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Ding dong, the witch is dead

Yesterday was a bad day for Matt Amarello, Massachusetts' Turnpike Authority Chairman. Not one, but two courts ruled against him. First, one said that the lawsuit brought by a couple of members for "freezing them out" of policy matters could continue. Then, another said that Governor Mitt Romney's hearing about firing him (called for by Romney, who will also act as judge) could also go forward.

Today was worse.

An hour before Matt was to stand before Romney (or, rather, his grotesquely expensive lawyers, paid for by the people of Massachusetts) and argue he shouldn't be fired, Matt finally read the writing on the wall (which has been spraypainted in Day-Glo colors for years now) and resigned.

He's getting a good-bye kiss of six months' severance and continued health insurance coverage, but the key point is: he's gone.

Some are unhappy with this. They wanted him kicked out on his ass, stripped of his pension, and then maybe driven through the tunnel in a convertible until something falls on him and kills him. But here are the key advantages to giving him this deal:

1) He's out of power, and can't cause any more problems.

2) The cost of buying him out will most likely be cheaper than his ongoing legal expenses plus his salary until he would be forced out.

3) He's out of power, and can't cause any more problems.

4) By sustaining the fight as long as he did, he burned a LOT of his bridges -- quite possibly all of them. This six months' pay will most likely to have to last a long, long, long time.

5) He's out of power, and can't cause any more problems.

6) With him gone, Romney is now able to appoint a new chairman and USING the entrenched bureaucracy to find and fix the problems, not fight it.

7) Finally, he's out of power, and can't cause any more problems.

Amarello was never more than an aggravating factor. He made the problems worse with his endless denials, coverups, and corruption, but he didn't create the problem and it won't go away with his departure.

But it's a hell of a good step in the right direction.

Enjoy those six months of money for nothing, Matt. You're gonna have a lot of fun finding a comparable position with THIS mess on your resume'.


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Comments (13)

I suspect he'll find a job ... (Below threshold)

I suspect he'll find a job working for the NJ Turnpike Authority or NJ Transit. After all, it's New Jersey - corruption and you, perfect together.

Does the UN have a turnpike... (Below threshold)

Does the UN have a turnpike authority?

Rule #6: There is NO rule ... (Below threshold)

Rule #6: There is NO rule # 6.

Yes, I think His name is Ko... (Below threshold)

Yes, I think His name is Kofi something?

Yes, here in NJ we prefer a... (Below threshold)

Yes, here in NJ we prefer a government lousy with lyars and criminals. Send him over...he'll fit right in with corzine et al.

The downside is that Romney... (Below threshold)

The downside is that Romney will now be blamed by Dems and the MSM for every subsequent discovery of mismanagement and shoddy workmanship.

After all, he is a Republican.

New Jersey Turnpike Authori... (Below threshold)

New Jersey Turnpike Authority...
We're not satisfied until you're not satisfied.

He'll replace Howie Dean at... (Below threshold)

He'll replace Howie Dean at the DNC.

DavidF,I don't see... (Below threshold)


I don't see how he could replace Dean. Amorello is a Republican.

Point of correction. You s... (Below threshold)

Point of correction. You stated that the govener's "grotesquely expensive lawyers" are being paid for by the "people of Massachusetts". Actually the lawfirm agreed to represent the state on a pro-bono basis.

CBS News: The powerful Boston law firm WilmerHale has agreed to represent the state on a pro bono basis, Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom said Thursday.

Link: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2006/07/13/ap/national/mainD8IR9O601.shtml

Hmmm.Are you from ... (Below threshold)


Are you from Joisy? I'm from Joisy. What exit?

Actually it appears that there are a few people here from New Jersey so ... I'm on exit 100, GSP.

And yeah I agree, he'd fit right in. After all the next big project for the GSP Authority is to add another fricking level to the GSP and make it a double-decker.

That ought to be fun.

But the best thing is:... (Below threshold)
Bill M:

But the best thing is:

He's out of power, and can't cause any more problems.

Or did somebody already say that?

The sad thing is that Mitt will now be blamed for everything because he's a Republican. And the peeeople of MA will buy right into it. But, likely by the time Mitt's done with it, at least the tunnels will be safe. Guess that is what really counts.

Why would Mitt be blamed be... (Below threshold)

Why would Mitt be blamed because he is a Republican? Amorello is a Republican and he wasn't blamed for his choice of party. Romney wants to eliminate the MTA and fold it into MassHighway, which is under autonomous state control. Romney didn't like the way Amorello operated the MTA. I don't see where partisanship plays into this.






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