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Capitol Hill's Most Beautiful Person

According to The Hill, it's Michelle Persaud, Democratic staff council for the House Judiciary Committee.


You can read the write-up about her at The Hill where she admits that what people might not know about her is that, "I can be really mean."

Since we work on such a tight deadline we didn't have a chance to actually interview the new queen of the Hill, but her MySpace account was gracious enough to answer a few of our questions***.

Wizbang: Tell us about yourself.

Michelle: I am awesome.

What was your reaction when you saw The Hill on the newsstand?

Michelle: who's this hottie? oh, it's me.

Wizbang: What position do you hold on the Hill?

Michelle: wouldn't you like to know???

Wizbang: Well, yeah, that's why I asked the question. What's your job title?

Michelle:sexy bitch

Wizbang: Has there been any jealousy directed toward you over this? If so what do you say to people who wonder what all the fuss is about?

Michelle:whatever. you're just jealous cuz i'm prettier than you

Wizbang: Are you familiar with former DeWine intern Jessica Cutler?

Michelle:my lil sis is such a brat!

Wizbang: I'll take that as a yes.

Michelle:Whatever... i'm still cuter

Wizbang: Surely you don't have any ambitions to similarly capitalize on your new found fame, right?

Michelle:it's ok, as long as it's halloween

Wizbang: Finally, what message to you have for other other female Hill staffers?

Michelle:i'm prettier than you. I am awesome.

Wizbang: Indeed...

*** [All answers taken from unrelated MySpace comments by Michelle]

Update: Well now we've gone and done it... Michelle (yes it's really her) writes, "My colleagues and friends have told me not to take this stuff that you guys are saying personally, but I can't help it. It hurts."

When you have to explain the humor in a "fluff" piece perhaps it's not as funny as you originally thought... Just to be clear all of the quotes above from Michelle are just random bits of the text posted at MySpace by Michelle - in her profile and elsewhere. None of that was particularly interesting last week. With the appearance of The Hill article and her selection at the top of the list, the quotes about being pretty [In actuality they were mostly jokingly directed to her sister] were suddenly funny. Now rather than pointing to her MySpace profile and saying, "OMF WTF?" we tried to use her MySpace persona in a humorous way. I've also written a more detailed personal note to Michelle...

For those complaining about the picture included; here's the one in The Hill...


And finally for all of you trashing Michelle in the comment section; now she's actually shown up you might - perhaps - be a little more civilized.

Update 2: Never ones to leave well enough alone, and since the whole MySpace thing was supposed to be funny, we went looking for the funny...


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Comments (55)

Ok lets take bets on how mu... (Below threshold)

Ok lets take bets on how much she charged to get assfucked to pay for the boob job.

Innapropriate. Let's not h... (Below threshold)

Innapropriate. Let's not have this turn into a Kos Diary

Huh, shallow and ... (Below threshold)
Nico the Magnificient:

Huh, shallow and a Democrat. Who'd a thunk?

Ick! Not!!... (Below threshold)

Ick! Not!!

That's amazing because she ... (Below threshold)

That's amazing because she is butt freaking ugly.

Obviously, you guys havn't ... (Below threshold)

Obviously, you guys havn't embraced "affirmative action" as it was meant to be implemented.

That's amazing because s... (Below threshold)

That's amazing because she is butt freaking ugly.

No, that would be Jessica Cutler. The picture of Persaud posted in the Hill article is better than the one posted here.

That's amazing because s... (Below threshold)

That's amazing because she is butt freaking ugly.

Are you joking. That's one of the hottest women I've seen in a long time! I'd be willing to listen to some moonbat blathering for a night or...Oh, wait, I'm married. Actually she looks just like my wife so I would have no interest.

#3, #4, & #6 from the "Hill... (Below threshold)

#3, #4, & #6 from the "Hill" link on that first page were better than her.

But I've always been a quality over quantity guy.

Not that I wouldn't help Michelle stay warm on an otherwise cold and lonely winter night if need be.

