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Bad cops - no donuts!

If these officers are convicted, I hope they are just tossed into the general populace in prison, and not placed in protective segregation.

And every time I think that Massachusetts has finally reached the nadir of corruption, they find a whole new way to disgust me.

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Wonder if these cops know t... (Below threshold)

Wonder if these cops know the whereabouts of Whitey Bulger? They may trade that information for a ligter sentence

So. The Tucson cops failed ... (Below threshold)

So. The Tucson cops failed to investigate a Hospice stealing from dying kids. It's America, what do you expect?

I was surprised to see the ... (Below threshold)

I was surprised to see the picture of the children included in that article? Is that legal? I ask simply because they are not "of age." Does the publishing of their pictures put them into danger?

Police are our heroes! How ... (Below threshold)

Police are our heroes! How dare you attack those who protect and serve! Don't you remember 9/11?! I certainly hope that the next time you need a cop they're busy "guarding a drug shipment" or something, and aren't around to help your pathetic, cop-hating ass.






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