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I Almost Expected To See Snow Fall When I Heard Bill Maher's Latest

On the way back from the beach last night, in humid, 90 plus degree weather, I almost expected to see snow flakes. I figured it was as likely as the reference I heard on the radio to Bill Maher's latest words of praise for President Bush. Maher has spent the past six years as completely absorbed in his hatred of Bush as he accused his conservative guests of being obsessed with Clinton hatred during the nineties. I don't get HBO, so when his ABC show was cancelled my main exposure to Maher came from appearances he made on Fox News or on ads for his appearances on Larry King, so maybe I have missed some things. The only other nice thing I recall hearing Maher say about Bush, though, was to defend his 2000 election. After the media sponsored recount results were reported, Maher declared the issue of a stolen election to be put to rest. That was the only nice thing I remembered hearing him say about Bush until I read this last night:

...watching George Bush talk about Israel the last week has reminded me of a feeling that I hadn't felt in so long I forgot what it felt like: the feeling of pride when your president says what you want your president to say, especially in a matter that chokes you up a bit. I surrender my credentials as Bush exposer - from the very beginning - to no man, but on Israel, I love it that a U.S. president doesn't pretend Arab-Israeli conflict is an even-steven proposition. Lots of ethnic peoples, probably most, have at one time or another lost some territory; nobody's ever completely happy with their borders; people move and get moved, which is why the 20th century saw the movement of tens if not hundreds of millions of refugees in countries around the world. There was no entity of Arabs called "Palestine" before Israel made the desert bloom. If those 600,000 original Palestinian refugees had been handled with maturity by their Arab brethren, who had nothing but space to put them, they could have moved on -- the way Germans, Czechs, Poles, Chinese and everybody else has, including, of course, the Jews.

But I digress. I really wanted to say that, for all those who accuse the likes of myself and the birthday girl of being unpatriotic, or hating America first, the feeling I've had watching Israel defend herself and a US president defend Israel (a country that is held to a standard for "restraint" that no other country ever is asked to meet, but that's another story) just reminds me how wrong that is. I LOVE being on the side of my president, and mouthing "You go, boy" when he gets it right. He just, outside of this, almost never does.

Okay, so he tempers it and qualifies his praise by stating that everything else Bush has ever done is wrong. It still caught me by surprise. Now if only the other Bush haters would just admit it when the President does something they agree with, maybe I could take them a little more seriously.

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"Now if only the other Bush... (Below threshold)

"Now if only the other Bush haters would just admit it when the President does something they agree with, maybe I could take them a little more seriously."

When "pigs fly" Lorie. But the thought was nice.

I do think that some (even on the extreme left) may have come to the partial realization that there is a global war on terror that must be defeated before it returns to our shores.

But most conservatives know that if Bush even did everything right (in a liberals mind) they would still hate the man. And this hatered consumes them. Which is why they can not ever be taken seriously.

Isreal has been asked to "stand down" one too many times, and the "sleeping giant" has been hit over the head and walked away for the last time.

While I have no polls to qualify this, I would bet that a majority of the people in this country are silent on condeming Isreal for finally saying "enough is enough". The silence from many world leaders is telling the same story.

The Bill Maher's of the world may have seen a glimse of this reality.

I read this earlier, and yo... (Below threshold)

I read this earlier, and you need to read the comments. Damn near all of them (probably all Maher worshippers) disagree with Maher and hate on bush.

someone should ask maher wh... (Below threshold)

someone should ask maher why he thinks the Middle East script has changed, and some of these nations aren't condeming Israel and are actually condeming the terrorist? Could it be they see what Qadafi saw as soon as we invaded Iraq and turned his weapons over and started cooperating....They don't won't to become the next Saddam and enjoy their power within the country they have and don't wont't to risk losing it.

George W. Bush has completely changed the dynamics of so many things by his strong will, for that alone he's going down in the history books as a hugely important figure.

Even a stopped clock is rig... (Below threshold)

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.I'm not so sure the hatered on the left is for Bush.I think they hate any thing and any one that is conservative.They hated Ronaldus Magness Reagan,and any one that doesn't agree with them.Even Repubs,with the liberal bents like Nixon was hated by the left.

I believe you're all missin... (Below threshold)

I believe you're all missing the central dynamic here on Maher, which is JEWISH LIBS/DEMS (like Maher) are now finally confronted with the Anti-Jewish/anti-Israeli left. Rightfully and hopefully, the GOP should be picking up a greater portion of Jewish voters.

Bill Maher is just a big no... (Below threshold)

Bill Maher is just a big nose obnoxious punkface Bush hater. Who in the &^&$ gives a rat's ass what he thinks. He was probably drunk when he praised Bush. Better look to see if the sky is falling.

jhow66, I agree with you on... (Below threshold)

jhow66, I agree with you on Maher, but this is a sign that Jewish support of the Dems should be declining -- which, in my opinion, is long overdue.

This is like reading that J... (Below threshold)

This is like reading that Jeffrey Dahmer thought the prison chef did a fine job with that chipped-beef and toast (SOS to us former military types). BM is still a hate-mongering little shit-on-a-shingle.

Bad help is worse than no help at all.

Dick Morris said last night... (Below threshold)

Dick Morris said last night he hoped that jewish americans were paying attention right now....he was convinced that if a Dem were in the whitehouse right now there would be a ceasefire

He's like a lot of the libe... (Below threshold)

He's like a lot of the liberals. America is evil until true evil shows up at the doorstep and then suddenly we aren't that bad. Usually, it's France pulling the stunt but in this case it seems maybe some of the left-wing liberal Jews in this country might be seeing the truth. I know two good friends of mine who would be considered liberal (though not to the moonbat level) and disagree with Bush on everything BUT the WoT. They actually get what he is doing and agree with him.

twolane flash, again, I agr... (Below threshold)

twolane flash, again, I agree that Maher is a s--t. However, it shows the dilemma facing many American Jews who have been straight Dem voters. How can this group continue to vote Dem, in view of the Dem/MSM/lib stance of "moral equivalency" in the Mideast at best, and active anti-Israel/anti-Jewish stance at worst.

