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Tiger Woods Wins British Open

He beat out the rest of the field finishing at 18 under. Chris Dimarco whose mother died suddenly July 4th finished at 16 under. Afterward Tiger broke down and cried. It's his first win since his dad died May 3rd.


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Comments (16)

I'd say there are a few mor... (Below threshold)

I'd say there are a few more cycling fans than golf fans at wizbang.

Yeah for Tiger.

[waiting for moonbat comments to begin]

It amazes me how all the "t... (Below threshold)

It amazes me how all the "talking heads" can question Tiger, and whether he's still "got it." Tiger will never stay down for long.

a) it's golf, so who really... (Below threshold)

a) it's golf, so who really cares?
b) if somebody can finish at 18 under par, i think par needs to be made a little bit harder

Daniel:In the futu... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:


In the future, please pick a subject you know something about on which to comment.

OTH; There's no crying in golf, and no huggling in poker! (Credit to Tom Hanks in "A League of Their Own")

And if those young people a... (Below threshold)

And if those young people are running a mile in well under four minutes, we need to make the mile a little longer.

mr. pilot: i fail to see ho... (Below threshold)

mr. pilot: i fail to see how your comment demonstrates your knowledge of golf.

smartguy: the definition of... (Below threshold)

smartguy: the definition of a "good time" for the mile has obviously changed over the years, to the point where you now have to run pretty dang fast to be considered a good runner. golf, on the other hand, has stayed pretty static. instead of changing the standard and basing it off the best golfer, par always stays the same.

a) Apparently Daniel cares ... (Below threshold)

a) Apparently Daniel cares because he left a comment

b) Par is irrelevant. Why would it matter if par is 72 or 62? Tiger had the fewest strokes, and it is irrelevant whether that put him at 18 under or 18 over, he still won.

Oooh, but he obviously STOL... (Below threshold)

Oooh, but he obviously STOLE the election, right (oops, wrong thread).

He did more than "break dow... (Below threshold)

He did more than "break down and cry." He even said so himself - it all just came rushing out. I can't remember if it was the caddy or another golfer he was hugging, but you could tell the other guy was trying to detangle from Tiger and Tiger was (understandably) just too overcome to let go.

I wish more athletes were a... (Below threshold)

I wish more athletes were as classy as Tiger as the kids sure could use some better role models than many of the tools playing pro sports.

Daniel,I don't see... (Below threshold)


I don't see any golfers using "the cream and the clear" to get under par, but we all know that track stars and cyclists are steroid abusing druggies!
References are this years Tour de France (half of field didn't start because of doping) and Game of Shadows - it's a good read and enlightening for the serious and casual sports fan alike.

i think the obvious differe... (Below threshold)

i think the obvious difference here is that you actually need to be athletic for things like track and biking, and you don't for golf. skill you definitely need; but some of those golfers are far from athletic. they don't even carry their own equipment, for crying out loud.

Wikipedia says that a sport... (Below threshold)

Wikipedia says that a sport combines physical and mental activity for the purpose of competition, and that there is a scoring system involved.

but some of those golfers are far from athletic

What does that have to do with anything? If you look at the players, the same could be said for baseball or football. Sorry Daniel. but your comment is one of the tired worn out untrue phrases that critics have about golf.

"i think the obvious differ... (Below threshold)

"i think the obvious difference here is that you actually need to be athletic for things like track and biking, and you don't for golf. skill you definitely need; but some of those golfers are far from athletic. they don't even carry their own equipment, for crying out loud."

Spoken like someone who has absolutely, positively, *ZERO* clue when it comes to golf. You obviously have never played golf. It is the most difficult athletic endeavor to master, and I've played every sport you can think of.

When your clubhead speed gets up to 90mph, let alone 120mph as the pros get it to, and still be able to hit accurate shots, *maybe* then you can have an opinion on how "easy" the sport is. Until then, you would be wise to keep your opinions to yourself, lest you look even more foolish than you do now.

By the way, if you look at *most* of the players on the PGA tour, you will notice they are in top condition. Woods for example, has been compared to a safety in football, but I would compare him more to a cornerback or wide receiver.

OK, whoever saw Tiger's fin... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

OK, whoever saw Tiger's final putt and didn't cry when he collapsed in his caddy's' arms and let the tears the tears rip over the loss of his, you have no heart.

I was blubbering and sobbing fool.

Daniel, et al:

P.S. Golf IS a sport. The physical demands are not those of most sports, but nowhere is there more mental pressure on individual performance than there is in golf. Even cycling you have teammates who help you. Nobody physically helps you in golf. Nobody hits your shot for you. The coordination it takes to hit a golf ball--let alone put a draw, fade, slice, hook on it, or spin it or hit a "stinger"--is mind-boggling. All the parts of the body--shoulders, arms, legs, hips, feet, head--have to work in perfect unison and harmony. The torque the golf swing puts on a body puts tremendours pressure on those parts, and therefore, as the players on Tour have learned over the years, the body has to be in physical shape in order to compete. And while it may be true that there are some pretty chunky guys out on PGA Tour, they don't last very long for the most part. There's a reason Tiger has won 11 majors now; he's one of, if not the most physically fit players on Tour.






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