe.

Added: If you would like to leave Charlie a message of Godspeed, you can do so here.

Comments (5)

So, where are the mak44's a... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:

So, where are the mak44's and their ilk who regularly call out "Chickenhawk!"?

One suspects that there are far more conservatives among the milbloggers than Lefties.

But, who knows? Perhaps one or more of them will volunteer to be human shields for Hizb'allah's "freedom fighters"?

Good luck and Godspeed, Cha... (Below threshold)

Good luck and Godspeed, Charlie. You and others--like you--who serve without a quibble, are the true patriots. Unlike a few who shall remain nameless, that post here. Keep your head down and stay safe while you are at your undisclosed location. Find Usama bin Laden and give him the message that all of us want to give him. A bullet to the brain.

Heh forgot to mention "baby... (Below threshold)

Heh forgot to mention "baby killer" Lurking..

btw, here on the USNS Saturn, we're currently in the Red Sea, going north throuth the ditch (Suez Canal) in a few days and will supply some of the ships in the Eastern Med helping out with the Lebanese evac....weird being a part of "what's goin on".

I just hope our Captain gets us into a Med port for a few days to rest. We keep getting screwed over in Bahrain and the UAE for some reason or other.

Loose Lips SInk Ships. The... (Below threshold)

Loose Lips SInk Ships. The Iranians have missiles in Lebanon.

Thank God for all the men a... (Below threshold)

Thank God for all the men and women like Charlie that are overseas protecting us. And all those who may not believe in this war and over there nonetheless.

I'm curious. I don't believe in fighting this war, but if I did I would have joined the military a long time ago. I praise Charlie on following his ideas and beliefs by recruiting. Why haven't all of you done the same?






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