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Rep. Cynthia McKinney Forced Into a Runoff

I'm just taking a guess, but I don't think this is what McKinney wanted:

U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney is headed to a runoff against a relatively unknown challenger in a Democratic primary she was expected to win with ease.

The controversial 4th District incumbent, accused of striking a Capitol Hill police officer last March, narrowly led former DeKalb County Commissioner Hank Johnson.

Alpharetta businessman John F. Coyne III came in a distant third but with enough votes to play the spoiler in his first election, keeping McKinney from topping 50 percent of the vote.

Few political analysts expected McKinney to have much trouble in her re-election bid even though her longheld status as a political lightning rod reached new heights over her very public confrontation with the Capitol guard.

Using a strategy that has been effective before, McKinney ran a low-key campaign -- even refusing to appear at major debates against her challengers. She concentrated on her base in south DeKalb, meeting with constituents in the area.

In 2004, McKinney ran as an outspoken opponent of the Bush administration's war on terrorism and ousted five Democratic primary opponents without a runoff. She then defeated the sole Republican in the general election to reclaim the seat she had held for 10 years before she was upset by Denise Majette in 2002.

Recognizing his daughter's polarizing effect, former state representative Billy McKinney on Tuesday night discounted Johnson's showing in the primary.

"There's a love and hate of Cynthia McKinney," he said. "Mickey Mouse would get a certain amount of votes."

Anne Dishman of Decatur, who said she voted for Johnson, reflected voter discontent with McKinney. "I don't know a lot about him [Johnson]," Dishman said as she left her polling place at Holy Trinity Parish. "It's most important that Cynthia is not voted back in her office."

Lance Blair of Decatur also supported Johnson. "I preferred his tone, which would be more advantageous for the district," Blair said. "Right or wrong, Washington has tuned McKinney out."

Hank Johnson came in a very close second, too close for McKinney's comfort:

McKinney only edged former two-term DeKalb County commissioner Hank Johnson by fewer than 1,500 votes -- 28,507 to 27,049. The two will pair off again in an Aug. 8 runoff for the Congressional 4th District.

As the results came in early Tuesday evening, McKinney supporters celebrated her lead over Johnson, but the votes tightened throughout the evening as more districts reported. At one point, Johnson had the lead over McKinney.

The runoff between McKinney and Johnson takes place on August 8th. If you want to support Hank Johnson in his quest to unseat Rep. McKinney, see Hank for Congress.

Kevin adds: The anti-McKinney vote was higher than the pro-McKinney vote. From the Georgia Secretary of State's official elections returns page:

U.S. Representative, District 4
98% of precincts reporting  Votes Percentage   
John F. Coyne, III    5,216 8.6%    
Henry C. "Hank" Johnson, Jr.    27,082 44.5%    
Cynthia McKinney    28,518 46.9%

If Johnson picks up the Coyne vote McKinney will be turned out of office for the second time in the last 4 years.


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Comments (24)

Recognizing his daughter... (Below threshold)

Recognizing his daughter's polarizing effect, former state representative Billy McKinney on Tuesday night discounted Johnson's showing in the primary.

"There's a love and hate of Cynthia McKinney," he said. "Mickey Mouse would get a certain amount of votes."

What a coincidence. I thought much the same thing about McKinney herself:

Idi Amin would probably win in her district.

"There's a love and hate... (Below threshold)

"There's a love and hate of Cynthia McKinney," he said. "Mickey Mouse would get a certain amount of votes."

What a coincidence, that's who got my vote for President in 2004.

Mickey Mouse was running ag... (Below threshold)

Mickey Mouse was running against Bush?

If McKinney is reelected th... (Below threshold)

If McKinney is reelected that will only prove that the blacks in this country that have been trying to remove the 'mark' that they are stupid are wrong. On a whole her re-election will prove without a doubt they really are stupid in parts of Atlanta.

Mickey Mouse was running... (Below threshold)

Mickey Mouse was running against Bush?

No, someone less competent. I wrote in my vote.

Heralder...LOL. Great shot ... (Below threshold)

Heralder...LOL. Great shot at Prey.

The mckinneys are black trash...

I wrote in my vote.<... (Below threshold)

I wrote in my vote.

You don't live in Florida do you? We have machines that do this stuff now.

That's pretty funny though, I'm picturing the counters pulling the card out and seeing "Mickey Mouse" scrawled at the bottom with a check next to it...heheh

Jeez, for a second there I ... (Below threshold)

Jeez, for a second there I thought she had been forced into a flooded wash by a storm...

You don't live in Florid... (Below threshold)

You don't live in Florida do you?

