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Hezbollah Used UN Post as Shield


Bluto at The Jawa Report writes that the UN may have lied when it said that there were no Hezbollah terrorists around the UN post that was hit by Israeli forces. According to the Ottawa Citizen, an email sent from one of the UN observers just six days before he was killed in the Israeli bombing says that Hezbollah terrorists were setting up positions in and around the area of the UN post and engaging the IDF:

"What I can tell you is this," he wrote in an e-mail to CTV dated July 18. "We have on a daily basis had numerous occasions where our position has come under direct or indirect fire from both (Israeli) artillery and aerial bombing.

"The closest artillery has landed within 2 meters (sic) of our position and the closest 1000 lb aerial bomb has landed 100 meters (sic) from our patrol base. This has not been deliberate targeting, but rather due to tactical necessity."

Those words, particularly the last sentence, are not-so-veiled language indicating Israeli strikes were aimed at Hezbollah targets near the post, said Maj.-Gen. MacKenzie.

"What that means is, in plain English, 'We've got Hezbollah fighters running around in our positions, taking our positions here and then using us for shields and then engaging the (Israeli Defence Forces)," he said.

That would mean Hezbollah was purposely setting up near the UN post, he added. It's a tactic Maj.-Gen. MacKenzie, who was the first UN commander in Sarajevo during the Bosnia civil war, said he's seen in past international missions: Aside from UN posts, fighters would set up near hospitals, mosques and orphanages.

A Canadian Forces infantry officer with the Edmonton-based Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry and the only Canadian serving as a UN military observer in Lebanon, Maj. Hess-von Kruedener was no stranger to fighting nearby.

The UN post, he wrote in the e-mail, afforded a view of the "Hezbollah static positions in and around our patrol Base."

"It appears that the lion's share of fighting between the IDF and Hezbollah has taken place in our area," he wrote, noting later it was too dangerous to venture out on patrols.

The e-mail appears to contradict the UN's claim there had been no Hezbollah activity in the vicinity of the strike.

Yes, it does. And Kofi Annan has some explaining and apologizing to do.

Update: Capt'n Ed asks the logical question:

That begs the question: why didn't Annan get the UNIFIL troops out of southern Lebanon when the fighting erupted? They could do absolutely no good, and wound up being exploited by the terrorists. Perhaps Annan wanted them to "observe" in order to report on war crimes, and that would only mean pursuing those issues against the IDF. After all, Hezbollah is not a member of the UN.

Update II: Capt'n Ed has even more on the UN's failure to stop the Hezbollah build up in southern Lebanon:

The United Nations quietly released a report on the UNIFIL mission on July 20th covering events since the beginning of the year in southern Lebanon during the first week of the current conflict. The report reveals the uselessness of the UNIFIL mission as the UN itself details how Hezbollah held control of the territory and how the UN stood by as the terrorists dug into their positions.

Comments (16)

Did yu say just six days... (Below threshold)

Did yu say just six days

Just six days? What kind of propoganda are you people pushing? The email was reporting on the conditions six days before the attack that killed the UN observers.

And Israel knew the UN observers were there!

UN observers asked Israel 10 times to stop bombing before post was hit: report

Canadian Press
Published: Thursday, July 27, 2006

JERUSALEM -- UN observers in Lebanon telephoned the Israeli military 10 times in six hours to ask it to stop shelling near their position before an Israeli attack destroyed their border outpost, killing four observers and sparking widespread international anger with Israel.

Kofi knew this. His comment... (Below threshold)

Kofi knew this. His comments were a small part of the disinformation campaign being waged against America and clear thinking people worldwide. Somehow I doubt we'll get any 'splaining from Kofi.

"Just six days? What kin... (Below threshold)

"Just six days? What kind of propoganda are you people pushing? The email was reporting on the conditions six days before the attack that killed the UN observers."

Six+ days for Kofi to pull UNIFIL out of there and cease offering Hezbullah another human shield.

Lee:If hezbollah p... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:


If hezbollah positions itself only around UN positions, schools, hospitals, etc., etc., etc., then I would assume they have your permission to rocket the hell out of Ireal with no posibility of reprisal?

After thought;Anyo... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

After thought;

Anyone who consciously remain near a hezbollah position neads his head examined, if it is still attached to his body.

