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NYT Reports Expedited Arms Shipment To Israel

Newsbusters and Michelle Malkin have the details of a New York Times story about an expedited arms shipment to Israel. Both Newsbusters and Michelle's posts report this as the NYT once again tipping off the terrorists. That may very well be the case. It could also be, however, that this was strategically leaked to coincide with Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice's upcoming visit. I suppose the question then would be who leaked it and which side did they want to help.

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Is it a surprise that the N... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

Is it a surprise that the NYT is doing its part in the war? Unfortunately, it is the war against Bush. Is it funny that we are openly arming our ally while the Iranian/Syrian are denying that they have any role in helping Hezbollah in the current conflict? All the while, they said they are ready to wipe out Is and their fire will reach to every part of Is.

Geez, not everything is the... (Below threshold)

Geez, not everything is the fault of the NY Times. Does the right have anything else but blame the media? They should know that the NY Times makes sure they aren't revealing sensitive information without talking to the government first.

Besides which, I'm sure Hezbollah and the rest of the world already knows that the U.S. gives Israel all their weapons.

They should know that th... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

They should know that the NY Times makes sure they aren't revealing sensitive information without talking to the government first.

Yup, the gov asked the NYT not to publish the details of the SWIFT program and the NYT arrogantly gave the gov a finger. NYT is a repeated offender. Decent American, left or right, should strongly condemn them at the very least. Stop the subscription to the NYT if you have one is one small action you can take.

Politicalcritic, I see anot... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Politicalcritic, I see another one came out of the woodwork. PC, if you are trolling, you are in the wrong water. The statment you make in you post shows you are not ready for the battle of wits that takes place on this Blog.

Politicalcritic, do you hav... (Below threshold)

Politicalcritic, do you have your head buried up Pinch's scrawny ass so far, that you think that his shit does not stink? If I were you--fortunately I am not--I would bet my facts straight before you post anything here. The Slimes has leaked so many classified secrets in the last five years, that Tass is considering it to be a satellite organization. It is about time that the Justice Department take action against this outfit for treason.

The NYCrimes are not only r... (Below threshold)

The NYCrimes are not only repeat offenders, they are habitual offenders. Like child molesters, they are incurable, and, without conscience, continue to harm innocents in the path of their arrogance and hubris.

NYCrimes: All The Treason Fit To Pring

Normally I'd go along with ... (Below threshold)

Normally I'd go along with bashing the NYT, but in this case I think the uproar is much ado about nothing. It's no secret the US supplies Israel with material. Only an idiot would be surprised that said materials would be accellerated. Reporting this is fair game for the times IMHO.

If they were reporting the specific time and place those materials were going to be allowing the terrorists to intercept them then it would be another case of them blowing security concerns.

so far, as reported I think Malkin is beginning to overreact to anything the Times does and she risks being perceived as over-reactionary as the moonbats are. I'm generally a fan of hers, but I think she's wrong here.

This guy politicalcritter c... (Below threshold)
lord cranberry:

This guy politicalcritter can't be serious. "the NYT first checks with the US Gov't." and then they go ahead and print it anyway. They have committed treason on multiple occasions and it will eventually cost American Lives. I am always amazed at how many ignorant Kool aid drinkers there really are out there.

Sends arms to ones ally,and... (Below threshold)

Sends arms to ones ally,and the problem is what?

The U.S. Government has a l... (Below threshold)

The U.S. Government has a long history of leaking false information for strategic purposes. Even if the arms weren't being shipped Friday, the reports that they are being shipped strengthens Israel's position.

Discrediting the reports, in those instances, actually aids the enemy. Malkin hasn't claimed the reports are false, but claiming that this is a treasonous leak and publication, without any proof or even credible government reports that this is true, is ridiculous.

The party of hate's reputation is that they blabber first, and thinks later. Nice to see Lorie and the some of the commenters above are above that.

The irony is that if anyone... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

The irony is that if anyone actually THOUGHT about it, our supplying these weapons to Israel will actually DECREASE the odds of innocents being killed. As precision weapons, they are far more likely to hit their designated targets than unguided weapons. And "bunker-busters" are excellent at destroying deeply-buried targets -- they don't blow up on impact with the ground and destroy everything around them.

If the house next to yours gets hit with one of these, you'll probably lose most of your windows and maybe suffer some structural damage. A comparable unguided bomb,fuzed for impact detonation, would take out at least a block.

They're the sniper rifle to the conventional bomb's shotgun effect.


