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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

U.S. President George W. Bush hands back a crying baby that was handed to him from the crowd as he arrives for an outdoor dinner with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Trinwillershagen, Germany, July 13, 2006. REUTERS/Jim Bourg (GERMANY)<br />

Winners will be announced Sunday.

Update: Winners announced. Click on the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.


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Comments (97)

Damn, that diaper has gotta... (Below threshold)

Damn, that diaper has gotta go!

Get Israel in here to chang... (Below threshold)

Get Israel in here to change this kid's diapers, they're full of Syria.

"I dunno, I thinks his reac... (Below threshold)

"I dunno, I thinks his reaction to a shoulder massage is a little calmer than merkel's."

"... Well thanks for the He... (Below threshold)

"... Well thanks for the Hezbollah view..."

"I understand little one...... (Below threshold)

"I understand little one... I have some problems with the southern border as well."

This one's real, not a bomb... (Below threshold)

This one's real, not a bomb. Here you go madame, thank you for your cooperation.

"Cripes... you're leaking w... (Below threshold)

"Cripes... you're leaking worse than Libby."

You sure he's not a Democra... (Below threshold)

You sure he's not a Democrat? He's crying, he's incoherent and he's soiled his diapers. Sounds like a Democrat to me.

Not a caption, but my own p... (Below threshold)
President Bush met today wi... (Below threshold)

President Bush met today with Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean.

1. "Seriously, are you feed... (Below threshold)

1. "Seriously, are you feeding him tacos or something?"


3. "Karl, you lost your name. He gets to be called Turn Blossom from now on."

During direct negotiations ... (Below threshold)

During direct negotiations with Syria, President Bush fails to convince "Baby" Assad to get Hizbowels to "stop this sh*t."

Another sniveling Democrat.... (Below threshold)

Another sniveling Democrat...I sure wish they would get some grown-ups on that side of the aisle!

Poor fella looks like he wa... (Below threshold)

Poor fella looks like he wants his mommy - and the baby isn't too happy either.

It DID look like peanut but... (Below threshold)

It DID look like peanut butter, but it darn sure didn't taste like it.

Republican reaction:<... (Below threshold)

Republican reaction:

Cute baby. Looks a little unhappy though. It is a good thing his mommy is there to comfort him.

Democrat reaction:

1.) This poor child is in obvious misery - lets euthanize him and make it all better.

2.) The child must have already undergone months of physical and psychological abuse to be so unhappy. The parents are patently incompetent and abusive. It is time for the government to take over.

3.) Longingly: If we could only suck his brains out and harvest those stem cells - there is a minute possibility for some type of cure for one of our own someday.

4.) Sorry mom - time to take him to the reeducation camp. One can never begin too early you know.

5.) Bush is a child abuser! He must be impeached now!

6.) 6.) If congress will only appropriate (fill in blank) billion dollars for our U.S. Baby Comforting Initiative, we will insure that no baby will ever have to cry again!

Bush just can't seem to esc... (Below threshold)

Bush just can't seem to escape from the "--it" these days.

7.) That's why we support a... (Below threshold)

7.) That's why we support abortion. It would be better never to have been born than to go through life like this!

That's a terrible thing to ... (Below threshold)

That's a terrible thing to say. You go give that bus driver a piece of your mind. I'll hold your monkey.

After thoroughly washing hi... (Below threshold)

After thoroughly washing his hands and changing his soiled shirt and shoes, President Bush returned to the Oval Office and rescinded his veto of the fetal stem cell research bill.

8.) Damn. You let the head ... (Below threshold)

8.) Damn. You let the head out. That means we'll have to let him live you fool!

"One of us has soiled ourse... (Below threshold)

"One of us has soiled ourself"

I'm not taking any of your ... (Below threshold)

I'm not taking any of your sh*t either! No matter how much you cry.

This little Ted Kennedy nam... (Below threshold)

This little Ted Kennedy namesake is wetter than Mary Jo.

With the help of a new baby... (Below threshold)

With the help of a new baby, the President gets a lesson in dealing with Democrats who also crap in their pants and cry for someone else to fix it.

little Katie Couric, refusi... (Below threshold)

little Katie Couric, refusing to go to the Middle East!

"He sure sounds like a libe... (Below threshold)

"He sure sounds like a liberal"!

What's this Al? You're wea... (Below threshold)
Jack in TX:

What's this Al? You're wearing a DISPOSABLE diaper?

Caught on camera: the event... (Below threshold)

Caught on camera: the event in Lee's life that, more than any other, has made him what he is today.

