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Due to a rather annoying bout with insomnia last night, I have found myself unable to rub two coherent thoughts together and form a decent posting all day. I apologize, and will try to pull myself to my regular level of near-coherence later this evening or tomorrow morning.

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Rather than fight it, why w... (Below threshold)

Rather than fight it, why weren't you at the keyboard all night? NO EXCUSES!

I DID sleep last night, and... (Below threshold)

I DID sleep last night, and I still can't put two coherent thoughts together. I think it's pool time.

Finally - You know what GW ... (Below threshold)
Mark Blahut:

Finally - You know what GW feels like everyday .

Since my thoughts are never... (Below threshold)

Since my thoughts are never coherent, I have no sympathy but I do feel sorry for you. Take a nice hot bath and then go suck it up.

A guilty conscience is trad... (Below threshold)

A guilty conscience is traditionally thought to be the reason for insomnia. Any confessions you would like to make?

I would have slept and enjo... (Below threshold)

I would have slept and enjoyed it greatly, however had to run to the all night clinic for animals... Seems the cat we have swallowed a sewing needle! She steals everything and I mean everything... She had my wedding ring for 2 months!






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