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Capitol Hill's Number One Hottie Loves Her Some MySpace

Earlier this week we directed your attention to Michelle Persaud, Democratic staff council for the House Judiciary Committee, who topped the list of the 50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill. It turns out that in addition to running errands for Rep. John "Ohio was rigged" Conyers, Michelle has a little MySpace habit...

Since we were accused by Michelle of not getting the joke, we went back and had a look at the profile and Michelle's MySpace activities. The profile has long since been made private, but never fear; it's not like we were born yesterday, we backed up the whole thing. From the now inaccessible pictures section, there's this classic.


And (via the comments in the original post) there's this little bit of "humor" that Michelle left as a comment for one of her MySpace friends (cache).

Jun 22, 2006 9:30 AM

Ugh!!! This whole "work" thing is totally f*cking with my myspace time. Sorry I missed the tennis (although it was really hot yesterday and I probably would've punked out anyway...) Did you win???

MySpacing on Conyer's watch and the taxpayers dime = funny.

We're totally getting it now...


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Comments (92)

She is not repulsive.... (Below threshold)

She is not repulsive.

In would'nt kick Her out of... (Below threshold)

In would'nt kick Her out of bed for eating crackers!

I Would. There's more room ... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

I Would. There's more room on the floor!

Like I said before - DAMN!

As if Kevin hasn't though o... (Below threshold)

As if Kevin hasn't though of this already, the strategery for driving up web stats is to bring her on as guest blogger and fire all the dudes on this site. Good luck sir.

Hmmmm.Sorry folks ... (Below threshold)


Sorry folks but I'm having a hard time deciding which is hotter.

This chick or the bust of Hillary ....

(runs away laughing madly)

"OMG, OMG you guys are f*ck... (Below threshold)

"OMG, OMG you guys are f*cking d*cks. I did not work on myspace.com site during judiciary committee time. OMG.

I worked on it 4 hours a day AFTER work, OMG. And all weekends.

Justin Timberlake is, like, so hot. OMG!!"

A mediocre minds trapped in a nice body . . .

Yee-Haw! This, girl is drop... (Below threshold)

Yee-Haw! This, girl is drop dead gorgeous! In reality she probably would be too much of a Moonbat in her thinking but as I mentioned in her previous thread, the house is sure nice. BTW, I'll pick on lefties all day long but let's lighten up a bit on the girl. Who cares if she spends some work time on the computer. I'm sure no one here ever wasted any employer time mildly screwing off on the computer.

CUT HER SOME SLACK! Michell... (Below threshold)

CUT HER SOME SLACK! Michelle is a great friend, a great lawyer, and fabulous person. She also happens to be gorgeous! Leave her alone!

Mags, we didn't "do" anythi... (Below threshold)

Mags, we didn't "do" anything to your pal, so it's hard to figure out your issue.

No one forced you onto this blog. I doubt any of your Democrat friends know it exists.

So, if you don't like it, just don't "log on." Plus, there is so much going on with myspace.com. How do you guys find the time to come over here?

Yeehaw! Giddyup, Cow Girl!

[email protected] maggie... (Below threshold)


@ maggie

Ummm. This is all a big joke. You knew that right?

WUFTA!!!!!... (Below threshold)


And we can all rest assured... (Below threshold)

And we can all rest assured that she won her current position based solely on her intellect and passion for politics.


You are all so mature. You... (Below threshold)

You are all so mature. You're really scraping the bottom of the barrel of your lefty jokes here. Ooooooh...someone that works on capital hill has a myspace account?? THE HUMANITY!! How about focusing more on how your boy Georgie is sending our troops to be slaughtered for no reason every day. Or let's be simple minded like you all and focus on what a jacka$$ he looked like chewing like a fifth grader with his mouth wide open for the whole world to see. How dignified he looked as the leader of the free world.

Aren't you just so proud everytime he stands there and shows the world what an uneducated blithering idiot he is??? But let's rip apart a girl for having a myspace account. GROW UP AND DEAL WITH THE ISSUES, PEOPLE!!!!

"an uneducated blithering i... (Below threshold)
Jim B.:

"an uneducated blithering idiot he is??? " Who are you talking about Bush or John 'F-ing' Kerry? After all who has the highest IQ and got the better grades?

Even though I'm not a fan, ... (Below threshold)

Even though I'm not a fan, I'll take John F-ing Kerry over this babbling moron any day of the week!! And did you give them both an IQ test? As stupid as Kerry is, he'd blow Bush out of the water.