"Innapropriate. Let's no... (Below threshold)

"Innapropriate. Let's not have this turn into a Kos Diary"

I haven't noticed Kos postings as being racist.

I haven't noticed Kos po... (Below threshold)

I haven't noticed Kos postings as being racist.
Huh? Sexist yes, but racist? I think you're squinting a little too hard to see things that aren't there.

BTW Lee, I think we might h... (Below threshold)

BTW Lee, I think we might have some common ground. She is hot isn't she? butt freaking ugly Unbelievable!

"Huh? Sexist yes, but ra... (Below threshold)

"Huh? Sexist yes, but racist? I think you're squinting a little too hard to see things that aren't there."

but, but... without squinting I found this...

"That's amazing because she is butt freaking ugly."

and this...

"Obviously, you guys havn't embraced "affirmative action" as it was meant to be implemented."

...both of which have racist overtones imho. Looks like she's maybe just a bit too "mocha" for the white frat boys at Whizbang - but I think she's totally hot Readyfirst. However, since you are "ready first" -- I'll pass on "seconds" - lol.

Lee:We finally fou... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:


We finally found something to agree on. DAMN!

>>"That's amazing because s... (Below threshold)

>>"That's amazing because she is butt freaking ugly."

>have racist overtones imho

What THE FUCK are you talking about?


...both of which have ra... (Below threshold)

...both of which have racist overtones imho.
Lee, still think you're looking for that which isn't there. Butt freaking ugly is in the eye of the beholder (however blind they are) and who knows what the heck G is talking about w/his comment (I'm not sure he does(Actually, maybe she but then again I'm just a sexist pig)). Not sure I can speak for all the frat boys @ wizbang (I was only an associate member for about two months until I found out how much the dues were) but I don't think too many would kick her out of bed for eating crackers. The racist thing is a bit misguided. LMAO about the seconds comment.

I'm not sure what you guys ... (Below threshold)

I'm not sure what you guys are looking at. Other than the rented hooters (which are grossly over done) there isn't much there to get excited about.

I'll keep what I have at home thanks.

Heck, rightwingsparkle is much hotter. Of course I just said that so now she can't call us 13 year olds again.

Forgive Lee, he's just proj... (Below threshold)

Forgive Lee, he's just projecting--again. I find most leftist to be racist. It's all they ever see and judge people on.

Of course Lee, because righ... (Below threshold)

Of course Lee, because right wing white supremecists surely empathisize with other races.

Looks like she's maybe j... (Below threshold)

Looks like she's maybe just a bit too "mocha" for the white frat boys at Whizbang

Way to peg up high on the jag-o-meter...again. You are a douche...

Don't mind Lee, he's a homo... (Below threshold)

Don't mind Lee, he's a homo. He says he has two kids, but that is the lamest trick in the book for the homo. Remember the Homo Gov. of N.J. A Democrat--that proves the point.

She' hot in a skank kind of way. Mocha is good; Daddy like. And the renta-hooters are good.

Big problem: she is a Democrat bitch from Hell. Why would you want to put yourself through it just to squeeze those mocha bocci balls?

Looks kinda Moroccan. Doh, sorry, Lee/Pee/Wee!

Throw out her boobs and her... (Below threshold)

Throw out her boobs and her skin color(you idiot Lee)...she just looks high maintenance. Typical donkey lass...guys have to bend over backwards to please her and she probably loves the idea of that. I'd rather be with the one who calls herself a Miller Lite girl.

People, we're commenting on... (Below threshold)

People, we're commenting on the house, not the furniture. It's a fantasy thread (except for Mr. White Conservatives are all Racists). Take it from there.

Well..I WOULD throw her out... (Below threshold)

Well..I WOULD throw her out of the bed.

Cause there's more room on the floor to give her rug burns with.

Ugly knows no race.. Beauty... (Below threshold)

Ugly knows no race.. Beauty is but a fleeting glimpse.. Vanity can last a lifetime.

Beauititudes 9:14

Just kiddin

Lee,You lurk here ... (Below threshold)


You lurk here constantly and yet you call the place Whizbang.... check the banner, dude.