No way, I live in Chicago. We still have punch cards, space to write in a candidate, dead people voting, "vote early and often", etc. Old school, the Chicago Way. ;)

Guess where she was on elec... (Below threshold)

Guess where she was on election night!

Right here!

You would think she would at least make some kind of an appearance in her own district on such an important day.

Crosspatch, How touching. e... (Below threshold)

Crosspatch, How touching. ebony and ivory living in perfect harmony!

914,whose that guy sitting ... (Below threshold)

914,whose that guy sitting next to her?...

I Support CynthiaE... (Below threshold)

I Support Cynthia

Everybody makes mistakes, if she made one. She punched some police dude and admitted to it,also apologized. Clinton got some head and denied and denied. Ken Lay embezzelled millions maybe billions. Bush, the master's puppet, told us of WMD's in iraq a mistake that wasn't confessed. Katrina fiasco's, missing tsunami donations, missing over-seas military funds, trillions of so-called U.S.Citizens money, but Cynthia's gotta go? U.S. society has got to wise up fast. complaining about the dumbest things. Cyhnthia's battling some serious manipulative foes. Soggy journalists puppets trodding on a beatened path thats soon to become a swampy gulch. Every U.S. citizen acts as if they're really not concerned about the world as a whole. pittling around like you have these great hearts for humanity, it's like a two-face. one minute it's "that F---ing Bush" next "ooh the president. America's has got to be the most ludicris society you'd ever wanna witness. put on a happy face my ass. complain about what matters, like the BIG MATTERS. are you all blind? Cynthia's fighting for all of us. Are you all blind? Are you dumb? if you really give a F--k, stop the unnessessary childish bickering and pool together. World War Three could be right up our asses.think of your children's happy faces and then think of their crying faces. where do you really stand. who's tryed to make things make sense to us and then make it right. pay attention to humanity, because Cynthia is.

Wow.. Anyone of you dumbass... (Below threshold)

Wow.. Anyone of you dumbasses who are bringing up a race factor in this are the prime examples of what is worng with our world. Die in a fire. Thanks

Representative McKinney wor... (Below threshold)

Representative McKinney works tirelessly to undermine the US and to help dictators around the world. If we followed her leadership, we'd all be dead or slaves to the Islamofascists.

Mickey Mouse has been getting thousands of votes in Presidential elections for three quarters of a century. I'm guessing that he's probably gotten more votes in more elections than any other candidate in US history.

Many Georgian's (white's) a... (Below threshold)

Many Georgian's (white's) are still very prejudice. I lived there for nearly a year and found much more racism than I did growing up in a highly racist area.
McKinney has not done anything to deserve this lashing she's receiving here, except that she's black I imagine. If anyone was to care and read some history on her political career, that would show that she is hated by the power brokers, which only goes to show she has got them a little worried. So she must be doing something right.

my $.02

I Support Cynthia McKinney ... (Below threshold)
Pierre Pullins:

I Support Cynthia McKinney Too!

First, to those that use hateful speech and profanity, you should have the courage to disclose your full names.

Second, Cynthia McKinney speaks truth to power and some folk (black and white) don't like that.
If you've ever had to fight with lowdown government officials and judges you know that truth is stranger than fiction. And I know, like Congresswoman McKinney knows, how lowdown some public officials can be. Members of Congress throughout the country receive horrendous complaints of government malfeasance everyday. Many of the situations will never make the news. You need a Congresswoman whose not afraid to blow the whistle. Unfortunately, in my district (7th District in Indianapolis, Indiana Rep. Julia Carson) we have a representative that says nothing, and does nothing! People love her. We also have a Democratic Party that is afraid to even field a candidate to run against a Republican Senator. If you want an obedient representative-then vote for Hank. If you want someone whose going to stand with you, when you're standing alone against powerful forces; hell bent on keeping you obedient and on your knees with mouth shut, then go with Cynthia! At least you don't have to wonder how she going to act-you already know!

Finally, as I said as much on a radio talk show in Indianapolis some months ago, and was villified by callers after my call, the officer who grabbed Ms. McKinney in a rude and insolent manner was way out of line. Having worked checkpoints before, I know the officer could have handled the situation better. I guess the federal grand jury felt the same way. Also, I wonder had Congresswoman McKinney crashed her car into a Capitol barricade, would the Capitol Police have given her a ride home as they did for Congressman Kennedy? Be honest. Oh, and would Nancy Pelosi have asked a white male/female Democrat on a committee to resign before being indicted on allegations of misconduct? Be honest.

If we had more fighting Democrats like Cynthia, this country would be stronger and in better shape. And don't let the Journal-Constitution tell you who to vote for. They shouldn't even be endorsing candidates in the primary elections. But this is the same paper that is/was fighting a multi-million dollar libel suit-so consider the source.

