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Bush Bashing Kos Kiddies Massage Mania!


What else can one infer over the absolute meltdown at DailyKos over 4 seconds of video. Yesterday's "shit" story is ancient new - today it's a "massage" analyzed in Zapruder-like detail by the unwashed masses at DailyKos in the comment section for this post.

At the G-8 summit, President Bush grabs German Chancellor Angela Merkel from behind and gives her a quick massage before rushing off. Chancellor Merkel is not amused.

While the Middle East burns, our fearless leader is busy with his frat boy pranks. Click here for the video. (A major hat tip to my German friend.)

Grab a beverage and wade into the fever swamp of the comment section...

Update: Here's how Taylor Marsh, who claims to be a liberal talk show host (albeit a host minus an actual show) characterizes the incident: "George W. Bush's sexual harassment of the Chancellor Merkle..." Marsh has the temerity to be offended when President Clinton's actual history of sexual misconduct his mentioned...

[Video via C&L]


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Comments (57)

"Chancellor Merkel is no... (Below threshold)

"Chancellor Merkel is not amused."

Actually, Merkel and Bush have become good buddies over the recent few days according to news reports.

Found this video clip of Bu... (Below threshold)

Found this video clip of Bush and Merkel buried in the comments section Kevin linked to... Now this is funny.

They are coming completely ... (Below threshold)

They are coming completely unglued about this. Their hypocrisy would be remarkable, if not predictable.

Now that's a comment sectio... (Below threshold)

Now that's a comment section worth a beer...or two. Hillarious.
Amazing that they can say things so......uhhhh....stupid. And they think they're "right".

Speaking of "unglued", here... (Below threshold)

Speaking of "unglued", here's another clip posted in the Kos comments section - this one of a drunk George Bush at a wedding in 1992.

Sorry - wrong link - here's... (Below threshold)

Sorry - wrong link - here's our Presdeint in all of his drunken glory.

Chancellor Merkel was not h... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

Chancellor Merkel was not happy because he stopped so quickly.

Now if he had reached down ... (Below threshold)

Now if he had reached down and grabbed her boob, then there would be a problem. He'd be acting too much like Clinton.

From Marsh's post "Why i... (Below threshold)

From Marsh's post "Why is it that conservatives can't take issues that personally effect women seriously? It's like an affront to their manhood, which was proven after Bush's actions against Merkel turned her to disgust. No privacy, no respect, not even as the German Chancellor, because I can touch whomever I want. This is the response from conservatives in the modern era. No respect for women at all. When the leader of the Free World believes he can manhandle the German Chancellor at will there's a problem with the man. It's an affront to every woman and, frankly, most men; that is unless you're a boorish partisan who is just too plain ignorant to understand women deserve respect, which means HANDS OFF, unless you're invited. That it was the German Chancellor that Bush was fondling makes it even worse."

Do Marsh and his commenters really not think that Angela Merkel could tell Bush to fuck off if she so desired?! Do they not respect that she's a powerful woman in her own right - a world leader, for chrissake - and would quite clearly be able to stick up for herself if she really thought Bush was "sexually harassing" her? Merkel didn't get where she is today by being a shy retiring violet, and the notion that she needs people like Marsh to stick up for her is frankly patronising in the extreme.

And of course, one wonders ... if they think squeezing a woman's shoulders is sexual harassment, what the hell are their sex lives like?!

"What the hell are there... (Below threshold)

"What the hell are there sex lives like"

I shudder to think..issssssssh

Pretty much hit the nail on... (Below threshold)

Pretty much hit the nail on the head there Lizzie, good post.

Gee, for a crowd that never... (Below threshold)

Gee, for a crowd that never said one word about the sexual harrassment that Monica had to bear (in an executive's office, while on company time) a little shoulder rub really sets them off.

And, no, it wasn't consensual with Monica and Bubba. Sex on company time is never consensual just check out the litigation and career destroyed over "just" a little sex.

Lee,If that's drun... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


If that's drunk, it proves you spend way too much time at Wizbang combating all of us. LOL.

How horribly inappropriate to squeeze her shoulders in public! That's so much worse than shooting spunk on a dress!