Do you get the feeling that... (Below threshold)

Do you get the feeling that the multiple layers of BS that are at the heart of all UN activities are finally being washed away?

There is nothing like seeing something for what it really is.

I hope people have the strength to face the truth.

But, is ANYONE actually sur... (Below threshold)

But, is ANYONE actually surprised that hezbollah is doing this? This is the same group FORCING civilians to be human shields just to drive up the body count. They have the idea, this is a PR war for them, they CAN NOT defeat the Israeli military on the battle field, therefore they must do it in the media. Personally, if I were there right now, I would have a loud speaker on all ground vehicles

"If you are found near anyone associated with hezbollah, or anyone attacking the Israeli forces, you are a target too. Fight them off and RUN FOR THE HILLS, or you will meet the full might of our military."

Once they realize that Israel is sorry to have to do it, but will still BOMB THE HOLY HELL out of hezbollah, maybe they will start fighting back, thus causing hezbollah to either have to stop fighting, or at least split their attention, and still lose!

Thanks USMC Pilot for menti... (Below threshold)
Red Fog:

Thanks USMC Pilot for mentioning war's reality. Ain't it funny how Lee is hot and bothered by a few U.N. casualties but he would have nuked Islam to get Osama even though he states that it's now inexplicably 'too late'.

Lee, the foreign policy uber dunce.

Why were the UN personel st... (Below threshold)

Why were the UN personel still there? They were peace keepers,war is be waged all around,hesbolla is digging in around your position,you have means to communicate with those in charge,but your STILL there. Kofi your at best an incompetent at worst a Quissling,at any rate you should resign immediatly.End of story.

Hmmmm.The only pos... (Below threshold)


The only possible reasons why those UN observers weren't removed could only be ascribed to:

1. Sloth.
2. Stupidity.
3. A desire to give Hezbollah some UN human shields.

Ed, you hit the nail on the... (Below threshold)

Ed, you hit the nail on the head, but it is actually ALL THREE at one level or another of the UN. You see, if those countries w/in the UN who hate America, or at least would profit from America's defeat in the GWOT, can demonize Israel, it would either force America to abandon Israel, or lose face world wide, either being good for our enemies. If we abandon our ally in the mid-east, and thus leave her to die, we are going back on our word, and thus are not worthy of anything in their book, but if we stand by her, and keep our promise, we are supporting a horrible nation, and are not worth anything in their book.

hezbolla, hamas, abu nidal, and every other pissant terror group out there KNOWS they cannot take on Israel and/or America and win in a fight on the battlefield. Our guns/bombs/soldiers are BETTER THAN THEY CAN DREAM OF! But, Vietnam PROVED that a weak adversary CAN win against a strong one, by PR. If hezbolla, hamas, abu nidal, or any other group can MAKE IT LOOK LIKE Israel is "targeting civilians" (who are forced to be human shields, but the media doesn't talk about that), then they win moral support. Therefore, Kofi LEFT THOSE MEN TO DIE, just so America and Israel would look like "bad people".

Sorry, but the UN is totall... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Sorry, but the UN is totally at fault for being in the line of fire to start with. They have no reason to be there, they aren't in combat, they only put themselves at risk for no reason. As mentioned before, Hizb'allah has no standing in the UN in the first place, so what does the UN need to be there for in the first place?

Go back to Cote d'Ivorie, UN.

"Hezbollah used UN post ... (Below threshold)

"Hezbollah used UN post as a human sheild"

Kim Your beautiful..

And they intentionally allo... (Below threshold)

And they intentionally allowed it. Since now it's out in the open Israel should give the UN an ultimatum to get out now or if they stay fire on them

I still think there may hav... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

I still think there may have been more to it than that... that someone at the UN post was communicating Israeli movements (which the post had a commanding view of) to Hezbo.

Actually, Dave, the un didn... (Below threshold)

Actually, Dave, the un didn't have to tell hezbo where Israel was, as the media was doing that already, by showing troop movements in real time, then making sure to show street signs as well. Israel has told the media NOT to do that as it puts them in danger, but has the media listened, OF COURSE NOT, they continue because more death means Israel looks bad, and more ratings for them.






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