Audrey, I'm well aware of t... (Below threshold)

Audrey, I'm well aware of the misspellings of the site name contained in the banner and elsewhere on the site.

Pee, go elsewhere, go to be... (Below threshold)

Pee, go elsewhere, go to bed, wet the bed for all we care (you are a liberal, after all, you bed-wetter), but for the love of God and your own Mother, just leave.

No one. NO ONE wants you here. Nor do we need you here. Nor does anyone else in the entire solar system for that matter

Glad I'm getting to you Bit... (Below threshold)

Glad I'm getting to you Bitchell, now bark like a dog. LOL!

Lee, admit it - you'd do he... (Below threshold)

Lee, admit it - you'd do her again.

So here we have "butt freak... (Below threshold)

So here we have "butt freaking ugy" and Ann Coulter is hot?

My God, what has politics done to you guys over here at Whizbang?

Perhaps it is the photgorap... (Below threshold)

Perhaps it is the photgorapher in me who can't get past that absolutly horrific excuse for a photograph she posted.

I still say butt freaking ugly.

Oh, girl, I only wanna be d... (Below threshold)

Oh, girl, I only wanna be down with you, cause you got something I just got to get with.

I'll pick you up late at night after work, I'll say, "Lady, step inside my Hyundai. I'm gonna take you up to Glendale, gonna take you for a real good meal."

When our eyes did meet, you knew I was packing heat. Ain't no use in wasting no time getting to know each other, you know the deal. 'Cause only you've got a thing that I just got to get with. I just got to get with you girl, and your sister. I think her name's Debra.

assuming the interview is l... (Below threshold)
j clark:

assuming the interview is legit shes smug and sanctimonious. pretty much what you'd expect from a democrat and a woman.

BEK: or, in Lee-speak:... (Below threshold)

BEK: or, in Lee-speak:

"C'mon Lady, git in my K-car, and I'll drive you to my office in the DMV office, and you can stamp "paid" on the Union Dues cards as I watch the line grow larger, like my 'lil peeny"

Sorry, couldn't help it. LDS. Lee Derangement Syndrome.

To clarify:The fir... (Below threshold)

To clarify:

The first comment was a dig at Hill staffer Jessica Cutler, don't know who she is, look her up.

The second, was of course a dig at Affirmative Action and Democrats who place race above all else in many matters.

No racism, sexism not really, but given the stupid comments so far from Lee, I could see how someone as that dense would see it that way.

For the record, she's not bad looking, but shes not mega-hot either. Then again, us Californians have high standards.

That's amazing because s... (Below threshold)

That's amazing because she is butt freaking ugly.

"Obviously, you guys havn't embraced "affirmative action" as it was meant to be implemented."

Lee has his panties in a bunch because he imagines, somewhere in the depths of his BDS-inflamed brain, that they have racist overtones. Racist?? Is he out of his flippin' mind?? (no, don't answer that question, it was a rhetorical one). Now, if he would have said those comments are sexist, that, at least, has a tenuous connection with reality.

A couple of observations:

1. Liberals used to accuse conservatives (and still do, I suppose) of being paranoid, of "seeing communists hiding under every bed" or some some such. But, as has been amply demonstrated by Lee, liberals have their own version of paranoia in which they believe "racists" hiding under every bed. Or "conservatives", whichever. Moonbats such as Lee automatically equate the two. It makes their world much more simpler and easier for them to understand.

2. Liberals, being intensely solipsistic, tend to project their own worldview on others. That's why one of the accusations they regularly like to throw at conservatives is "hate", such as "you're a hater" or "hate radio" or Wizbang is a "hate site", etc. This is because liberals are such great haters themselves. In fact, they are pretty much consumed with hate, as even the most casual perusal of their main sites Kos, DU, eschaton, etc., makes obvious. It's the same way with race issues: despite all their chest thumping about civil rights, a lot of liberals are racists, and in fact, most of the racists I've met in my life have been liberal Democrats.

