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Ohio's Crushing Blow to Kelo

Yesterday I blogged about the Ohio Supreme Court's unanimous eminent domain decision Norwood v Horney. In it I said the Norwood decision was exceptionally good news for Ohio property owners. Duncan Currie at The Weekly Standard thinks it is also great news for property owners all over the country. He writes in an article published today how the Norwood decision was made and how it can set a precedent for other states facing Kelo inspired eminent domain cases.


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So...if you want to take ov... (Below threshold)
2 live crew:

So...if you want to take over somebody's property in Ohio, should you say "Me so Horney"?!

w00t... (Below threshold)


I share your sentiments, Ki... (Below threshold)

I share your sentiments, Kim, but this decision really isn't a "crushing blow" to Kelo at all. Setting aside that it is an opinion regarding a newly enacted state statute (in which the operative term was deemed "void for vagueness," tsk tsk sloppy legislators), it merely holds that economic development standing alone is not a sufficient public purpose. I think the facts of the Norwood case were sufficiently distinct from those in Kelo that, side by side, they are not contrary holdings.






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