Faith+1,If you hav... (Below threshold)


If you have never worked in military intelligence, you can't know what is significant intel and what is not. The smallest detail can complete a puzzle, direct enemy resources to do the most harm, or be the stepping stone to more damaging intel discoveries. The only good information for the enemy to know is NO information. Repeatedly and consistently, the NYCrimes supplies the enemy with specific intel they might not have gotten. We do not know the consequences of those publications, but I do not believe they provided vital nourishment for our side, intellectually or morally. None of the published information was critical for the preservation of our nation, our freedoms, or the safety of our/allied military personnel. I stand with Malkin on this. The NYCrimes is a treasonous and dangerous stain on our nation.

Lee,They aren't demo... (Below threshold)

They aren't democrats, you silly goose

Lori..Aren't you e... (Below threshold)


Aren't you emabarrassed to share a blog with idjits like Kevin and Paul? They lost all credibilty with me over over the Greenwald sock puppet thingy.

They really, really owe Ace an aplogy.

Lee and SCSIwuzzy:... (Below threshold)
Red Fog:

Lee and SCSIwuzzy:

I support Israel and distrust the NYT. Do you guys just jerk each other or do you have positions other than 'bend over'?

This has got to be Treason!... (Below threshold)

This has got to be Treason! Who knows if a Hezbollah sub, lurking off the coast of America might sink the convoy carrying these weapons! Loose lips Sink Ships!
People, get a grip!

Going back to the NSA leak:... (Below threshold)

Going back to the NSA leak:
The NYT is the least of our problems.

If the NYT leak that we were wiretapping our enemies (and citizens) without a warrant aids our enemies, this means our enemies only knew we were wiretapping them when we had warrants.

Which means someone in the Justice Dept. is telling our enemies that we have warrants to wiretap them.

Sounds like the real traitors are in the Justice dept.
That ought to make your hair stand on end much more than the silly NYT leak.

That's what I like about th... (Below threshold)

That's what I like about the "Lee" character...has that smamrmy self-righteous attitude...his side is never wrong...in his mind.

twolaneflash,You s... (Below threshold)


You said, "If you have never worked in military intelligence, you can't know what is significant intel and what is not. "

USAF 1988-1995. Initially as an F-16 driver with the 48th FIS (helping them transition from an F-15 unit to ANG flying F-16s) and later the 86th TFW in Ramstein. I've flown a number of missions both in Bosnia and Southern Watch.

At the end of my flying career I returned to Langley AFB, VA and worked with the 480th Intel Squadron. Specifically, I worked on contingency planning of possible conflicts in Africa (sub-Saharan) and the Middle East. I've spent a considerable amount of my life in both areas.

I can assure you none of the terrorists or Arab nations think it is news that the US supplies Isreal with weapons. It is not news that in a war the US would step up those supplies.

Even in WW2 newspapers and the public knew we were supplying both Russia and Great Britain with supplies. It was openly debated. It was not treasonous to do so.

I've read the NYT article. At worst, they are guilty of over-hyping a non-story. Had they published time and dates of those supplies I'd be the first to condemn them, but what they reported was, at best, ho-hum news.

The real danger is that normally sane conservatives are having knee-jerk reactions to everything the MSM does. Crying wolf on a non-issue like this does not help the cause of the political Right and actually does harm.

There are a million reasons the NYT should be lambasted for their views and stances. Let's use one of those rather than a story that isn't a story.

I think Faith+1 is right. E... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

I think Faith+1 is right. Except for their usual spin here

The decision to quickly ship the weapons to Israel was made with relatively little debate within the Bush administration, the officials said. Its disclosure threatens to anger Arab governments and others because of the appearance that the United States is actively aiding the Israeli bombing campaign in a way that could be compared to Iran's efforts to arm and resupply Hezbollah.

Amazing that a newspaper like NYT can write this stuff when the Arab league just came out with their strongest statement against Hezbollah so far. This is simply a continuation of their war against Bush.

Gotta agree with the folks ... (Below threshold)

Gotta agree with the folks here saying that it's a non-story. Isreal buys US arms. No secret. Isreal using up their inventory in Lebanon. No secret. Isreal asks if we can speed up delivery on already-purchased arms to replenish stocks. Common sense.

This time, it's manufactured outrage.

Yes, manufactured by the Ti... (Below threshold)

Yes, manufactured by the Times and meant to further anger muslims!

I vote to condemn the times... (Below threshold)

I vote to condemn the times for trying to make it a negative story and Lorie for bothering to blog about it. (Sorry LB [OMG, a flash from the past, anyone care to guess from where?])






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