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Nazis, Schmazis

Over the weekend, an auction was held in Concord, New Hampshire. It featured a rather hefty amount of Nazi memorabilia, including a document signed by Adolf Hitler.

Most of the Nazi stuff went for chump change, and several items -- including the Hitler document -- went unsold.

I don't want us to ever forget the evils of Nazism, but I think this small sign of the diminishing appeal of its relics is a good sign.


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Comments (14)

Hmmmm.Pity I didn'... (Below threshold)


Pity I didn't know about this auction. I'd have gone up there to bid on the Nazi stuff. Why? It's just about business and money, nothing political.

What the hell. We all buy stuff from Red China and the communist Chinese murdered, and continue to murder, more people than the Nazis could even dream of. The human cost of the 100 Flowers Campaign alone exceeded 20 million. And the Cultural Revolution's human cost is completely unknown.

Please always refere to the... (Below threshold)

Please always refere to the National Socialist with there full name. "NAZI" diminishes the roll of Socialism in the murder of millions.

The Socialists killed the Jews because the Jews were good at Capitalism. I.E. Classical Liberals.

All of the stuff must've be... (Below threshold)

All of the stuff must've been from Illinois Nazis.

The lack of interest is pro... (Below threshold)

The lack of interest is probably from schools teaching kids about the moral equivalency of the Allies and Axis Powers.

Remember there are no good guys and no bad guys (except the Bush administration). So Adolf has lost his appeal.

That and Ted Turner has mothballed if not destroyed any older WWII movie that was the least bit black & white or show the US effort as heroic.

Were they selling part of J... (Below threshold)

Were they selling part of Joe Kennedy's collection?

Before eBay went political,... (Below threshold)

Before eBay went political, I made a killing with Nazi stuff. Bought a small lot of several items at a yard sale, from a guy who was in WW2 and brought the stuff back. Paid $10 and listed them in about 20 separate eBay auctions at once. Within two hours I got a phone call from a collector in England who offered me $800 for the set of armbands alone. The whole lot brought around $1100 total.

There's something satisfying in knowing that these items that stand for hatred, intolerance and murder were used to financially benefit a Libertarian and his family.

I think Nazi memorabilia sh... (Below threshold)

I think Nazi memorabilia should be burned - but that's just me.

Anyone know if Olbermann ma... (Below threshold)

Anyone know if Olbermann made any bids? He seems to be leaning that way lately . . .

With all the liberals compa... (Below threshold)

With all the liberals comparing everything they hate to 'Nazis', the actual definition and history of Nazi has been watered down. Nazi is now just another word; to be thrown out whenever a liberal wants to incite negative emotions.

In a few years, the Dems will have to use another word, since the following generations won't have a clue what 'Nazi' actually means.

Hmmmm.I t... (Below threshold)


I think Nazi memorabilia should be burned - but that's just me.

Actually I disagree. The problem with such a policy is that there wouldn't be any evidence left of that despicable era. Instead all that would remain would be photos and home/war movies, but we're in an age when digital editing makes such "evidence" possibly suspect.

If NAZI memorabilia were systematically demolished then what we'd end up with is a situation similar to Japan. There all traces of the Japanese militaristic era were systematically erased, under the aegis of permanently eliminating any possibility of a return to a militaristic state, so that now it's extremely easy for the Japanese to innoculate subsequent generations in their version of the Big Lie.

There the Japanese schoolkids are taught that Japan was filled with peaceful people who were attacked by America and forced into WWII. There is no mention of Unit 731 which employed Dr. Mengle techniques on a city of captive Chinese, murdering tens of thousands of them. No mention of a half-insane Japanese POW camp commander who dined regularly on the livers cut from the bodies of American POWs. No mention whatsoever is made of the Rape of Nanking.

If nothing else these items must be preserved as evidence of that era as time passes, memories fade and the witnesses die.

In a few years, th... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
In a few years, the Dems will have to use another word, since the following generations won't have a clue what 'Nazi' actually means.

Given the recent trend of the left wing to promote the Islamic cause, I think the term Dems will use to replace "Nazi" will be "crusader."

Oh heck, I would have bough... (Below threshold)

Oh heck, I would have bought it....

I have many customers who have a few bucks to play with. Many of them have historical things I drool over.

(without giving anything away) I have a customer who purchased the desk that *surrender of major war* was signed on. He paid $50,000 for it and it is probalby worth many times that now. I stared at it for an hour. It was a living piece of history. *General* and *other general* both touched it and signed *important paper* on it.

I don't collect memorablila for a good reason. The stuff I can afford, I don't want and the stuff I want I can't afford.

I don't care about the occasion medal or insignia but I'm facinated by truely historical stuff.

My father spend 5 years battling Hitler. But would I buy his actual autograph? Sure... He ain't making a penny off it.

Nazi or no, that's freaking history.

If I ever win the Powerball, my wife would have to stop me from buying enough high-end historical stuff to fill a museum. Especailly objects owned or used by historical figures... Famous or infamous.

"The Socialists killed the ... (Below threshold)

"The Socialists killed the Jews because the Jews were good at Capitalism. I.E. Classical Liberals."

Sure and what's their excuse for murdering all of those innocent children. Great oversimplification and dissemination of the real "truth".

Just out of curiosity, have you ever visited a concentration camp or talked to a real survivor

Isn't there something ironi... (Below threshold)

Isn't there something ironic about being rabidly intolerant about Nazis.

They burn your books so you burn their memorabilia and by thus doing either can be legitimised.

The Nazis are perennial bogeymen for the 20th century and beyond - they are Hollywood bad guys, carriacatures the West(Nazis aren't obsessed over in the East)invokes as a device to proclaim their Liberal credentials or shut down debate on a subject by playing it as the ultimate insult card.

There's been a political consensus since the end of WW2 between both left and right where neither makes a move on policy untill they consulted a table of peers as to "What would the Nazis have done?" - so they can do the exact opposite to prove how Liberal they are - this has given the West a Hitler Complex.






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