This is why it is important for moonbats such as Lee to write egregrious crap like:

Looks like she's maybe just a bit too "mocha" for the white frat boys at Whizbang

Of course the fact is, Lee has no freakin' clue why Paul said this woman was butt ugly, so he pulls this 'mocha' line out of his ass. Because, you see, anyone who might not find her attractive is obviously a racist. For moonbats, it's always important to impute racism to others so they won't be accused of it themselves.

Wow. You guys are really me... (Below threshold)

Wow. You guys are really mean. And I don't even know you, but you know what, that's fine.

In terms of my myspace profile: anyone who knows me will tell you that it's a farce. It's an outstretch of my personality -- it's me poking fun at all the things I hear people say about smart, attractive girls in general. It's a part of my sense of humor -- dry, witty, and obnoxious. I like to make fun of myself. It's all a big joke. It's me playing the obnoxious "I'm so full of myself and so pretty and so stupid" joke because I think that's an incredibly stupid way to view one's self. That is not how I was raised. That is not how I think. I apologize if the joke went over your heads.

I am a 27 year old lawyer on Capitol Hill. I finished law school 3 months after I turned 24. I went to a very good law school in DC. I have a great job. And I have a great deal of respect from many of my colleagues both on my side, as well as those "across the aisle".

I am hurt that people would stoop so low as to say these things about someone they don't even know. I set up that profile with the intent that I would make it fun and poke fun at myself. I said that I only read magazines, that I only watch fashion tv shows, that "I am awesome". And as for the "you're just jealous cuz I'm prettier than you" headline -- someone actually said that to me back when I was in high school and she used it in the most ridiculous context so I never forgot it (I had tutored her for a math exam and she didn't end up doing well, so she got mad at me and cornered me in the bathroom). In fact, she told me I was ugly, and spit in my face. So I've been using it as a joke ever since -- it has nothing to do with anything and it's really old.

I did not put too much about my true background on there because that's really none of anyone's business. Those who know me, know the real me -- not what they read on myspace. Give me a break, people.

And for the record, I did not tell that reporter that I think I look Iranian. She came into my office and told me I look Iranian. My response to her was, "I get that all the time. That, and that I look like I am Indian." I was quite put-off by the way she described my features because it made me seem like an object, and not a real person. I am very proud of my background and my heritage. I am a diverse mixture of East Indian, African, and European ancestry -- all rolled into the package of Guyanese. I've been blessed to come from a culture that is unique in that it is so diverse that I get to experience the best of all worlds. I have great parents that have raised me to treat everyone with the same courtesy and respect that I would hope to be treated with. It's a shame that this has had to happen.

I had my reservations about even participating in the first place, but I went for it because I thought it would be fun and I figured it would just be a small picture in the paper with my name and title -- so, what harm could it do??? Well, now I know. I don't think I'm the "most beautiful" on the Hill, by any means. I didn't even know people were ranked or that one could "win". It's so stupid. My colleagues and friends have told me not to take this stuff that you guys are saying personally, but I can't help it. It hurts.

I am sorry for everything. I really am.

Michelle Persaud

"I apologize if the joke... (Below threshold)

"I apologize if the joke went over your heads."

Michelle - The whole concept of zip codes are over these morons' heads, that how's simple these dolts are! Don't take anything they say personally, they practice their hate talk all day long, to the point where they post without even thinking.

A very nice post from Miche... (Below threshold)

A very nice post from Michelle. I suppose, if this is Michelle, we have been a bit tough on her.

That said, it still is a bit surprising that a lawyer would have this much time to devote to a myspace.com website. It looks more like something my little neices came up with.

Nevertheless, you are still a youngster at 27. Enjoy the freedom to enjoy this much free time.

Oh, and don't listen to Lee, he's a perv.

The comments sounded over-t... (Below threshold)

The comments sounded over-the-top, so I assumed they were. I actually did not delve much into the myspace thing; I only took notice in the comments because Paul said she was ugly, which I disagreed with vehemently.

Michelle, I'm curious about the photo of you the Hill published on-line. It looks like there's a grating behind you, and you're wearing heels on a narrow piece of concrete. Wasn't that a little precarious, in a heel-gets-stuck-in-the-dirt-or-the-grate kind of way?