/sarcasm tag off

But on the bright side, for... (Below threshold)

But on the bright side, for the young left, there are only 2.5 years remaining in Bush's presidency. Hell by that point most of the DailyKos blocs might even have graduated college. Then again maybe not.

Lee and his ilk at Kos have... (Below threshold)
Red Fog:

Lee and his ilk at Kos have 806 adolescent insults regarding this meaningless clip so far. It is telling that a visual presidential gesture illicits a heightened sexual hysteria amongst the chimpanzee troop.

Lee, I need to know if you're in estrus? Lee? Lee with the soft hands?

"visual presidential ges... (Below threshold)

"visual presidential gesture" lol...

"pucker puss" (lee lee) is ... (Below threshold)

"pucker puss" (lee lee) is in "heat" all the time.

I think that's an affront t... (Below threshold)

I think that's an affront to college kids everywhere. Most I know aren't mind-numbed. Heck you know that quote "if you aren't liberal when you're twenty, you have no heart, if you aren't conservative when you're fifty, you have no brain"? Well I never really had a heart I guess. I was never much of a liberal, and quite a few at my school were the same way.

Please stop generalizing like that.

On a serious note the fact ... (Below threshold)

On a serious note the fact this non-issue even is being discussed here speaks volumes about the extent to which so many *conservatives* really are out to lunch.

The Senate is about to pass a landmark piece of legislation on a very important slate of medical/ethical/governmental issues. That legislation then will be vetoed by the first president to receive a majority of the popular vote since 1988.

Yet the lead story right now on what allegedly is a leading conservative web site is a puff piece about what a bunch of young college students are saying about some non-event with zero relevance to any issue on the face of the earth.

And people wonder why conservatives spent 60 years out of power, despite outnumbering liberals by more than a 3-1 margin, huh?


On another site, I saw indi... (Below threshold)

On another site, I saw individual frames of the video as 'pictures' of the interchange. They don't reveal as the video does, how brief Bush's shoulder-rub in fact was but they do reveal much more clearly the facial expressions of Bush and Merkel.

First it was a Faux Pas, a minor social indiscretion. Secondly, Bush clearly meant well, spontaneously offering 'support' to an ally.

This 'summit' has to have been a great strain on Bush, what with Russia's duplicity and the two-facedness of the EU powers. Merkel has been supportive of the US position. Bush is grateful.

Merkel did not welcome the gesture and he immediately pulled his hamds away when she indicated her discomfort.

The charges of sexual harrassment are silly.

What struck me the most was how deeply tired and greatly aged Bush appears. The man is under tremendous strain, very reminiscent of some pictures of Lincoln. That is not hyperbole, its very clear the impact the Presidency is having on Bush.

I suspect that Bush's tiredness contributed to his 'spontaneous Faux Pas'. The man is human and he's starting to show the personal cost to him of the responsibility of the Presidency in these trying times.

"Chancellor Merkel was not ... (Below threshold)

"Chancellor Merkel was not happy because he stopped so quickly."

She was actual heard to exclaim, Hey! I'll give you to three to cut that out...ninety-nine, ninety-eight, ninety-seven...."

"What struck me the most... (Below threshold)

"What struck me the most was how deeply tired and greatly aged Bush appears. The man is under tremendous strain, very reminiscent of some pictures of Lincoln."

No, his look is very reminiscent of that of donkey that just got whooped for shitting on someone's shoes...

Did Merkel really say "Go sit down *sshole!" or was that just static on the tape?

Lee, go away! I think you ... (Below threshold)
cate s.:

Lee, go away! I think you need to get a hearing test.

To me it looks like the rea... (Below threshold)

To me it looks like the reaction that I give my wife when I get an unexpected back massage and don't want it. How many people have had someone try to be nice, give them a back rub and them not want it and do what Merkel did?

What?... (Below threshold)


I'm not interested either w... (Below threshold)
Robb H:

I'm not interested either which way, I just wanted to pick on Lee too =P

Simply put, Bush goofed. H... (Below threshold)
Malibu Stacy:

Simply put, Bush goofed. He, just like each of the rest of us, is not entitled to touch someone without his/her consent, no matter how "friendly" the intent. I'm glad to see he got the unmistakably unfavorable reaction that he did, as he seemed to need reminding that women's bodies are not public property. All too often, women silently endure men's petty transgressions against their personal boundaries. Brava, Chancellor!