Thanks. Come again.

Jessica(?) - "chewing like ... (Below threshold)

Jessica(?) - "chewing like a fifth grader with his mouth wide open for the whole world to see. How dignified he looked as the leader of the free world"

As opposed to your patron saint Clinton exposing for the whole world what a respectful husband he is by dorking a Hill staffer.

(im)moral equivalancy at it's finest...

The funny thing about all o... (Below threshold)

The funny thing about all of this is you all automatically assume that I was a supporter of Clinton. Did I ever compare Bush to a "patron saint" like Clinton? But if we want to go that route, all I can say is "better a bl--job than a coc---cker".

Typical right wing smear tactics. You must have just finished that last piece of fine "literature" from Ann Coulter.

You can honestly say that you are proud that we have a president that is the punchline for almost every joke you hear? Are you insane? He has made us the laughingstock of the world. Who can take this man seriously???

- "You fool me, you can't get fooled again"
-G.W. Bush

why yall hating on this gir... (Below threshold)

why yall hating on this girl? just cause the girl looks better than your homely laura bush lookin ass housewife dont mean you need to hate

Jess, we might ask you: a ... (Below threshold)

Jess, we might ask you: a 27 year old congressional staffer lawyer spends an inordinate amount of time on myspace.com, essentially a children's website.

How can we take this girl seriously? How can we take you seriously for protecting myspace girl, J.D.?

Barney Frank probably did not interview her. But I doubt the interview delved into much depth, as there appears to be little. I'm sure she fits right in on the Democratic side of the aisle.

Exactly, Abe. Thank you. ... (Below threshold)

Exactly, Abe. Thank you. That's where all of this is stemming from. Insane jealousy.

And Mitchell, do the research on myspace. It's by no means a children's website. The minimum age is 14, but that is by no means the average user's age. It's a social networking site - not a children's site.

And what does her having this website have to do with her credibility??

You're all so desperate. You're toast after this election.

Sorry, losers.

Could she possibly do a wor... (Below threshold)

Could she possibly do a worse job than Bush? Could anyone? And she looks a lot better.

Jessiebaby - I didn't have ... (Below threshold)
Jim B.:

Jessiebaby - I didn't have to do an IQ test. But you ask 'Who is your source?' Why it was the New York Times. Right before the 2004 election NYT 'thought' it would be a good story to show how 'F-ing' was smarter (I mean he is a Lib and Lib's are smarter, right?) As it turn out...well you know how it turned out. So, about you statement about Bush being stupid, are you saying you would prefer someone who is more stupid?

"You're toast after this election." Heard it in 2000, 2002, 2004, etc...

Do you see why conservatives have so much fun?

"You're toast after this el... (Below threshold)

"You're toast after this election." Heard it in 2000, 2002, 2004, etc..."

Does the term "fixed election" mean anything to you? How is it possible that republicans are the only ones that are fighting against having a printout at the voting machines? And good old Mr. Diebold himself said he would deliver as many votes to bush as he could. Hmmmm... Interesting.

If you can honestly say that this president has made the right decisions and you are happy with this country's progress, I feel very sorry for you.

Please stop drinking the Kool-Aid.

Kerry was by no means the best choice for the "libs", so I will not sit here and defend him to you. I'm no bleeding heart liberal (I don't agree with Cindy Sheehan and I'm a staunch supporter of the death penalty, etc...) but I certainly cannot back this president up.

You know deep down you have had more than 1...well, let's be honest here...20 moments when Bushie was speaking on TV and you just dropped your head in shame and said "did that really just come out of his mouth?".

~Jessiebaby (it's actually quite catching)

Diebold? You can do better... (Below threshold)
Jim B.:

Diebold? You can do better than that. Don't forget Florida. Or Washington..no wait that was the dems fixing elections.Speaking of stupid. wonder what N.Korea did with those reactors that Clinton gave them? Makes me feel safe. We could ask him and may find him lurking around Conyers office looking at..er for new staff(re:interns).

Fixed election? Yawn...deb... (Below threshold)

Fixed election? Yawn...debunked over and over again. I don't know how you accomplished it, but you just sounded even dumber in your last post than you did prior.

You can keep feeling sorry for me while my side continues winning elections for the right reasons.

Her credibility was ruined when she worked on her myspace account on MY TAXPAYER DOLLARS.

For the record, my wife is hotter...and infinitely smarter than this chick.

