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The Least We Can Do

Ditto to Michelle Malkin's message to our troops evacuating Americans from Lebanon:

Dear American Marines, sailors, soldiers, and airmen:

The complainers and critics may have neglected to show proper gratitude to you for helping to evacuate them from Lebanon. But there are many of us here at home who appreciate all you do.


Isn't that the least we can do?

Actually, unfortunately, there are things much worse than falilng to thank our troops for all they do. In the post just before the one quoted above, Michelle relays the incredibly disturbing story of blog commenters attacking a soldier whose wife and children were murdered in Washington state.


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Comments (4)

They should have been evacu... (Below threshold)

They should have been evacuated on luxury cruise liners. Why should these poor people be forced to live in the same conditions that our troops live in? They should have had catered meals and entertainment while being moved out of harms way. Some of them even got their feet wet while boarding the rescue ships. Not to mention the fact that they actually had to be near soldiers/sailors/marines!

They are lucky we were willing to send ships into harms way after the terrorists hit the Isreali cruiser/missle boat.

Ungrateful jackasses!

PS - If you wish some payba... (Below threshold)

PS - If you wish some payback for 242 dead brothers-in-arms, please remember 2 words...


The gratitude the US should... (Below threshold)

The gratitude the US should have towards its servicemen is immeasureable. However, why should these people pay the US to be evacuated? Should POWs have to pay the US back when they are freed?

The evacuees were not force... (Below threshold)

The evacuees were not force to be evacuated unlike POWs. The U.S. legislators are the one that put paying a commercial equivalent price + $1 not actual for evacuees. Why shouldn't they have to pay? They are the one that ignore travel and evacuations recommendation of State Department. They need to take some responsibilities for their action instead of having the rest of us pay their for it all.






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