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"An earth-shattering kaboom"

About an hour ago, the building where I work was struck by lightning.

The only casualties were the fire alarm panel and, as Dr. Leonard McCoy would say, "my wits."

My underwear barely escaped serious desecration.

If Marvin (no, not that one, this one) asks where his "earth-shattering kaboom" ended up, I got an answer for him.

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Jay Tea:It ... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea:

It sounds as if you are getting the storms we had in the Midwest over the last couple of days. I'm in Chicago and we got some really entertaining lightning shows and, as you may recall, St. Louis got some incredibly powerful T-storms this week.

The scariest lightning of all is the sort where you no sooner see the flash than you hear the thunders. Those are the loudest and scariest of all, and better to be inside than outside when they happen upon you. Had you been out in the parking lot or in the shaggin' wagon, I think you'd be going Commando right about now!

Are you sure you didn't get... (Below threshold)

Are you sure you didn't get hit with an Uranium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator?

We've had some earth shakin... (Below threshold)

We've had some earth shaking T-storms here in S.E.Wisconsin the past two weeks. Last year lightning hit my neighbor's pine tree, blowing chunks of wood out of the trunk and setting a small fire at the tree's top. The fire department had to be called because we couldn't reach the flames with garden hoses.

The only casualties were... (Below threshold)

The only casualties were the fire alarm panel and, as Dr. Leonard McCoy would say, "my wits."

I would have thought that you were invulnerable, practically speaking.

Lightning isn't really "clo... (Below threshold)

Lightning isn't really "close" until you can feel it before it hits.

That was G-O-D trying</i... (Below threshold)

That was G-O-D trying to get a message through.


It's like two children fighting,
"Did so! Did not! DID SO! DID NOT!

Jay Tea,M... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Jay Tea,

My underwear barely escaped serious desecration.

I think that counts as a fart joke. Keep it up and Wizbang will be the number 2 blog on the web. Thanks.

I wish a damned lightning b... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

I wish a damned lightning bolt (LIGHTNING BOLT! LIGHTNING BOLT! LIGHTNING BOLT!) would strike Glenn Whatits' server, so we STOP GIVING HIM THE UNDESERVED ATTENTION HE IS GETTING!

Oh, that's why we didn't ha... (Below threshold)

Oh, that's why we didn't have our daily afternoon thunderstorm. You all had it.

A lightning strike is close... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

A lightning strike is close when you're working with power tools and the damned lightning comes up the ground connection and zaps ya.

Working at a radio station ... (Below threshold)

Working at a radio station as the board operator I always used to get a kick out of listening to the weather guy during violent storms:

"Please keep away from windows and electrical equipment."

Seeing as I'm surrounded by 4'x8' windows and audio consoles and processing equipment, I think I'm screwed.






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