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More Revelations From Those Iraqi Documents

Ed Morrisey has been busy reading translated Iraqi documents. He has posted excerpts from several documents in several different posts today.

Ed characterizes the document posted here, as follows:

In the last of the documents of this release, an undated memorandum from the director of the IIS to the Military Industrialization Commission (MIC) discusses counterintelligence information regarding an informant with knowledge of the locations for Iraqi WMD programs. Document ISGZ-2004-007589-HT-DHM2A directs the MIC to change the locations of their assets.
The MIC had responsibility for all of the WMD programs, including their development, production, distribution, and storage. The message from the top man at the IIS was clear: this information was correct, and the MIC needed to act fast to move the assets around to keep them from discovery. Counterintelligence found out about his visit in time to make the changes necessary.

The Iraqis had WMD. They knew when to move them to keep them from being discovered -- a task for which they apparently had abundant talent.

Another recently translated Iraqi document posted at Captain's Quarters shows how even those in Iraq recognized bias in the American media.
Another document from the archives of the Iraqi Intelligence Service details the response plan from IIS headquarters in dealing with the discovery of a mass grave early in 2001. The burial site in the southern no-fly zone got the attention of the head of the IIS 5th Directorate, the Counterintelligence directorate, who sent a top-secret memo to the head of M4/1, Foreign Intelligence - Arab Nations. Document ISGQ-2004-00224003 lays out the Iraqi regime's strategy for damage control.
The other points of interest show the deliberate manipulation of the media, including CNN. Why did the IIS trust CNN to deliver on their story line? Their confidence came from Eason Jordan's capitulation to Saddam, complete with allowing the regime to dictate the copy that his reporters read into the cameras. Peter Arnett had swallowed the "baby formula" story hook, line, and sinker during the first Gulf War. Why wouldn't they trust CNN to deliver their propaganda unfiltered to the West?
Read the excerpts of the documents referenced above, as well as additional documents, at Captain's Quarters.


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Comments (14)

<a href="http://www.editora... (Below threshold)
Lee, darling:Your ... (Below threshold)
Red Fog:

Lee, darling:

Your link only tells us what we and Powell didn't know until we invaded. Old news made into new news without any new news. It's a favorite of the liberal press.

Are you in estrus?

Now now now, DNFTT.<p... (Below threshold)

Now now now, DNFTT.

We all know that there are those who wish to discredit the translations.

However, unless there is a valid alternative translation to the document being discussed, I believe that challenging Morrisey's is simply BS.

The points mentioned above aren't exactly earth-shattering revelations, but simply support what at least some Wizbang readers and others believe. And they sound believable to me.

Arguing with the nay-sayers... (Below threshold)
wave man:

Arguing with the nay-sayers is like banging your head against the wall. If Saddam were to admit in trial that he had the program, hid the weapons or shipped them to Syria, the admission would be ignored or denied. Bush made him say it!

Reasonable 'moderates' will hear the discussions, and most will accept the information. Those that have made up their minds, no matter what the evidence, will continue to put up a smokescreen. They're like the proverbial horse at the water...

3 years and counting.... (Below threshold)

3 years and counting.

It's too bad we couldn't spare another 30 days for the UN weapons inspectors to do their job.

BTW, that war of yours in Iraq is going swimmingly---and the Middle East as a whole is really coming together.

Ok, Robert. Since you know... (Below threshold)

Ok, Robert. Since you know better than Bush and all the G-8 combined, what's your solution?

All this freaking whiney BS from you and wee is so asinine. You really have nothing to offer here except opinion. Why don't you leave the board and hang out with people of like mind (what little of it they bring to bear on the facts).

You live in a delusional little world if you can't see how things changed after 9-11.

Now these are more interest... (Below threshold)

Now these are more interesting documents. But I must digress.

Yes Robert (and Wee), this war is going swimmingly.

First, control Afghanistan, to take out the immediate threat.


Second, take out Saddam and free the people of Iraq. Take out a longer term threat and establish a pincer against both Syria and Iran. AND, if we're lucky, show that Arabs and Democracy really can coexist. And for bonus points, establish some decent US bases in the area for the next stages. Need I mention that Iran is now hedged in?

Check. Check. Check. And Check.

Third stage: support the fledgling Democracy in Lebanon, protect the oldest Democracy in the area (or let them protect themselves), and put the heat on Syria. Need I mention that Syria and Iran are now hedged in? And separated?

Check. Check. Check.

And Check, Check.

Yep. Progressing swimmingly, I would say.

Robert: It's too b... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:


It's too bad we couldn't spare another 30 days for the UN weapons inspectors to do their job.

Boy Robert, I'd LOVE to borrow money from you. If I don't have my money by the due day, you could spare me another 30 days, or 12 years.

The final resolution, Res. 1441 was passed on November 8, 2002, urging Iraq to disarm or face "serious consequences". The resolution passed with a 15 to 0 vote, supported by Russia, China and France, and Arab countries like Syria.

At the Azores conference of March 16 2003, Tony Blair, George W. Bush, and Spanish prime minister José María Aznar announced the imminent deadline of March 17 for complete Iraqi compliance.

November 8 to March 17 is a little over 4 months extension. That's 30 days times about 4.

So, Bobby bubi, we gave them what you whinged about four-fold.

Now, go outside and play and let the grown-ups talk.

What?See also: <a ... (Below threshold)
There is no way the lefties... (Below threshold)

There is no way the lefties will accept the truth about anything. Too Brain washed.
The lefties wouldn't fight if someone was raping their mother, sister, brother, wife and children. To them there is nothing or no one worth fighting for.

Cowardance has been bred into them the same as murder has been bred into the religion of peace. They even think the Islamist in the U.S. are loyal American citizens. Bad news will come from these terrorists some day and from all the trouble they're stirring up in the U.S. lately it isn't far off.

Put every member of CAIR and they're supporters under watch 24-7. They are the leaders of the terrorists cells in the U.S., not peaceful muslems. There is not such thing as a peaceful muslem as there's is no patroitic demorats.

In Scientific American.com'... (Below threshold)

In Scientific American.com's July 2006 issue
is an article by Michael Shermer, "The Political
Brain", It one of several recently, however, this
article does not swing left or right. However, we
are biased...both, any or all humans. Neural networks were activited, not necessarily the reasoning fuctions.

But, as I asked of one of these scientists via email and got no response, when I was young I had a brain and was a bleeding heart liberal...when I got older, I got a heart and became a traditionalist. How then to explain my neural networks. They're working on it.

Give it up you clowns.<br /... (Below threshold)

Give it up you clowns.
Admit it. You got suckered.
Chalabi played you fools like a violin.
You fell for it. Big deal.
Celebrities get punked by Ashton Kutcher every week on MTV, but you don't see the celebrities saying "but, but, but..."
Show some courage. Admit you were made fools of and move on.

To Mitchell,

9/11 means nothing.
Just ask your leaders. So important they didn't even want to look into what happened.
Bush flip-flopped on the creation of the commission. Stonewalled it. Underfunded it. Then had his girl Rice lie through her gapped-teeth to them.
Now really, after all that, how important could 9/11 REALLY be?

The answer is "Not very".

I noticed you couldn't refu... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

I noticed you couldn't refute my point that I made.

This is why you sit at the little table at Thanksgiving, Bobby.

Have a cookie.

Hey Li'l Jimbo,Wha... (Below threshold)

Hey Li'l Jimbo,

What makes you think they didn't disarm?
That huge cache of arms we found there?

Those were arms (and legs) of Iraqi citizens we killed to make babies like you feel better by avenging 9/11.






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