The comments on KOS and Lee... (Below threshold)

The comments on KOS and Lee's infantile rants on here only show that the left wing democrats and for that matter the main line democrats have nothing constructive to offer the country. Absolutely nothing. They are a joke that is good for a laugh a day.
Well gotta go train at the Fire Department a few hours. Some of us really do volunteer full time.

He, just like each of th... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

He, just like each of the rest of us, is not entitled to touch someone without his/her consent, no matter how "friendly" the intent..All too often, women silently endure men's petty transgressions against their personal boundaries..

Typical politcal correctness run amok, on top of being a gross misinterpretation of a gesture by the Kos Kiddies; a gesture that's committed a thousand times a day by people who know on another, which the Chancellor and Bush obviously do.

If Bush had lightly tapped her on the shoulder, she'd have been startled. Clearly, she didn't see him behind her.

Malibu Stacy, your handle is great; your interpretation of the gestue is so much trumped up feminist tripe.

Lee, Put a book in... (Below threshold)


Put a book in front of the hardon you've got over the chance to make fun of Bush.

Lee, a man has sex by putti... (Below threshold)

Lee, a man has sex by putting his pee-pee in her wu-wu, and then the stork comes.

Jesus H. Christ get a life. Only a liberal could 1) take this seriously, 2) see this as sexual harassment.

This is why the average joe out there just takes in all the Lees of the world, shakes his head, and then votes Republican.

And by the way, I don't thi... (Below threshold)

And by the way, I don't think Merkel was unhappy. She was trying to stretch a bit and just a bit of a stiff person as well. The herky jerky camera video gives a different impression.

So just get over it, Bitch.

Peter,Where you se... (Below threshold)
Malibu Stacy:


Where you see a startled gesture, I see a "get your hands off me" reaction. We obviously have different frames of reference; I've lived my whole life in a woman's body, and that's defnitely the message I'd be sending with her response.

If it's feminist tripe to suggest that we all keep our hands to ourselves unless we know we're welcome, then so be it. It's no skin off my nose if your sense of entitlement got bruised.

And thanks for the moniker appreciation; I can't say I have any complaints about Peter, either.

"Lee, a man has sex by p... (Below threshold)

"Lee, a man has sex by putting his pee-pee in her wu-wu, and then the stork comes."

As the father of four I've already figured that out, Mitchell, but thanks for sharing your insight into the matter. When you see your high school Health Ed. teacher in September tell him/her that you were a good boy and remembered what you were taught.

No, it wasn't a faux pas. ... (Below threshold)

No, it wasn't a faux pas. No, it wasn't a "boundary violation." It was an honorable and decent man making a gesture of friendship in an inoffensive way toward a friend. He was saying, "I'm happy to see you," and doing it in a way that is completely natural to him and a lot of other people when they're working a room. She was startled by it, but that doesn't make it even kind of wrong.

Good grief. It is insane that we're even talking about this. The fact the left is hyperventilating over this tells you how bankrupt they've become.

Malibu (or anyone else for ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Malibu (or anyone else for that matter):

Do a little real-life experiment: Go up behind someone (preferably someone you know--friend, co-worker, whatever) who doesn't see you or doesn't you're "there", and squeeze their shoulders just slightly, say hi and let go, just like Bush did.

I swear you'll get the EXACT same reaction. I just did this to my buddy here at work and he was startled. (He then laughed, knowing exactly what I was doing; but I made my point to him, too.)

And Malibu, you're not acknowledging the context of the relationship; you're taking the stance that they're strangers. Clearly they are not. If they were strangers, then you'd be right--this gesture would or might be socially awkward. However, they do know each other and well. Friendly touches between friends, whether it's this gesture, an arm around their shoulder, a hug, a pat on the back or whatever, is not only socially acceptable, it's also healthy between friends.

(Heck, I thought the Left was all about 'touchy feely' stuff. That's what perplexes me about Lefties going cuckoo over this.)

Wasn't it Wizbang who accus... (Below threshold)

Wasn't it Wizbang who accused Kennedy of "molesting" Alito's wife? Oh yeah, it was. I wonder if Wizbang considers this rape.


Either way, molesting or raping, it's creepy.

