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The 10 Spot - Miscellany Edition

Ten totally unrelated stories that may have flown under your radar screens...

  1. Cindy Sheehan is opening The Best Little Media Whorehouse in Texas - [AP]
  2. Remember the stirring comeback in the Tour De France by Floyd Landis? Turns out their may have been a little extra juice in his water bottle. [BBC Sport]
  3. Is the new kids movie The Ant Bully a tribute to the joys of communism? More than one reviewer speculates [Scripps News/Ain't It Cool]
  4. A stripper from New Jersey faced criminal charges Wednesday after police found a severed hand and six human skulls in her home. [AP]
  5. Sticking with the severed limb theme, a patron at a butcher shop decided to give praise to Allah by making a hand sandwich [WaPo]
  6. And one last severed limb story... Fox 5 reporter Jodi Applegate was non too amused by the live antics of her circular saw wielding guests. - [YouTube]
  7. 9/11 conspiracy theorists denounce Oliver Stone's World Trade Center and call for a boycott for lack of conspiracy theories [The Resistance Manifesto]
  8. David Hasselhoff's people try the Patrick Kennedy defense in response the the Hoff being denied entrance to a British Airways flight; "He was not drunk. He went to see a doctor who gave him some medication." [TMZ]
  9. Wizbang Pop! reader Eddie Van Halen is now doing a soundtrack for a porn flick [Page Six]
  10. The U.S. Justice Department has sued the Virginia town of Chesapeake, alleging that the city discriminated against black and Hispanic applicants by requiring a math test as part of the application process for police department jobs. - [Pilot Online]

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Comments (7)

<a href="http://www.thebest... (Below threshold)
Robb H:

The 9-11 Conspiracy Exposed!!!

God I love this guy's website.

Re: #10I'd think tha... (Below threshold)

Re: #10
I'd think that the Justice Department would want local jurisdictions to hire intelligent cops. One need only point to New Orleans when standards are lowered.

Re #2Remember Dani... (Below threshold)

Re #2

Remember Daniel's comments on the Tour winner and how easy golf is?!

Still no Golfers on steroids! Stupid gearheads!

What does math ability have... (Below threshold)

What does math ability have to do with intelligence?

What standards were lowered in New Orleans?

Re #5: Isn't that called a... (Below threshold)

Re #5: Isn't that called a Handwich?

Wait, so it's racist to req... (Below threshold)

Wait, so it's racist to require math tests, but not to imply that race affects math skills?

What the hell kinda thinking is that?

And do we really want a police officer to say the words "Whelp, it's July '08, but you were born in 85, so no beer for you."

The MP3's of Eddie Van Hale... (Below threshold)

The MP3's of Eddie Van Halen's porn tracks are now available.

Eddie Van Halen Porn Music Released






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