This whole subject is like deciding to have fast food...fun for about 15 seconds, then it gets boring and distasteful; then you move on.

Jessie dear - I am sorry ab... (Below threshold)
Jim B.:

Jessie dear - I am sorry about my last post. I should have kept it short and simple(easier for a lib to understand). Here it is:

Diebold? Now whose stupid?

Jessie dear - I am sorry ab... (Below threshold)
Jim B.:

Jessie dear - I am sorry about my last post. I should have kept it short and simple(easier for a lib to understand). Here it is:

Diebold? Now who is stupid?

are you saying you would pr... (Below threshold)

are you saying you would prefer someone who is more stupid?

Now thats the dumbest thing Ive ever read....
More Stupid...

n_l:No. You said ... (Below threshold)


No. You said that. Your name fits.

It's ok...laugh it up, peop... (Below threshold)

It's ok...laugh it up, people. You still cannot tell me that you are proud of the job this lunatic has done while in office.

This "lib" understands just fine, Jim. I'm quite educated, actually. No need to bring me down to your level.

Deperate. Desperate, I tell you.

Quite proud for most of it,... (Below threshold)

Quite proud for most of it, except for expanding the federal govt., and for not doing a better job securing our borders.

That was easy.

Well it's nice to know a fe... (Below threshold)

Well it's nice to know a feeble mind like yours is so easily pleased.

Now that's what I call low expectations.

But that's what I've come t... (Below threshold)

But that's what I've come to expect from you neo-cons.

Shameful, absolutely shameful.

Nice comeback. You act jus... (Below threshold)

Nice comeback. You act just like every Democrat who loses an argument.

A moonbat.

And now I'm finished with t... (Below threshold)

And now I'm finished with the fast food. It's become distasteful.

Hehe...I just have to thank... (Below threshold)

Hehe...I just have to thank you all for the comic relief. Seriously. The moonbat comment? You must be looking in the mirror, sweetie.

I hope for your sake that you're all extremely wealthy, upper class sheisters. Otherwise, where will you be when your party completely does away with the middle class?

How "educated" of you. I'm... (Below threshold)

How "educated" of you. I'm not the one spouting wild conspiracy theories of "stolen elections" and such. By definition, that's what moonbats do.

Classic plays from the Democrat playbook: Insults and Class Warfare.

Come back when you have some new material and substance, mmmmkay? Otherwise, I'm not wasting anymore time with you.

Wow. You told me. Let me ... (Below threshold)

Wow. You told me. Let me just run and hide into obscurity.

Interesting on your other blog that you say golf is more important than your family. Must be those conservative values kicking in.

Hopefully.And only... (Below threshold)


And only a tool with no sense of humor would take my golf comment seriously.

Tom,Thank you so m... (Below threshold)


Thank you so much for proving my point from the beginning.

Only a tool with no sense of humor would take Ms. Persaud's comment about myspace interferring with her work seriously.

Check and mate, buddy. Have a fabulous evening!!

You really are a tool. If ... (Below threshold)

You really are a tool. If you really had a sense of humor about it, you wouldn't be here commenting as you are.

Are you that desparate?

...and I *will* have a nice... (Below threshold)

...and I *will* have a nice evening, despite my inability to properly read the original post...

"Are you that desparate?"</... (Below threshold)

"Are you that desparate?"

Do what all republicans do when they can't come up with anything else - repeat what the dems say and claim it as their own.

Tom, I will really miss this exhilerating banter of ours.

First of all, I misspelled ... (Below threshold)

First of all, I misspelled desperate. And I should have put quotes around it.

Second of all, you missed my last post.


Jessica, I will really miss this exhilerating banter of ours.

Now, I'm going back to igno... (Below threshold)

Now, I'm going back to ignoring my family and working on my golf game.

I'm sure it's what you do b... (Below threshold)

I'm sure it's what you do best! :)

You know it! (:-D)... (Below threshold)

You know it! (:-D)

Tom, if your wife is as hot... (Below threshold)

Tom, if your wife is as hot as you ay she is, how could you ignore your family?

jessica, I admire the old college try, but you won't change hearts and minds here.

BTW, I co-sign with you on most of what you said about frat-boy, although I think he is a lot smarter than people give him credit for. This "Ah shucks" shtick that he has works every time. Dems under estimate him and he comes out on top. (At least where votes are concerned)

f-n:It's a joke. ... (Below threshold)


It's a joke. I really don't ignore my family...


