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Smacking around CNN

One of the more pathetic examples of human psychology is "battered wife syndrome," where someone covers for, makes excuses for, and even defends the person who abuses and mistreats them. It's akin to Stockholm Syndrome, where hostages begin to identify with and even admire their captors -- even to the point of lashing out at those who would liberate them from their captivity.

It's a survival instinct. It's aimed at appeasing the abuser, in the hopes that the bad situation will remain tolerable.

I think we're seeing elements of that with CNN.

They have demonstrated, again and again, that when confronted with threats of violence or retaliation, they will cave in and comply. During the 1990s, as Eason Jordan freely admitted, they collaborated with Saddam Hussein. In exchange for "access," they covered up his crimes against his own people.

And now we see the exact same thing playing out with Hezbollah, as Paul noted below.

Perhaps instead of quietly railing against CNN, those of us who are appalled with their coverage ought to explore other options. The threats of violence seem to work far better than any other tactic.

Maybe it's time Tony Snow skipped shaving for a few days, showed up at briefings in a sleeveless T-shirt, and opened each session with a few slaps and cuffs of the CNN correspondent, accompanied with such statements as "see what you make me do?" and "this is your own fault!"

I figure after a couple of beatings like that, the Bush administration should have no further problems with CNN covering what they want, how they want, and not worry about them reporting any embarassing stories.


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Comments (14)

Mmmmmm, Tony Snow unshaven ... (Below threshold)

Mmmmmm, Tony Snow unshaven and in a sleeveless t-shirt...........Thanks Jay Tea!!!!

I don't see it as fear as m... (Below threshold)

I don't see it as fear as much as it is trading truth for access. With access translating to 'the scoop' although a false one which translates to ratings.

Even more repugnant than acting out of fear, imho.

You'd think they'd have lea... (Below threshold)

You'd think they'd have learned their lesson from Eason Jordan's paying for propaganda to air, but all they've done is get it for a better price.

All those people who protested Bushian VO pieces aired as news segments... where are they now to protest the canned propaganda pieces and journalists led around by the nose to staged events and scenes in Beirut?

You'll know they're starting to air something resembling the truth when they get kidnapped or killed.

A few of these goofballs ma... (Below threshold)

A few of these goofballs may become emboldened enough by their new buddies to go wandering off alone and run into the "not so nice", non PR savvy Hizbollah types.

Unfortunately for them, Al-Jezeera will be getting the scoop on that story.

I'll only endorse this idea... (Below threshold)

I'll only endorse this idea if Tony Snow does all of this while intermittantly chugging a can of Schlitz malt liquor -- preferably a can with a pull tab top. If he's going to do it, he should at least do it right.

Favorable CNN coverage is a... (Below threshold)

Favorable CNN coverage is a lot like UN support....if you need it you just have to pay for it...

George Voinovich cries beca... (Below threshold)

George Voinovich cries because of your coverups of evil!

I think it would be more fu... (Below threshold)

I think it would be more fun to have Tony ask Helen Thomas what she thinks about CNN and CNN what they think of Helen Thomas. The result, be it a catfight or mutual admiration circle jerk, would be entertaining at least.

No surprise here, to say th... (Below threshold)

No surprise here, to say the least. Look, CNN is actively supporting the enemies of both the USA and Israel; I think that is widely known and accepted.

CNN is really a propoganda ... (Below threshold)

CNN is really a propoganda arm of the terrorists -- and simply must be seen for that.

Right on Ted..... (Below threshold)

Right on Ted..

In order to beat the journa... (Below threshold)

In order to beat the journalists, Mr. Snow might have to actually touch Helen Thomas. I wouldn't wish that on anyone - even if they wore gloves.


Tony went to Davidson Colle... (Below threshold)

Tony went to Davidson College. We don't touch trash.

We make the maid take it out.

CNN viewers are the most mi... (Below threshold)

CNN viewers are the most misinformed people in the world, but they are too stupid to accept that even when CNN gets caught lying to them on a daily basis. I don't pull any punches about CNN, when I walk in where it's on. I ask them why they enjoy the Communist News Network or why they're warching the puke news.






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