1: I guess I misunderestima... (Below threshold)

1: I guess I misunderestimated how much sh*t needed to be stopped!

2:This stem cell's got to go!

3:Baby: Allah!
Bush: Oh no, it's a bomb!

4:The conflict in the baby's middle eats up Bush's ability to withstand, Bush explained: "The sh*t wouldn't stop, Iran away!"

5:Bush:"You see the underwear gnomes too?"

"It's Time For A Change, Mr... (Below threshold)

"It's Time For A Change, Mr. President."

"I Say It , But I Don't Tou... (Below threshold)

"I Say It , But I Don't Touch It!"

9.) Whatever its sex is - i... (Below threshold)

9.) Whatever its sex is - it looks confused. Let's operate!

He's gonna blow!!!!... (Below threshold)

He's gonna blow!!!!

Moonbat Rorschach Interpret... (Below threshold)

Moonbat Rorschach Interpretation: Bush threatens to "haul off 'n punch" a woman as he attempts to steal her frightened child

- MikeB

10.) This reminds be of som... (Below threshold)

10.) This reminds be of some dead baby jokes.

Okay now, who wants to watc... (Below threshold)

Okay now, who wants to watch me eat this here baby... Anyone... Eat the baby?!

"Smells like Democrat spiri... (Below threshold)

"Smells like Democrat spirit!"

"Another French Soccer Play... (Below threshold)

"Another French Soccer Player?"

"Oh, no, President Fox. No... (Below threshold)

"Oh, no, President Fox. No, no no. Technically it never touched the ground in the United States so this one ain't a citizen. You take this one back."

Hey, nobody told me Dennis ... (Below threshold)
D. Carter:

Hey, nobody told me Dennis Kucinich was going to be here.

"Massage His Shoulders, Geo... (Below threshold)

"Massage His Shoulders, George."

I love my children shaken n... (Below threshold)

I love my children shaken not stirred.

"Shake An Bake, And I Help... (Below threshold)

"Shake An Bake, And I Helped."

"I submit to you the next p... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"I submit to you the next president of the UN. No training required"

Bush thought balloon: "Ok, ... (Below threshold)

Bush thought balloon: "Ok, THIS is one they can do stem cell research on!"

Whoa, it smells like this c... (Below threshold)

Whoa, it smells like this child has a load of DNC talking points in his diaper.

You named this child Howard... (Below threshold)
Vegas Vic:

You named this child Howard Dean! Smells about right to me!

In a show of bipartisianshi... (Below threshold)
retired military:

In a show of bipartisianship after the 2006 elections President Bush meets with the new Democratic minority leader of the House.

Bush's thought balloon: "On... (Below threshold)

Bush's thought balloon: "Only people running for public office have to kiss babies. Thank God for the presidential term limit!"

"Boy, I sure know what ya' ... (Below threshold)
The Last Patriot:

"Boy, I sure know what ya' mean. That Helen Thomas is so butt-ugly she could scare the hair off a baboon's ass!"

Awww, Lee's first pictures.... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Awww, Lee's first pictures....

Awww, Lee's first picture..... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Awww, Lee's first picture....

Bush tries out the new Whit... (Below threshold)

Bush tries out the new White House Press Corp simulator.

Another Presidential "potty... (Below threshold)

Another Presidential "potty-mouth" moment.

"Is this a Syrian baby? I... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"Is this a Syrian baby? I smell WMD in the vicinity"

"OK OK next time I will jus... (Below threshold)

"OK OK next time I will just kiss your belly!"

A John Kerry supporter make... (Below threshold)

A John Kerry supporter makes a feeble attempt to "swift butt" President Bush.

"I think I am smelling some... (Below threshold)
Rachel Edith:

"I think I am smelling something else that Al Gore probably invented."

mini Bush hater.... (Below threshold)

mini Bush hater.

"OK Wilson, I know you're u... (Below threshold)

"OK Wilson, I know you're upset that you can't post in support of Glenn anymore, but really... grow up!"

this kid's bowels are loose... (Below threshold)
herb jacobs:

this kid's bowels are looser than the ball bearings of a '57 Chevy

Yep, shes ripe alright! phe... (Below threshold)

Yep, shes ripe alright! pheww, whatcha been feeding this kid? switchgrass?

Weegie (up top) gets my vot... (Below threshold)

Weegie (up top) gets my vote...

"You sure he's not a Democrat? He's crying, he's incoherent and he's soiled his diapers. Sounds like a Democrat to me."

Bush: "Hey Karl, I think th... (Below threshold)

Bush: "Hey Karl, I think this here baby is 'Kerrying' a load of crap."