As the father of four I'... (Below threshold)

As the father of four I've already figured that out, Mitchell, but thanks for sharing your insight into the matter.

There went my last shred of pro-life sentiments.

OK this is totally scary! I... (Below threshold)

OK this is totally scary! I agree with the the right that this is nothing, but I think Lee was having a little fun at your expense. Relax, it's no different than you folks making fun of Ted hc* hc* Kennedy.

I guess when you are a total partisan, you do miss out on the other half of your life.

[email protected] Lee<... (Below threshold)


@ Lee

Sorry - wrong link - here's our Presdeint in all of his drunken glory.

Anybody with Ted "Lake-O-Scotch" Kennedy in his party has not a leg to stand on.

The whole "shit" thing the ... (Below threshold)
Tim in PA:

The whole "shit" thing the last few days was silly, but the left will be screaming for blood over this one. It's hard to think of any Bush action short of something premeditated that would be more likely to make feminists' heads explode.

Sure, it's possible that the two really are good friend and he just surprised her, but....

I don't know where the hell you people work, but if I had done exactly that to any of my female coworkers, my ass would be fired on the spot. Similarly, if I did that at my university and the young lady chose to make a complaint about it, I would likely be expelled and even if I were not, the faculty and students would without a doubt hound me right out of the program.

I'm pissed off about this - not pissed of at Bush for "sexual harrassment" which is, given that the two are most likely friends, probably rather silly. If she had not had that reaction - on tape - it would seriously be a non issue. But she did, and so people are going to scream about it.

No, I'm pissed off because he was MIND NUMBINGLY STUPID enough to create a situation with the possibility of making vast numbers of people flip out. If he would have acted with some common sense he could have avoided this mess.

I don't give a damn what you think about shrill feminists or political correctness. These days it is simply not appropriate to touch a female colleague in a business or professional environment without an explicit invitation. You just Do. Not. Do. It. If you do, you're asking to be crucified. I'm not saying it's fair, or right, but that is simply the way it is and Bush should have known better.

I'm not a Republican, but I guess you could say this incident makes me feel the way a Democrat might when one of the Kennedys goes and makes a drunken ass of themselves. Why!!?? Why did he have to go and do something fucking stupid??

Is it just the older men haven't gotten the memo? All it takes it one woman with a chip on her shoulder and you're toast. Is that why so many of you are giving him a pass on doing something boneheaded and thus giving ammunition to the left?

"Ted "Lake-O-Scotch" Ken... (Below threshold)

"Ted "Lake-O-Scotch" Kennedy" - laughed out loud at that one ed.

Yeah, field-negro, I was only having fun. Only the frat boys at Kos and Wizbang really takes this kind of stuff seriously - like who the f*ck cares. Just a day or two ago here at Wizbang we were treated to slo-mo replays of Anne "dog-face" Coulter crossing her legs - WHOO HOO baby, did you see those panties!! WOOF WOOF!

Break me a give.

Learning to laugh at the world means laughing at yourself once in a while. You Wizbang juvenile delinquents ought to try it sometime. Your panties are in a twist waayyy too often.

This is just a bad idea wit... (Below threshold)

This is just a bad idea with any German. Relations are very formal, particularly with people in positions of authority. They will insist on shaking hands upon resuming a meeting after lunch, but don't ever slap one on the back.

The problem is, this will be on German TV and will be a little humiliating for her. Bush has probably already apoligized.

As we Texans say, it's a cultural thang.

There's absolutley nothing ... (Below threshold)
Steve D:

There's absolutley nothing harrasing about this! It has nothing to do with the fact that she's a woman.

It would be perfectly natural for Bush to start rubbing out the tension in Putin's shoulders. And if Putin acted startled or jerked away, it would mean he's just startled.

Or what if Bush stroked Koizumi's neck because he looked stressed? They've both said they're actually good personal friends. It would be a perfectly natural thing for one man friend to do to another man friend.

And for those of you who ha... (Below threshold)

And for those of you who haven't traded in your sense of humor for a "I Brake for Epiphanies" bumper sticker, here's David Letterman's Top 10 Moments of George W Bush - caught on tape. Funny stuff.

Really, Lee, this is your r... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Really, Lee, this is your rejoiner? A video of a tipsy Bush at a wedding in 1992?

