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Outrageous Outrage Outrageousness

Media Matter For America is outraged the Chris Matthews has strayed off the Democratic reservation and recommends he hauled back in for re-education.

The author of that piece must have been running late to the MMFA happy hour, since they forgot to even mention why a cable talk show host having an opinion is an issue; wouldn't want to miss Baybreezes with David, Duncan, Oliver, and crew...

Seriously, they're spending Soros's money like its Brewster's Millions over there...

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Do all stupid people become... (Below threshold)

Do all stupid people become news reporters or are all news reporters just naturally stupid. I'm watching FOX news and Shepard Smith is on. What a dork, he thinks he's a military expert in every phase of combat. He's nothing but stuffed shirt reading a script. I've pretend 'shot' him a dozen times and am truly praying that one of the terrorists rockets aimed at Israel lands in his shirt pocket. FOX needs to can him if he makes it back which I hope he doesn't.

Man that was lame. <p... (Below threshold)

Man that was lame.

Both ironhead's comments and the soros lacky.

Wow, I didn't realize polit... (Below threshold)

Wow, I didn't realize political cable talk show hosts were journalists, responsible to uphold the Left-Wing meme.

I feel like Bob Dole: where... (Below threshold)

I feel like Bob Dole: where's the outrage? I didn't see any.

The point of the article is to show that Matthews has touted three different GOP candidates as the likely winner for the nomination in 2008: Giuliani, McCain and Allen. MMFA seems to be keeping track of Tweety's inconsistency as a pundit, not his right to share his views.






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