Rove (out of view): "I don't think so Mr. President. He just seems to have a mild case of 'Deanarrhia.'"

1.) He's just got to stop t... (Below threshold)

1.) He's just got to stop this s__t. And like that - it's over. What? Oh yes, I was talking about Diapers.

2.) It's Hillary's what??

Achtung, gasangriff!... (Below threshold)

Achtung, gasangriff!

"Help, There's A W.M.D. In... (Below threshold)

"Help, There's A W.M.D. In The Diaper!"

"No way Ms. Sheehan, this i... (Below threshold)

"No way Ms. Sheehan, this is not our love child!"

oh no no no! Been there don... (Below threshold)

oh no no no! Been there done that!

President Bush meets progre... (Below threshold)

President Bush meets progressive "movement" financier George Sore-ass.

Contrary to what Hillary sa... (Below threshold)

Contrary to what Hillary says, this is not a village and I don't want this thing.

President Bush surprises Ge... (Below threshold)

President Bush surprises German Chancellor Angela Merkel with an impromptu backrub.

George W. presents proof of... (Below threshold)

George W. presents proof of Saddam's secret "deadly gas attack" weapon of mass destruction to the media!

"Well, well, baby Cindy, it... (Below threshold)

"Well, well, baby Cindy, it's time to go back to Mama Sheehan"

Now "That's" a weapon of ma... (Below threshold)

Now "That's" a weapon of mass destruction!


" Take me away, the longer ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

" Take me away, the longer I'm exposed to him the stupider I get" bawled ...the baby.

Bush: "Aww, cute little thi... (Below threshold)

Bush: "Aww, cute little thing, it'll grow up just like me!"

At a recent rally President... (Below threshold)

At a recent rally President Bush was introduced to the youngest registered Democrat in Chicago.

Maybe "Ellison" can calm hi... (Below threshold)

Maybe "Ellison" can calm him with a sock-puppet show.

Bush: Honk, honk!... (Below threshold)

Bush: Honk, honk!

Baby: I said I am not a roll of Charmi-i-i-n!!!

The White House empathy tra... (Below threshold)

The White House empathy training seems to have gone too far.

Angela Merkel presents Pres... (Below threshold)

Angela Merkel presents President Bush with the result of his "sexually harassing" backrub.

"No way! No way! I am not t... (Below threshold)
Charles V:

"No way! No way! I am not the father! Laura! Laura!"

"I'm going to need a glenn ... (Below threshold)

"I'm going to need a glenn of sock puppets to calm this baby."

"Remember that naughty word... (Below threshold)

"Remember that naughty word I said to Tony? Well, that is what this lovely baby smells like. Take it back."

President Bush, momentarily... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

President Bush, momentarily blinded by the sight of Al Franken's exposed naked breast, attempts to retrieve a hungry baby Franken was faux breast feeding after takling the infant's brith mother from behind. Franken's semi-naked body was sagging worse than Air America's Arbitron ratings.

Ugh, that diaper. I'm not g... (Below threshold)

Ugh, that diaper. I'm not gonna deal with this shit!

"Bwahhhh! bwahhhh! Iraq was... (Below threshold)

"Bwahhhh! bwahhhh! Iraq was a mistake! bwahhh! bwahhh! I want my mommy! bwahh! bwahhh! the deficit is ballooning out of control! bwahhh! bwahhh! change my rag! bwahhh! bwahhh!..

Bush: I think I'm smellin a... (Below threshold)
Mighty Dwight:

Bush: I think I'm smellin a weapon of mass destruction

"Hey little fella, sorry yo... (Below threshold)
Steve Doherty Jr.:

"Hey little fella, sorry you don't like
my Robert De Nada impression. That's okay,
buddy, my Jake Nicholson impression is twenty times better."

Were the winners from... (Below threshold)
Steve Doherty Jr.:

Were the winners from
contest ever posted?



Im sorry mame, we have very... (Below threshold)

Im sorry mame, we have very reliable sources and there are indeed weapons of mass destruction hidden somewhere in that diaper

Emulating Teddy Rosevelt's ... (Below threshold)

Emulating Teddy Rosevelt's foreign diplomacy, Dubya decides to "Speak softly and carry a big stink."

"Whew, I haven't smelled de... (Below threshold)

"Whew, I haven't smelled derriere like that since I campaigned in Wisconsin."

Steve, I'm not sure. I'll ... (Below threshold)

Steve, I'm not sure. I'll have to check...

Update: <... (Below threshold)

Update: Winners announced. Click on the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.






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