1. We already knew that he was fond of the alcohol back then
2. Who doesn't get a little tipsy at a wedding?

I think the appropriate response to the video is this:


As a drunk driver he can do... (Below threshold)

As a drunk driver he can do a lot less harm to this country than he has as president.

I'm sure thats something all right-thinking americans can agree on.

Robert, that is one of the ... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Robert, that is one of the stupidest sentences I have ever read on here, and with mak44 (where'd he go?) and Lee Wee, that is quite an achievement...but at no point in your incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having read that. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

(Thank you Billy Madison)

Lee, do your kids think you... (Below threshold)

Lee, do your kids think you're a dumbshit, too?

They may not be smart enough to realize it.

If ever there were a tempes... (Below threshold)
Robin Goodfellow:

If ever there were a tempest in a teapot...

This is an excellent sign for Bush. If this rises to the level of "reasons to hate Bush" then that's a prime indication how illogically low that bar has been set by some. This shows desperation in the anti-Bush camp more than anything.

I fully concur with Robin G... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

I fully concur with Robin Goodfellow.

That the libtards are getting all wet over this is a huge sign of desperation on their part.

I was hoping they'd cling to the "frogmarch Rove" or the "super-duper-secret-spy Valerie Plame outting" thing a bit longer, as they have been a constant well of amusement, but I'll take this too.

It seems BDS trumps all on Planet Moonbat.

Keep it going through November, Kostards!

Jeez, whatever happened to ... (Below threshold)

Jeez, whatever happened to President Clinton's "one free grope" rule. You know, how it's not sexual harrassment the first time, until the woman expresses her displeasure in some way, verbal or physical. I never heard of that rule before, but several well known leftist-feminist women created it on the spot to defend Clinton from the Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey accusations. (Never mind the Juanita Brodderick accusations.) I think I remember Gloria Steinem and Susan Estrich BOTH promulgating this "social guideline", depsite both having claimed to have been the victims of sexual assault.

I guess that's just one more Executive Privelege that simply vanished into thin air when a D left the Oval Office to be replaced by an R.

Peter, it's nothing to do w... (Below threshold)
Malibu Stacy:

Peter, it's nothing to do with relationships and everything to do with decorum. What's fine at a neighborhood barbecue is not the done thing in a business or diplomatic setting.

I married a coworker. It bemused nearly all our same-age colleagues that we chose not to behave like newlyweds while in the office, but for both of us, our hands-off policy was a matter of respect for the business atmosphere and a wish to protect our careers from accusations of unseriousness.

No "PC" pressures or fears of sexual harassment suits entered into our decision to treat each other like professionals; it was just the right thing to do. This was nearly 20 years ago; the PC police were still in committee arguing over uniforms and had yet to mobilize. I'm no Leftie, I'm just old school. Miss Manners old school.

"....his 'summit' has to ha... (Below threshold)

"....his 'summit' has to have been a great strain on Bush, what with Russia's duplicity and the two-facedness of the EU powers. Merkel has been supportive of the US position. Bush is grateful."

Good Lord Almighty what does he get paid for? Oh, I forgot.....mountain biking and taking naps. Any coherent thought...oops any thought that is...is a strain on frat boy.

I believe you can get fired... (Below threshold)

I believe you can get fired or sued doing that in our own country, regardless of how minute it seems. While I think he meant no malice or anything sexual, he still needs to behave like, uh, a world leader.

Would you want a boss doing that to your wife/girlfried at work? I sure as hell wouldn't.

I'm not sticking up for Clinton, either. The man didn't know how to keep control of his, uh , urges. He behaved inappropriately all the time. If he was the one that did what Bush did, though, I think the conservatibe base would be up in arms.

I understand it's extreme t... (Below threshold)

I understand it's extreme to say that Bush "manhandled" Merkel, but the bottom line is that he was acting extremely unprofessional. You don't invade your colleagues personal space like that. And just because he didn't overtly sexually harrass her, he still invaded her personal space. This is the same passive aggressive issues many women have to deal with, because there it is difficult to call him out without being perceived as over-reacting.

the truth about this situat... (Below threshold)

the truth about this situation is revealed by rory ... stop frickin' speculatin' everybody and get the dang facts!






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