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Cal Thomas on Oliver Stone's World Trade Center

Cal Thomas had the chance to see a preview of Oliver Stone's movie World Trade Center and loved it. In fact, he ranked it right up there with some of his favorite patriotic movies. Here's a portion of his comments:

I have a long list of favorite patriotic movies, including "Victory at Sea," "Yankee Doodle Dandy" and "Sands of Iwo Jima," but Oliver Stone's "World Trade Center" is right up there with the best of them. It is one of the greatest pro-American, pro-family, pro-faith, pro-male, flag-waving, God Bless America films you will ever see.

What? Oliver Stone, who hangs out with and praises Fidel Castro? Oliver Stone, who indulges in conspiracy theories and is a dues-paying member of the Hollywood left? Yes, THAT Oliver Stone.

"World Trade Center" is the story of five men who volunteered to enter the twin towers on Sept. 11, 2001 in their role as officers of the Port Authority Police Department (PAPD). Three of them died and two, Will Jimeno (played persuasively by Michael Pena) and Sergeant John McLoughlin (played magnificently by Nicolas Cage), were buried in the rubble. These are real men who love their wives and children and are not afraid to say so. They are religious men who pray without shame or reserve. In fact, Jesus makes an appearance in Jimeno's hallucination, carrying a bottle of water to quench his thirst). Treating faith as genuine and with respect has only recently made a comeback among filmmakers.


Movies like "World Trade Center" - and "United 93," which preceded it - don't come along very often. More should.

There are many scenes that will cause audiences to reach for the tissues, but the last one is a true resurrection moment. As Jimeno, first, and then McLoughlin are lifted out of what could have been their graves, they are passed from hand-to-hand along a gauntlet made up of their colleagues, more than 50 of whom are real-life members of the PAPD, the NYPD and FDNY who were flown to Los Angeles for the scene.

Whatever one thinks of Oliver Stone, the man knows how to make movies. This is one of his best. It deserves an Oscar in so many categories. It also deserves the thanks of a grateful nation. Go and see it beginning Aug. 9 and make him a large profit so he might consider inspiring us again, as his predecessors so often did during Hollywood's Golden Age.

Michelle Malkin has a round of up of other conservatives who spoke highly of Oliver Stone's World Trade Center.


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Comments (12)

"JFK" turned me off to Ston... (Below threshold)

"JFK" turned me off to Stone (that and his toadying to Fidel Castro). Maybe I'll have to give him another chance. It'll be interesting to see how the MSM treats his movie.

I wouldn't have believed it... (Below threshold)

I wouldn't have believed it. Maybe Stone finally figured out that his personal "principles" were killing his pocket book.

Well, here's the thing, its... (Below threshold)

Well, here's the thing, its probably focused on the victums and 'reactive' heroes of 9/11. So Stone gets some patriotic points for that part. Which he will cash in at some later date for a larger stage & 'moral authority' when he disparages our military actions in response to 9/11.

BINGO jpm100.... (Below threshold)

BINGO jpm100.

This movie is an Oliver Sto... (Below threshold)

This movie is an Oliver Stone conspiracy scenario. All the facts point to a government supported attack so the Bush neocon fascists could take over the Middle East oil fields and to avenge the plot to kill his daddy.

These FACTS have been ignored in the media because they are run by right wing supported Corporations whom have suppressed the truth.

There is no Global War on Terror. This repeated phrase is only meant to instill fear in the masses so the people will surrender their freedoms that have been gained through years of liberalism.

The real intellectuals understand this because they read more than the average uneducated hicks that make up the populations of the Bible thumping red states. If these people are dumb enough to believe in a 2000-year-old fairy tale, then they are dumb enough to fall for the lies of this administration.

The difference in the movie JFK and WTC is that Stone used facts in JFK and then decided to use the conspiracy perpetuated by the wingnuts in WTC.

Once the left regains power after stopping the election stealing, then these lies will finally be exposed and we can begin to heal the world with positive vibes.

Tinfoil hat wearing Moonbat Rant OFF/

P.S. Wizbang may have the movie preview, but I have the DU thread preview.

How do you know Jumpinjoe, you ask.

The left has espoused everything contained in the rant so much that now it is 100% predicable.

Maybe Hollywood is finally ... (Below threshold)

Maybe Hollywood is finally realizing that the leftist crap they've been putting out in the past is not making them any money. I used to go to the movies on a weekly basis up until about 15 years ago. The product they put out now is either leftist drivel or using "special effects" as the star of the movie. It's not about acting any more like the movies of the '70s. I wish they would quit the political spin and concentrate on making films again. Maybe this is a start.

I haven't seen the movie, b... (Below threshold)

I haven't seen the movie, but based on Cal Thomas' review and this Wizbang thread it looks like Stone has successfully told one of the stories of 9/11 while he avoids addressing *the* essential story of 9/11.

At Malkin's site, she cites two reviewers that did not like the film - Jon Podhoretz and Ryan Sager. Sager says: "The fact that filmmakers apparently believe Americans aren't ready for anything more than this, five years after the beginning of the war on terror, says something about the studio system."

I don't think either Podhoretz or Sager gets it right. It is not that Hollywood thinks we are not ready for an unflinching look at the essence of 9/11, it is that Hollywood is both afraid and unwilling to make the definitive 9/11 movie.

Hollywood is afraid of Islamic/Islamist backlash, and unwilling to make a movie that would by its nature appear to support Bush. They are cowards, but that is not to say they can't make 'good movies'. Stone appears to have made a very good movie about a portion of the 9/11 event that allows him to avoid the difficulties of really *dealing* with 9/11, is demonstrating his talent and cowardice at the same time.

Ok, preview-is-my-friend. S... (Below threshold)

Ok, preview-is-my-friend. Should have been:

Stone appears to have made a very good movie about a portion of the 9/11 event that allows him to avoid the difficulties of really *dealing* with 9/11, demonstrating his talent and cowardice at the same time.

What would the "definitive"... (Below threshold)

What would the "definitive" 9/11 movie be like, exactly? Would it be factual or a fable spun out of whole cloth? I'm sure that as long as it contained lots of flag-waving, God bless the USA, rah-rah we're the best 'cause God says so nonsense it waould qualify. Don't bother with trivial stuff like briefings warning US of an upcoming al Qaeda strike that were apparently ignored. I would hope it would include the scene where George the Decider was glued to My Pet Goat while he was deciding what the hell he should do next (or waiting for someone to tell him).

I saw an advanced screening... (Below threshold)

I saw an advanced screening of the film as part of an invitation to police and firefighters.
I couldnt believe this was an Oliver Stone film.
This movie is pro-military, pro-christianity, and pro-american values through and through. No kidding here. A must see. Forget that Oliver Stone directed this. None of his ideology is in this movie at all.
A masterpiece and a must see!

I don't understand how "pro... (Below threshold)

I don't understand how "pro-male" is a qualifier for patriotism.

I think from what has been ... (Below threshold)

I think from what has been written this movie portrays what most simple living, hard working, week to week pay pay check Americans are feeling------------TRAPPED under a pile of rubble----------hoping for a miricle!!!!!!!!!






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