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Stupid Computer Tricks

Since it's now officially the weekend, and just for fun; here's the best error message I've seen lately...

From a fresh install of IE 7 Beta 3

If you've got some more feel free to share in the comment section. If you click here, or of you click on the image above you'll be taken to an image hosting service I'm testing that you can use to host an image for the comment section. After uploading use the HTML code option, and get the Image thumbnail with direct link to full size image code. Paste that code into the comment box...

Comments (11)

<a href='http://wizbangimag... (Below threshold)
I need a new career *sigh*<... (Below threshold)

I need a new career *sigh*

Damn. I forgot that IMG SRC... (Below threshold)

Damn. I forgot that IMG SRC is blocked. Oh well, the links work ;-).

BTW, Nice graphic mantis.

why are you even using IE? ... (Below threshold)

why are you even using IE? i thought everybody would have switched to firefox by now.

That's what you get for not... (Below threshold)

That's what you get for not running FireFox. . .

That's what you get for not... (Below threshold)

That's what you get for not running FireFox. . .

Another problem is that my ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Another problem is that my post testing this new feature got held up for Kevin's approval before posting. Without the instant gratification of seeing my handiwork, I feel let down.

BTW, Nice graphic mantis... (Below threshold)

BTW, Nice graphic mantis.

Thanks, but I just stole it from the Daily Show. Tivo is great.

Btw folks, it's entirely possible that Kevin uses Firefox for general use, but uses IE to check the display and compatibility of the blog. But I guess he can answer that himself.

I've been using Firefox for... (Below threshold)

I've been using Firefox for at least the last 6 monthos or so. I've been giving IE 7 a spin. Beta 3 is actually, in many respects, better than Firefox.

:: ducks out...

Sorry Kevin, but the fact B... (Below threshold)

Sorry Kevin, but the fact Beta 3 allows ActiveX controls already makes it lose the race so not possible to be better. Add the fact it is trying to fire up MSN messenger doubles its uselessness--provided that's even possible.

Currently work for a software security company managing several development teams. ~75% of spyware, adware and malicious payloads are delivered via ActiveX controls. Another 20% or so from social engineering like emai attachments/phishing etc. The rest from either peer-to-peer networks or powerful communications programs like IRC.

People can easily remove 50%-75% of the threat of getting bad things on their computer by simply using an alternative browser to IE that does not support activex.

Dang....and my VCR is still... (Below threshold)

Dang....and my VCR is still blinking 12:00....






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