*sigh* I knew I couldn't ch... (Below threshold)

*sigh* I knew I couldn't change anyone's minds (wasn't going for the hearts - I already know most neo-cons don't have one), but you just have to hope that maybe someday someone will wake up and see the truth.

I just want to be there for that moment. :)

Now, now. If I didn't have... (Below threshold)

Now, now. If I didn't have a heart, I couldn't raise children or be in a marriage.

And yes, GWB is much smarter than people give him credit for. You don't earn a degree at Yale and a Masters from Harvard if you're stupid.

Just because I granted you the myspace joke doesn't mean I caved on the rest of my opinions. I believe they're well thought out, even for a Tool.

BTW, to prove I do have a sense of humor and not a raving lunatic, I posted on my toolness on my blog. Enjoy.

"And yes, GWB is much smart... (Below threshold)

"And yes, GWB is much smarter than people give him credit for. "

Tom, how could I doubt you have a sense of humor with a comment like that??


Yeah, I know where you get ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I know where you get that opinion. Trust me, I can't stand it when he says nucular instead of nuclear...but he's not the only president who's mispronounced it...Jimmy Carter was another, as well as others.

He is *not* a good public speaker. But, he's not the only president who wasn't.

Nucular (as amusing as it i... (Below threshold)

Nucular (as amusing as it is) is the least of my worries. It's not even the pronunciation of his words as much as the context.

Example? Ask him his definition of a Soverign Nation. His answer? Well, a nation that is soverign, of course!!

You just can't make this stuff up!!

*sovereign... (Below threshold)


OK, you're going to need to... (Below threshold)

OK, you're going to need to provide a link to what you're referring to. I don't recall the sovereign nation comment.

Now, you're making fun, but you didn't spell sovereign correctly...just sayin'...yeah I know, this comment is coming from a tool.


Didn't see your last commen... (Below threshold)

Didn't see your last comment...beat me to the punch!

OK, I'll have to pick this ... (Below threshold)

OK, I'll have to pick this up later or maybe tomorrow. I have to make dinner. (Yes, I can cook. And I like it!)

I posted the link, but it i... (Below threshold)

I posted the link, but it is being held for approval for some reason. Don't laugh too hard!


You know, even if he did ha... (Below threshold)

You know, even if he did have a moment where he was put on the spot, and would have changed his response if he could, I still would have voted for him.

Just as you still voted for Gore after his "...I took the initiative in creating the internet." comment. [no matter how he intended it to sound, where he was probably saying he provided the economic environment for it (B.S.! businesses do this, not the govt.), he still would take it back if he could...because it was absolutely stupid to say that.]

And of course, there was John Kerry's infamous, "I voted for it before I voted against it." comment. Another not-so-bright comment.

Look, we don't vote for these guys because they are perfect public speakers (maybe you do, but I don't), we vote for them because they match our beliefs better than any other candidate.

Even if Bush didn't make the comment you claim, or even if he was a better public speaker than Bill Clinton, you still wouldn't have voted for him, right?

So, this just isn't a good argument for or against, IMHO.

We must continue to harness... (Below threshold)

We must continue to harness the power of the nucule!

Yes, it contains much power... (Below threshold)

Yes, it contains much power, but not as much as the flux capacitor...we need to develop a strategery for both!

I should ask Will Ferrell i... (Below threshold)

I should ask Will Ferrell if that's how strategery is spelled.

OK, mantis, this finally se... (Below threshold)

OK, mantis, this finally seems to be the right moment. Where is your blog, as it would be a good read. What is the inspiration for the name mantis?

Hehe, ummm...I am ... (Below threshold)

Hehe, ummm...

I am a sock puppet. ;)

Well, sort of. I may or may not have a blog, but as mantis I am entirely anonymous, and there is no "mantis" blog.

As far as the origin of the name, it is an offline nickname given to me by my girlfriend because of my long arms and legs and the way I sometimes sit at the computer is mantis-like. I liked it because of the original greek and because, well, I'm just a bug.

LOL!!Too bad, like... (Below threshold)


Too bad, like I said, it would be a good read. You really should consider starting one, I think you'd be good at it.

I can empathize, I have the basketball player body type myself.

Check this out...

(Sorry for getting waaaaay off base on this thread...)

Eh, it was a dumb thread an... (Below threshold)

Eh, it was a dumb thread anyway.

I've seen a mantis eat a bird, pretty amazing. It's funny that you posted that as my own bird, a parrot, is currently trying to eat my face. Here's a mantis eating a snake. Voracious little suckers!

