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Olbermann's O'Reilly Obsession

Bulldog Pundit points out how pathetic Keith Olbermann has become.

What is really creepy though is how obsessed the moonbat lunatic Keith Olbermann is with O'Reilly. Olbermann's show is allegedly on at the same time as O'Reilly's on MSNBC. I say "allegedly" because if you believe the ratings hardly anyone watches Olbermann. That's why I don't call Olbermann a "competitor" of O'Reilly because O'Reilly has about 7 times more viewers.

Olbermann continued his stalker-like behavior of O'Reilly this weekend (O'Reilly had been named Olbermann's "Worst Person in The World" 15 times). At a gathering Olbermann mocked O'Reilly and delivered a Nazi-like salute.

Read the rest to find out which character from one of my favorite movies, The Incredibles, Bulldog is reminded of when he sees Olbermann.

I think the format of Olbermann's show could actually be a ratings winner if the content was not so laughable. He regularly eschews facts for conspiracy theories and liberal talking points, making it a show only a brainwashed moonbat, or someone who likes to laugh at brainwashed moonbats, could love.

Update: As always, Olbermann Watch has much more and pictures, too.

Update II: Olbermann Watch has an update of Olbermann defending his Nazi salute with "lies and slander" on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Comments (16)

Olberman is not only uncrea... (Below threshold)
Chris is Bliss:

Olberman is not only uncreative, he has no life. He was recently spotted at Al Gore's book signing

And then gives him a softball interview, a la Dan Rather's man crush video with Sadaam Hussien circa 2003

Olbermann is obviously talented to some degree. But he made the mistake of putting his perspective as the default rule, and filters the news down from that. Anyone else who enjoys success does the opposite. O'Reilly gives the facts and then says "this is what I think"

O'Reilly also has been critical of conservatives and liberals alike, although liberals get more of his attention because they

1. Dislike Bush so much they would undermine anything he initiates, even if the principle is valid

2. They are not the party in power and are more predisposed to theatrics to make a point.

Olbermann is a liberal, but is too dishonest to come out and say what everyone, including his viewers, already knows. He thinks he is sticking it to the man by going after O'Reilly, which is patronizing to think of himself as the "truth of the nation" and the "little guy".

We will see if he will blame Dan Abrams of cow-towing to the Zionist-powers-that-be, when his crappy show is cancelled.

He takes the 'man' out of O... (Below threshold)

He takes the 'man' out of Olbermann.

Wait until Katie Couric, af... (Below threshold)
Red Fog:

Wait until Katie Couric, afraid to cover Israel in person, appears as an anchor for the evening news. Cowardice will be the platform that she and Oblerman embody their ratings dwindle. Dan Rather was a rogue disconnected egomaniac but he wasn't a coward. As war rages on, will these two idiots cynically inform the nation with Bush-bashing puff pieces from their studios?

I liked Olbermann better wh... (Below threshold)

I liked Olbermann better when he was a sports commentator.

Then, his idiotic pronouncements were confined to the world of sports, and could be readily dismissed by sports fans who knew the secret: "Olbermann is a moron."

Fortunately, neither I nor, apparently, anyone else listens to his show now, and so we must wait for him to appear in some other setting to get word on how he is doing.

It seems he never was able to have that surgery to remove his cranium from his rectum.

He's really got a screw loo... (Below threshold)

He's really got a screw loose. I watched him some in the '90's, and he had a melt down with some other network.

Then comes back. Now he's a joke. He's a bit unbalanced and his career has been uneven, to say the least.

There is something unbelievably irritating about the guy, too. Like some overly excited geek who got a peek at a girly show, and wants to tell all his buddies about it.

His inability to have limits on a "news" show has played to his weaknesses.

15 times? I'm no big O'Reil... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

15 times? I'm no big O'Reilly fan, but that IS being a tad obssesive.

just curious if any of the following have appeared on Olbermann's list:

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Bashar al-Assad
Osama bin Laden
Ayman al-Zawhiri
Hugo Chavez
Sheik Hassan Nasrallah
Sheikh Ahmed Yassin

$5 says that combined it they don't total 15.

You're an idiot.... (Below threshold)

You're an idiot.

I don't listen to his show,... (Below threshold)
Village Idiot:

I don't listen to his show, or know anyone who does. But I'm skeptical it is as bad as people say.
I'll have to listen in to find out. Should make for a big percentage gain in the ratings.

He's cheap too. He had a o... (Below threshold)

He's cheap too. He had a one night stand with a groupie who flew from Florida to see him. He didn't buy dinner for her and told her his aunt died so he wouldn't have to see her again.


As a former and current fan... (Below threshold)

As a former and current fan of Keith's sports work, I was very disappointed when I sampled the program a couple of years ago.
The format is a terrific fit to his personality and rythyms, but the content! OUCH.
It was just that it was so slanted, but also that it was often silly and/or totally polluted with his own animosity towards certain people.

And yet, when he does his callin with Dan Patrick, he has a very even keel and good humour about his show and its foibles.

Damn that Olbermann; why ca... (Below threshold)

Damn that Olbermann; why can't he be a real journalist -fair and balanced-like the folks over at Fox News?

Damn that Olbermann; why... (Below threshold)

Damn that Olbermann; why can't he be a real journalist -fair and balanced-like the folks over at Fox News?

I think it's funny how, even though Olbermann is an outspoken liberal, no liberal will actually defend him. As the above comment aptly illustrates, they just attempt to change the subject.

You should have seen some o... (Below threshold)

You should have seen some of his answers to my e-mails to him last year. Never had so much fun.

Still have copies of them a... (Below threshold)

Still have copies of them also.

Olbertaint has never been a... (Below threshold)

Olbertaint has never been a journalist. He thinks he's helping the left, that's the really sad part. A skinnier, dumber Michael Moore.

Olbermann is killing O'Liel... (Below threshold)

Olbermann is killing O'Lielly in the ratings. What planet are you on?






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