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Secretary Rice Makes a Surprise Visit to Beirut

Condoleezza Rice met with Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Saniora to show support for Lebanon's democracy in spite of the fact that the Bush Administration is resisting an immediate cease-fire:

In a surprise visit to Beirut, Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice praised the beleaguered prime minister of Lebanon on Monday for his courage in struggling to contain the fighting between the Hezbollah militia and Israel.

Rice met with Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Saniora, who greeted her with a kiss on both cheeks. Rice told him, "Thank you for your courage and steadfastness."

Saniora told Rice he was glad to have her in Lebanon, adding that his government is looking to "put an end to the war that is being inflicted on Lebanon." The two shook hands across a conference table on which there were two flags, one Lebanese and one American. Half a dozen other diplomats sat around the table.

Saniora and other Lebanese officials are expected to push Rice to call for an immediate cease-fire, something the Bush administration has resisted.

Rice's visit, her third to Lebanon, is intended to make a show of support and concern for both the Saniora government and the Lebanese people, administration officials said. She also plans to talk with Lebanese leaders about how the central government can gain control of the entire country.

"We all want to urgently end the fighting. We have absolutely the same goal," Rice told reporters traveling with her.

Yes, the US wants to end the fighting but not until Israel has had the chance to seriously cripple Hezbollah, which, according to Israeili officials, may take up to another 10 days or so.

Update: IDF thinks Hezbollah is almost out of Katyusha rockets:

IDF Military Intelligence (MI) believes the army has 10 days left before diplomatic pressure puts an end to Operation Change of Direction against Hizbullah, The Jerusalem Post learned on Sunday.

In addition, MI - reflecting its latest strategic assessment - believes that the Islamist group has already been dealt a severe blow by the IDF operation launched 12 days ago, and that within a month it will run out of Katyusha rockets to fire at Israel.


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Comments (11)

Well, she'd better give in.... (Below threshold)

Well, she'd better give in. The WaPo seems to think our friends in Israel started this whole thing.

so what if Hezzbollah runs ... (Below threshold)

so what if Hezzbollah runs out of rockets and this mess then stops? It won't take long for Iran and Syria to re-arm then down the road....they must be wiped out

With Sadr sending over 1500... (Below threshold)

With Sadr sending over 1500 of his best killers, clarifying who he is and what he wants in the process, it sets up a very nice two-fer. Does anyone think letting Sadr live was a good idea?

Israel seems to have changed tactics, using the Afghanistan model instead of the prior plans they followed. Clearly more effective.

2 weeks ago MI said they on... (Below threshold)

2 weeks ago MI said they only had a week. BS

The IDF has the global green light...

In one week Lebanon's infru... (Below threshold)

In one week Lebanon's infrustructure has been demolished, its innocent civilians; women, children, the sick, the elderly, the unborn and the about-to-be born have been murdered, severly injured for life or poisoned by the chemical artilary used by Israel.

The once blue sea has now been poisoned, its marine life floating atop of the blackened waters, water is contaminated for people to drink, sewage pipes have been destroyed, television stations so that the world does not see the horrific scenes in Lebanon, which also cuts civilians off from being informed, famine is begining, disease is looming and brewing. All this in only 1 week.

Imagine if the fighting continues till next week? Will lebanese be extinct by then??


N.C - Great idea, ... (Below threshold)

N.C -

Great idea, but does Hezbollah read Wizbang?

And will they listen to you?

The drive by media is none ... (Below threshold)

The drive by media is none too happy about that move. They wanted to have her land in Israel and then harp about her not visiting Lebanon. Well she fooled them and they can't stand that.

In one week Lebanon's infrastructure has been demolished, its innocent civilians; women, children, the sick, the elderly, the unborn and the about-to-be born have been murdered, severely injured for life or poisoned by the chemical artillery used by Israel.

The so-called civilians just a cover for the terrorists. That is according to Beeb. Now for an extreme left-wing outfit, like the Beeb to admit that is shocking. We all know how they support the terrorist around the world. What chemical artillery is Israel using? You say that the infrastructure being destroyed, I hope that you heard that the Hezbollah only has enough rockets to last a week. By bombing the port and taking out the bridges, the Israels have cut the Hezbollah's supply lines from Syria and Iran.

"Imagine if the fighting... (Below threshold)

"Imagine if the fighting continues til next week? will Lebanese be extinct??"

In all likelihood no. However there will be a significantly lessened terrorist network there..

NC,The only chemic... (Below threshold)


The only chemicals involved in this are the drugs you've been taking. If Hezb hadn't been hiding behind the Lebanese civvies and shooting at the Israelis, those civilians would still be alive. BTW, isn't funny how these brave jihadis who assure us that they love death the way we love life spend so much time hiding behind women & children...

test... (Below threshold)


HebAllah doesnt hide behind... (Below threshold)

HebAllah doesnt hide behind its citizens, they are fearless, it's the Israeli terrorists who have been using that as an excuse for killing and maming and murdering, so do yourself a favour and stop letting their lies penetrate your influential mind. The chemicals in the artilary used are elemts such as phosphorus, which melts the skin off as it intoxicates the innocent lungs that breathe it.

It's not me talking, turn on the news and get informed. At least if you want to speak speak with an educated mind not a hypocritical and biased and hating one. If you love life so much then why do you take it away from the God-fearing innocent in Lebanon?

Do you even know what jihad means? It'scourage to die protecting your faith and the innocent people in your country, which is exactly what hezbAllah is doing, unlike the coward Israelis who have fear of death knowing that when they leave this world there is going to be Hell to pay far worse than the nazicism that they implement in this world. Hitler made nazis of you and now you have become the nazis.

You are so scared of old katyusha rockects, when you are the ones using sophisticated heat-guided missles with infrared technology, the millenium artilary supplied to you by america. Where are the weapons of mass destruction? In Israel used on the pure souls of Lebanon.

You can't deny it, its there for the world to see. But now that the television stations in Lebanon have been calculatingly bombed, this means that the news we watch in america and australia is selective, because israel doesnt want you to feel empathy, it wants to justify genocide and the crimes by controlling the media.

Watch I bet you my comment here will be delted soon, which goes to show the cowardness and cover-up. Well, when Moses(as) split the sea, you melted your gold and made statues to worship, denying God and Moses's(as) message to you. So why should I be surprised if you deny being terrorists and criminals?

If anything this is going to cause more uprising and more resistance to your opression, and more hebAllah's will form, try to stop it, the whole world will be against you, and you will see.

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the whole world, there are more muslims than ever today, there is even a mosque next to the roman basiliqa, why? Because people are waking up to the TRUTH and finding God. I suggest before it's too late, you should too.






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