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The Picture

Lucianne is running "the picture" again today. "The picture" I am referring to is the one that drives Democrats crazy. I try to link to it anytime Lucianne runs it.

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You mean <a href="http://im... (Below threshold)

You mean this picture?

Your comment reveals alot. ... (Below threshold)

Your comment reveals alot. I doubt you have ever been responsible for much , Getting news of an attack while sitting hundreds of miles away, sketchy often wrong reports at first, not being able to do anything because of the lack of information all the while knowing that emergency plans ( motorcade mounting up,security going on alert) take time. I wonder what you would have said had he jumped up and ran out of the room only to cool his heels in the hall. I do like both pictures, The school house because I relate to the feeling of helplessness from being "IN Charge" the flight suit because once events were sorted out , the proper actions were taken.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ?... (Below threshold)
john ryan:


MISSION ACCOMPLISH... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Read the speech Bush gave from the podium under this banner and the question mark goes away. No doubt that's too much of an inconvenient fact for some.

john ryan,Being a ... (Below threshold)
Red Fog:

john ryan,

Being a Bush hater has accomplished your mission? What might that be? Do tell.

john ryan:A pictur... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:
A baby taking a bite out of... (Below threshold)

A baby taking a bite out of a watermelon is "The picture that drives Democrats crazy"?!?!

Maybe I'm missing something.

Gee john ryan. It seems ev... (Below threshold)

Gee john ryan. It seems everywhere you go you're pissing someone off. Mission accomplished!






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