First "comments" refers to ... (Below threshold)

First "comments" refers to Myspace comments, second to comments on this blog posting.

I set up that profile wi... (Below threshold)
Sock Puppet:

I set up that profile with the intent that I would make it fun and poke fun at myself.

We were just trying to help.

Wow. What a bunch of assho... (Below threshold)

Wow. What a bunch of assholes.

Wow, Mantis, how profound.<... (Below threshold)

Wow, Mantis, how profound.

I only see two assholes on this thread. You and Wee.

It's a part of my sense ... (Below threshold)

It's a part of my sense of humor -- dry, witty, and obnoxious.

That's for sure. Check out Michelle's comments here:

OMG!! We totally missed Jordan's debut on Footballers' Wives last night!!! Ugh, my life is over...

I have a better idea. We should post pictures of us hanging out with our busted ass "friends" so that we could feel like we're the pretty ones for once in our lives!

For a serious lawyer she seems to slip right into that MySpace act with great ease.

"OMG, Dane, I gave Mr. Cony... (Below threshold)

"OMG, Dane, I gave Mr. Conyers and Mr. Frank that brief on the abortion bill, only, like, OMG OMG, it wansn't the bill, it was my FREAKIN MYSPACE.COM SITE UPDATE! Oh Shit, I am so hosed!, etc., etc."

All Tits and Diploma ain't no way to go through life, Missy.

And <a href="http://comment... (Below threshold)

And this/

Jun 22, 2006 9:30 AM

Ugh!!! This whole "work" thing is totally f*cking with my myspace time. Sorry I missed the tennis (although it was really hot yesterday and I probably would've punked out anyway...) Did you win???

Just click on the the friends listed her profile and look through the comments for those from her. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

all of you are probaby ugly... (Below threshold)

all of you are probaby ugly and the only way you can cope with your ugliness is by trash talking michelle. For those who are trying to imply that michelle spends her entire day on myspace, at least she is spending her time focused on herself rather than being on here all day trash talking the most beautiful person on capitol hill, because you can't have her in your cramped, smelly, boring, hot mess of a cubicle that you have to be in all day. You are all probably fat and ugly so stop being so jealous of michelle cause you can't be her! maybe if you all get a new job, hop on the treadmill, and have some work done on your faces, there could possibly be some hope for you sorry lives!

Ahhh....so this is where th... (Below threshold)

Ahhh....so this is where they're selling the Hate-O-Rade....pour me a nice tall glass boys...

Sam and Indira: welcome to... (Below threshold)

Sam and Indira: welcome to wizbang. You have definitely improved your lot by graduating from myspace.com.

Here you will find adult opinion, informed by real world experiences as opposed to what you have been used to.

As I recall, Indira, you are a little hefty, yourself, so perhaps you are not the authority for your position re extra lbs.

Samantha, another cute sister--fightin' for what's right! Ok, so here's hoping you were the one in the family who got more than just looks.

Intelligence, wit, sophistication. These things are important, too. Unfortunately, gratifying yourselves on myspace.com isn't going to get you those things.

See you at the new thread on this very important subject!

Anyone who posted anything ... (Below threshold)

Anyone who posted anything bad about Michelle is a loser. You know it too.

Caution: Posters in forum a... (Below threshold)

Caution: Posters in forum are stupider than they appear

whoa - I just discovered th... (Below threshold)

whoa - I just discovered the 50 most list and, of course, this blog. Things got a little nasty. Michelle, you're beautiful. You're also pretty damn accomplished, too. I wish I knew you, to be honest. Since that's unlikely, I hope you don't think these people are all that bad, they're not (except a couple douchebags). They're otherwise just normal americans who don't want you to forget where you came from and that you're just one of us. And from your letter, it seems that you're really well grounded. stay great, stay beautiful.

Don't believe Michelle's so... (Below threshold)

Don't believe Michelle's sorry note ... she was notorious for being a skank, stuck-up b*itch back at GW Law School even ... don't know how she ever got in.






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