Ted,BM uses the "f... (Below threshold)


BM uses the "felt" and "feeling" words three times in the first sentence of his quote above. Same shit, different day. His emotions convince me of nothing but the disfunction of his brain. Were he to say he thinks and believes that America is fighting the same evil enemy in Iraq, Afghanistan, Atlanta, New York, Guantanamo Bay that Israel is fighting in Lebanon...then he would be saying something of substance. Until then, I hope his "gets you choked up a bit" becomes a permanent condition preventing speech.

Libs pontificate until the ... (Below threshold)
Chris is Bliss:

Libs pontificate until the issue starts hitting closer to home. especially in the form of bombs.

I actually think Maher's hatred of Bush is marketing a la Michael Moore. Although he does walk what he talks in his aversion to celebrity perks such has Hummers and 10 milion dollar 20K sq ft mansions

Maher's issue is the Hollywood left selectively supports the downtrodden. Dafur and Niger are easy photo-ops. But the plight of the jews requires more... thought. Since the left supports Palestine more bindly than they support the lib prez candidate of the month, no concession by Israel is enough. Israel moves out of Lebanon, not enough. Israel moves out of the Gaza settlement; nada comment. Sucide bombs and rockets hit Isreali civilians; no comment. Israel is invaded and soldiers are kidnapped; no comment. Israel puts one foot each in the asses of Hamas and Hezbollah; the left cries 1. Stop the madness, 2. Show restraint, 3. Isreal is overreacting.

Maher knows if it wasn't for Bush strong stance of no recognizing terrorists and their enablers, Israel would not exist now

I can't stand our yahoo Pre... (Below threshold)

I can't stand our yahoo President, but thought I'd comment to give you the warm fuzzies by giving Bush props.

He loves baseball. Good job Georgie.

Feel better?

As for why Jews support Dems, it's because traditionally the Dems are the party of the underdog (at least vs. Reps, traditionally the party of the rich and status quo). Jews were big supporters of civil rights in the 60s, how the hell could any Jew support Reps who argued for the status quo during the 60s to deny blacks civil rights?

Actually the left in Americ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Actually the left in America has been pretty silent on what has been going on in Lebanon giving the Israelis if not a green light a yellow cautionary one. It has been far more dissident in Europe and even Israel. Many Israelis remember the last invasion of Lebanon when their leaders promised they would stay no more than 48 hours..They stayed 18 years ..The American left was pretty silent (initially) on the wisdom of the Iraqi invasion..In fact, I can't think of single war in a single country that marching off to battle didn't begin in fanfare...As for Bush, there are really only a couple of things I can think of his favor..He seems to be genuinely non racist he and he has an irepressible sense of deprecating self humour, but Lorie you heard him the other day .."Yo, Blair....You eight hours? Me too. Russia's a big country and you're a big country. Takes him eight hours to fly home. Not Coke, diet Coke. Russia's big and so is China."..This is the level of sophistication of 'yo' the world's most important leader which I suppose is what you would consider his greatest attribute..his simplicity or..If it is dyslexia he suffers from.. okay? but why doesn't he make a greater effort to be self- informed. remember 'internets'


Robert, based on that "logi... (Below threshold)

Robert, based on that "logic," you can ask why blacks would ever support a Democrat, given they were the slaveholders in our history.

Since you are so high on civil rights, what about the civil rights of average Israelis? Since they aren't one of your "groups," they don't count, most likely.

Robert:Wow, you do... (Below threshold)


Wow, you do not know anything about the Civil Rights movement do you?

It was Republicans who pushed forward and broke the filibuster on the Civil Right's Act of 1964; the Democrats tried their hardest to prevent it.

It was Republicans who pushed for desegretation; Democrats pushed to keep segregation and "seperate but equal" the status quo.

It was even Republicans who pushed for abolition during the 1860s, and a Republican president who signed it into Law.

These are only a few, small, examples of where Republicans led the way in Civil Rights and Equality while Democrats whined, cried, tried to stop it, and after it went through anyways started spinning the story that they are the party of the people.

Read some history and learn the truth.

And it sure is funny how the South, that supposedly went majority Republican after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed, remained majority Democrat --what with known KKK members like Robert Byrd still proudly serving under the Democratic Party-- until just the past few elections.

Neither party is free of reprehensible characters, but at least the Republican party has been consistent in moving forward for Equality, not just trumping up their sideline standing after the fact.

Hey 2laneflash, don't insul... (Below threshold)

Hey 2laneflash, don't insult SOS like that. I liked it.

Littlebobby, did you not get your milk $ cookies?

Stevy this guy has more degrees the the past 2 Kommiecrats contenders. You knew that or did you think this was "The Onion"?

We have a shrewd dude president and I would never play poker with him...

serfer62,No insult... (Below threshold)


No insult to SOS, which I also like. My insult was to "the food critic". Complements made by a carrier of Bush Derangement Syndrome is like being kissed by Typhoid Mary. BM having a sudden "speck" of respect for W is drowned in his sea of contempt.

Inquiring,Those sa... (Below threshold)


Those same Democrats then switched parties.
Today those same civil rights supporters would be called RINOs.


I support Israli civil rights as well.
You must have me confused with Iraq that raging Democracy your moron President built.






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