Pierre Pullins
Indianapolis, Indiana

Greg and Joe do me a favor ... (Below threshold)
Chris Gill:

Greg and Joe do me a favor and consider the following

1. Please buy a clue. Her district is predominantly Black, so the racism issue is of less consequence than her jacked up hair do

2. Although her district has been redrawn 2 times, McKinney has always had popularity in her district, because it contains Blacks (across the social spectrum) and urban-liberal whites. It was only after

a. Her remark about Bush knowing about 9/11 but doing nothing so his friends in the Defense industry (Carlyle Group?) could profit

b. It became known the majority of her contributions came from Muslims and anti-Semites who did not live in her district to begin with

that people started showing up in droves to try and get rid of her.

3. She has been in Congress 12 years, and nothing to show for it other than the naming of a post office, trying to get funds earmarked for the Tupac Shakur music center, and several resolutions condeming Israel

4. John Lewis brought in more than twice the amount of federal money than McKinney over the same time period, and he is MORE liberal than McKinney. Although people confuse being strident and combative with being liberal. Actually, liberal is a political strategy which seeks to use the government structure to right perceived wrongs in society..... Being strident and combative is called being an asshole, absent of results

5. McKinney is ineffective. No one wants to work with her because she has alienated so many people in DC. This is what happens when a person feels no one can check them, because Black people will vote for them, regardless of their actions and non-productivity. Uneducated Blacks and older-civil rights era Blacks vote for her because she is sticking to Whitey. Educated Blacks are voting for whoever is not McKinney

6. After 12 years in Congress she sits on no committees, and has 0 clout. She makes 164K per year doing nothing, and pulls publicity stunts in March of every election year to create her "Oppressed, Authentically Black Woman is Fighting the Man" persona. When the Congressional Black Caucus does not publically support your antics, you are of no value

7. She talks about how corrupt and imcompetent Bush is, but is always at the SOTU, knocking folks out of the way to hug the Prez and kiss him on the cheek.

8. In 2002, Bob Barr, the White Male version of McKinney was ousted because his district tired of his antics. He and McKinney were the Ying/Yang of tool-ness

9. While her district is majortiy Black, and half of them support McKinney, the other half should not be held captive to her "leadership". She only holds town hold meetings in the isolated area of her base stronghold (South Dekalb), and completey ignores the other 3/4 of Dekalb county and portion of Qwinnett that is in her district

10. I'm Black. I used to live in her district. The area her headquarters is in is a crime ridden dump (why I moved), and it continues to get worse. Lets not convulate the issues. Yes racism and discrimination exist, and some segments of the Black community need advocacy representation in government. And yes Cynthia McKinney is an imcompetent, obnoxious Black person. The line between the two is clear and distinct and the two concepts should remain mutually exclusive

Chris, that was one of the ... (Below threshold)

Chris, that was one of the best posts I've ever read. So many great points it devastatingly points out all the elements of this, and refutes the idea that reason cannot prevail. Cynthia's kissing of Sheehan was a kiss of death for both of them...it narrowed their slight following to an even smaller minority with some common sense.
They'll soon be doing the hotel circuit, but in rooms holding less than 30 people.

Serfer"Whos tha... (Below threshold)


"Whos that Guy sitting next to Her?,?"ok it?

Ummmmmm? Joe Leiberman?? Eleanor Clift?? I dunno?

Congress needs Mckinney for... (Below threshold)

Congress needs Mckinney for the same reason it needs Ron Paul - and about 400 more like them (i.e., not owned by the Establishment). The vast majority of people have no representation in government - or anywhere else.

Atlanta has Cynthia McKinne... (Below threshold)

Atlanta has Cynthia McKinney and here in North Florida we have Corrine Brown. [sigh]

So dear "Incredible...." I'm wondering just how often either of these women have to bring up the "race factor" before you start chastising them? Have a look at the uninspiring array of legislation either of them have sponsored and say that again. You'll just be repeating bulls**t - only next time, informed bulls**t.

This lecture by Minister Er... (Below threshold)

This lecture by Minister Eric Muhammad speaks powerfully to the Cynthia McKinney incident and ties the issues of the Duke rape case and illegal immigration together with it to place it within the larger context of America's race problem.

It has been deleted by THE WHITE MAN several times due to the truth it speaks to America's race problem and we're sure will be deleted again soon. Get it while you can.








To Bearcat: the only people... (Below threshold)
Bye-bye Ooga Booga:

To Bearcat: the only people Cynthia McKinney represents are the mentally insane. That psychotic golliwog is almost gone now, thank God... just a few days more. I wonder who she will blame for having her ass handed to her now twice by another black candidate who is sane like the rest of us.






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