I've considered a mantis blog, but I'm hesitant to start an anonymous blog, what with everyone "outing" fellow bloggers and such.

Wow. I wonder if it actual... (Below threshold)

Wow. I wonder if it actually killed it or was it already dead? I guess you have to assume.

Well so far, nobody has had any interest in "outing" me; because I don't have a well-read blog anyway, LOL!

Why are we so pathetic to d... (Below threshold)

Why are we so pathetic to dwell on what Michelle posts or does not post on myspace. Myspace is primarily a kibitz and a way to see what is going on in the social seen.

Yes, the social seen... we do have a life other than work! It is really a fantastic experience and I suggest everyone to try it!

TB,I've devoted en... (Below threshold)


I've devoted enough energy to this for one day. I pity that you chose a candidate that has no regard for human life except while it is a fetus. But without even opening up a whole other can of worms, you, in typical neo-con fashion, have not been able to defend your georgie boy. Instead you just revert back to the ever-so-clever "oh yeah, well your guy said this...". Classy. Really classy.

Anyhow, I'll see you at the polls in November. Time to go check my myspace.

Have a sense of humor, Tom. :)

Jessica:Just when ... (Below threshold)


Just when I thought you could be rational, you proved me wrong.

If you were rational, you wouldn't say the things you just did. Only Moonbats argue in this fashion. Your BDS is showing.

I'm not even going to dignify your comments with a response, because they don't deserve it. They're not based in reality.

I actually pity you for thinking this way.

I'll keep my sense of humor. Hopefully, you'll have a sense of sanity one day.

I am quite rational, actual... (Below threshold)

I am quite rational, actually. We just have different opinions on this administration's policies.

Sam: good luck with that K... (Below threshold)

Sam: good luck with that Kibitz on the social "seen." See and be seen seems to be what it's all about for you guys.

You guys come over here with your 20-something opinions, and it just ain't gonna wash with the adults. Most of us have long-running careers in successful businesses/professions. The disadvantage for you is you're still all so young.

So, you just need to enjoy the advantage of being young, and largely out-of-it when it comes to the real world. Earn your stripes in business, law, whatever, then come back and match wits with us.

It's like we're a NBA team, and you're the high school girl's squad. Just don't play until you're ready, ok?

Have fun on 'space.com! OMG!!

Mitchell,I'm quite... (Below threshold)


I'm quite established in the business world, thank you very much.

And the myspace comment I made was a joke. Are you another neo-con without a sense of humor? I bet you are.

Jess, tell us, what busines... (Below threshold)

Jess, tell us, what business, how long, and how successful?

What are your yearly revenues, return on investment, number of employees?

Do your "employees" take personal time on myspace.com while working as you and your friends do?

I haven't lost my sense of humor, as I know this must be your "joke."

Ha, ha, hardy, har.

Aww, Mitchell. Do you want... (Below threshold)

Aww, Mitchell. Do you want to turn this into a pissing contest?

I didn't realize my revenue... (Below threshold)

I didn't realize my revenue and profit margin determined my right to a political point of view. How very right-winged of you.

"Mitchell,I'm quit... (Below threshold)


I'm quite established in the business world, thank you very much."

Jess, these are your words. Too bad they are without substance. The great theme of your "myspace" lives.

Go away and let the adults have the pool back.

Shouldn't you be at a "Rave Party" or prepping your remarks for 'space.com?

Mitchell:Mich...er... (Below threshold)


Mich...er...Jessica isn't worth the time. No surprise there, huh?

It's all back to Republicans are idiots, terrorists, etc., etc., etc. Same old crap, different day.

True, Tom. True.W... (Below threshold)

True, Tom. True.

We are so horrible. We want to starve small chirren everywhere.

Especially the 'lil chirren on myspace.com!


I know, back to the salt mines. But it's fun to toy with them. Drives em crazy.

Best wishes.

Rave party? Mitch, very ori... (Below threshold)

Rave party? Mitch, very original. You know me very well, don't you.

And you're not driving me crazy at all. You're providing some true comic relief. Keep it coming, rightie.


Been drinking at work again... (Below threshold)

Been drinking at work again JIMBO? Your words get more jumbled as the day goes on. -Mags
p.s. Is "dumber" a word?

Tom, did you hear something... (Below threshold)

Tom, did you hear something? Sounded like a small child talking. . .

Must be the kiddie pool.

Oh, well.

