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Where is the outrage?

Yesterday, I was skimming the news and heard that an Israeli missile had hit a hospital in Lebanon. While I am a staunch supporter of Israel's actions, I thought this was too much. Never mind that Hezbollah has been hiding rockets in private homes and launching from areas surrounded by civilians, this was more than I could accept. You don't blow up hospitals, no matter what the provocation.

So I started looking around to see if anyone was outraged, and I didn't find any comments about it. This struck me as odd, becauset there is rarely a dearth of people willing to condemn Israel for pretty much anything. But the silence on this act of barbarism was deafening.

Whoops, my bad -- I heard it wrong. It was a Hezbollah rocket that hit an Israeli hospital.

That explained everything. Attacks BY Israelis are "disproportionate," "indiscriminate," "reckless," and all other sorts of things. Attacks ON Israelis are so common as to not be worth mentioning.

I don't know how I forgot about that double standard. Meryl reminds us of this on practically a daily basis.

Just remember: dead Jews are "tragic." Jews defending themselves or avenging their dead is "destabilizing" or "provocative" or "threatening to the peace process."

(Hat tip to Laurence Simon, who has his own notion on how Israel should respond)

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No, dead Jews aren't even t... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

No, dead Jews aren't even tragic. Just "unfortunate". No, wait a minute, not even that... I'm waiting for "infidels" and "little Eichmanns" to be referenced...

Right on the money, Jay Tea... (Below threshold)

Right on the money, Jay Tea.

Perfect example of the general hypocrisy and general Anti-Semitism in most of the media, and most of the world today.

Good points. A word ... (Below threshold)

Good points. A word of caution though, an Israeli attack on a hospital or such may be necessary since terrorist have been known to use them for military depots and operations center. Israel doesn't use hospitals in such of course so those areas should be off limits. The MSM of course will support the terrorist and are willing to be the terrorist propaganda machines.

The anti-american media in ... (Below threshold)

The anti-american media in America popped up during Vietnam and continues today. Same people, same sad story. They are now the anti-american propaganda tool of the world. At least there are enough Patroits left in America to hurt some of the media types like the NY Terrorists times. They are planning more cutbacks. A total closure would be more appropriate.

...and don't forget that de... (Below threshold)

...and don't forget that dead Hezbollah terrorists are "victims of the cycle of violence."

Israel should destroy damn ... (Below threshold)

Israel should destroy damn near every medical building in Lebanon. That will teach those bastards why war is Hell.

I saw a news story on Drudg... (Below threshold)
retired military:

I saw a news story on Drudge that Hezballah is ready to start attacking US interests.

Let's see the following chain of events.

US interests are attacked.

US planes start sending laser guided missiles into Hezballah spots.

Syria gets into the act and starts to make noise.

Iran and Syria create more trouble in Iraq. US uses this provacation (along with the fact that Iranian soldiers have already been caught in Iraq prior to this) and takes more action.

US wipes out half of Syria's ground forces and takes care of the Iranian problem for a long time to come in a week's time. The Iranian people will revolt as the military will be a tad bit occupied with saving their own skins.

There is a small chance Syria will be stupid enough to use some of the chemical weapons they got from Saddam (this is doubtful as the leader of Syria will realize that "oops maybe this wasnt the best time to push my luck"). If they do count on a regime change in Syria and not even Russia or China will protest too much. Once you let the 10 ton pink elephant out of the bag everyone will leave you holding the bag.

China and Russia will step in to assist the new Iranian govt to help organize matters. They will also quietly get rid of any evidence that they supplied Iran with nuclear materials and arms. US wont protest too much.

As long as there are no US or Israel ground troops in Iran or Syria and no oil fields get bombed then China and Russia will make a lot of noise but stay out of it.

And last but not least

Democrats will lose elections this year based solely on national security concerns.

Well at least John Kerry and his ilk will get their wish.

"If they attack us we will respond".

Once again we have to wait for them to attack us and have Americans die before we act.

And now Iran is <a href="ht... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

And now Iran is is openly cheering on Hezbollah.

My father-in-law once said: "We should turn everything east of Israel into glass." I thought that was a pretty radical and bombastic statement. I'm not thinking that so much any more.

The way that I see this goi... (Below threshold)

The way that I see this going down is as follows:

Syria jumps in and attacks Israel directly, thinking that Iran has its back. Israel kicks the snot out of Syria and waits on the Iraqi border for Iran to "try to save Syria". The US lets the comabt units of the Iranian Army go through without touching them at all. Once the main comabt units are close to the Israelis, the US cuts off the logistical tail of the Iranians leaving the combat untis to face Israel (with its shorter supply line), with no fuel, no food, and only the ammo that carried with them.






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