Gina Pell has Big Forehead!... (Below threshold)

Gina Pell has Big Forehead! Wowsa!

Merchant Director

Hailing from the North Bay by way of San Diego, Jessica is Splendora's resident So. Cal sweetie. While going to school in Santa Barbara and logging time beaching and pampering in the sunny environs, Jessica managed to do research and development for a spa oriented magazine making her a natural fit for Splendora. Miss Jessica now rallies on the Splendora Sales team and is fantastic at creating long-lasting relationships with local, independent advertisers. Jessica graduated from UCSB in 2001 with a degree in Business Economics and a minor in Spanish.

Beachin' and pamperin' like... (Below threshold)

Beachin' and pamperin' like So Cool!

Like, Oh Ma Gaw! OMG!

My 12 year old twin Nicarag... (Below threshold)

My 12 year old twin Nicaraguan neices just read your bio, and they say: "Hola, Chica. Tu eres un loca, muy loca!"

Aiy, Mama!

Michelle y Samantha son desde Nicaragua, tambien?

Muy cafe, Las Chicas.

Mitchell:LOL!... (Below threshold)



Nah, I didn't hear anything (I'm an old man now...I went to bed!). Fast food man, fast food. That's why I misread the post and looked like a tool at first. I could care less about the myspace saga, but the BDS and conspiracy theories sucked me right in.

Now it's a lot like watching Jerry Springer. You know it's trash, but once in a great while you just have to tune in to see the show.

Me, too. I'm Springerized.... (Below threshold)

Me, too. I'm Springerized.

I was sitting on the couch last night with my 12 year old neices, watching "The Longest Yard." I figured it was ok since I was adult supervision. I hope the parents don't find out.

Anyway, the wife is in the kitchen, and the girls see that I am posting something involving a "Jessica" and immediate cries of "Tia, Tia!" which is Spanish for "Aunt, Aunt!" go out as they are sure I am scamming on The Tia with this hussey, Jessica.

I immediately jump out of the browser and open the other one I have open to Yahoo Finance, creating plausible deniability.

Although, the wife knows me well enough to disregard my protestations and immediately accept the word of said neices. Busted.

So I show her the pic of the cowgirl costume, and she just opens up laughing her head off.

Good to be married to the "right" woman!


I must admit that Michelle ... (Below threshold)

I must admit that Michelle can be a self-centered, egotistical, and frigid person. Posting this "blog" to discredit her from holding the number one spot is an act of pure jealousy and ignorance. Futhermore, it resonates the Aylward's immaturity. If those words are too big for you, Kevin, let me put it in a simpler way: You are a brainless, sexually difficient, underdeveloped, lifeless, and juvenile little computer dork who has nothing better than to sit infront of his computer, type in his pointless blog, be jealous of people better looking and smarter than him, and spend his time watching "adult material" on the internet.

Hmm...Nah...She was ... (Below threshold)

She was just laughing because she realized her husband is a douchebag and subscibes to the idea that "The Longest yard" requires adult supervision.

Allow me to chime in as wel... (Below threshold)
Jay Whoo:

Allow me to chime in as well....
Mitchell, you are in-fact a douchebag - and the Longest Yard doesn't require adult supervision.

Michelle Persaud took time from her life to respond to your thread. You attacked her knowing nothing more about her than a silly MySpace page. You probably won't see her post anymore about it because it's too petty. You're too petty. She is a person of class, grace, strong character and dignity. She is beautiful and brilliant, but that doesn't start to scratch the surface of the wonderful person she is. Though, it's okay if you don't know anymore about her because I have a sense that what you know is enough to make a person like you scared and uncomfortable. See, Michelle is out of your league and anyone like her is just the same to you - a threat.

I noticed Jessica put you in your place, though that wasn't fair to you because you really don't stand a chance against someone like her. They are (Michelle and Jessica) smarter than you Mitchy... You're not equipped for those in their league. It's okay because as you mentioned before you are older. Likely behind the times and not subject to be objective anymore. You said it yourself ... you're at home censoring what your family is viewing on television - hiding pictures from your wife until you get caught.

People like Michelle (her sisters) and Jessica are the kind of professionals that make a difference while sit at your computer hacking away and hiding - longing to be one of them... vergüenza en ti.

Yes, I am petrified of the ... (Below threshold)

Yes, I am petrified of the myspace.com crowd. That's something I really aspire too; I just couldn't make it that "high" I guess.

Jay, who?

Back to the kiddie pool; adult time now!







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