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Shooting At Seattle Jewish Federation

Via the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

Six people were shot - one fatally - this afternoon at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle by a man who told a witness he was upset about "what was going on in Israel."

Police spokesman Rich Pruitt said there was one shooter, who was apprehended without incident outside the Jewish Federation building located on the corner of Third Avenue and Virginia Street.

"We believe it's a lone individual acting out his antagonism," said David Gomez, who heads the FBI's counterterrorism efforts in Seattle.

Authorities did not release any details about the alleged gunman and would not discuss possible motives.

"There's nothing to indicate that it's terrorism related," Gomez said. "But we're monitoring the entire situation."

Captain Ed adds:

This same center held a rally last weekend to support Israel in its war against Hezbollah, an event co-sponsored by over forty different community organizations. Understandably, the offices of the center had very tight security, and police have not explained how the gunman managed to get past it. The numbers and status of the victims have not been made entirely clear at the moment, but police have apparently confirmed at least one death.

More details will surely follow. Some may start thinking about those Hezbollah sleeper cells that Hassan Nasrallah threatened to unleash against the West, but it's an extremely unlikely explanation for this incident. If this initial report is accurate, it looks much more like a lone nutcase taking out his bigotry in a violent manner. Hezbollah would not waste a sleeper agent on an attack of this type, with so few potential victims. When Hezbollah strikes, they aim for maximum damage, as they did in Buenos Aires when they killed over eighty people at a Jewish center. This sounds much more similar to the wannabe jihadi in North Carolina earlier this year.

Update: Jim Hoft has a great roundup with lots of pictures and updates.


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Comments (14)

As of 7:15 the area is stil... (Below threshold)

As of 7:15 the area is still cordoned off. Rumor is possible explosives but I haven't seen that confirmed.

One terrorist or a hundred ... (Below threshold)

One terrorist or a hundred it's still terrorism. Is the Gomez (FBI)the same idiot that was on the Munsters? Sounds about right, Maybe Lurch (Hanoi John) got him the job. No wonder we can't catch anyone until after the fact. Evidently this is a prime example of the mentally retarded members of the FBI. The man announced his intentions and the 'why' before he started shooting. It was Terrorism no matter what anyone trying to excuse the Islamic nuts say.

What a shame.Sure,... (Below threshold)

What a shame.

Sure, it is "one guy," but that individual has undoubtably had his head filled by the same hateful nonsense that motivated the 9/11, 3/11, and 7/7 terrorists, as well as all the other Islamists.

At some point, those who are indoctrinating these people to kill must be forced to bear their share of responsibility, or it will never stop.

Hmmm.$10 it's a mu... (Below threshold)


$10 it's a muslim. Any takers?

No bet here, ed...... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

No bet here, ed...


One witness, who declined to give her name, said a man walked into the Jewish Federation building with a gun, said he was upset about what was going on in Israel, then opened fire. After the shootings, the man said to call 911, the witness said. The witness said the man identified himself as an American Muslim.


Sources told KING 5 the suspect is a Pakistani man with a criminal background. He is from the Tri-Cities but his citizenship is unknown. Officials are on the way to the Tri-Cities to interview his family.

Quelle surprise...

I'm sure Jesse Jackson and ... (Below threshold)

I'm sure Jesse Jackson and others will be calling this a 'hate crime'.

Well, maybe not...

I'm glad the police didn't ... (Below threshold)

I'm glad the police didn't shoot him. He'll have a hard time achieving martyrdom in prison. Instead of 40 virgins, he'll be someone's b***h.

"Lone individual..." "a gun... (Below threshold)

"Lone individual..." "a gunman..."

You've got to be kidding. He was a jihadist, an Islamicist, a Muslim extremist, etc. I cannot believe the parsing from these media scum.

Fox News is reporting he is... (Below threshold)

Fox News is reporting he is a Paki nutjob with a mental disorder which doesn't say much as there are quite a few Muslims with mental disorders.

He was caught recently exposing himself to women at a shopping mall. Doesn't attend the Mosque, but his father is the head of a Muslim "Center."

Was it his religion, or his mind, that drove him crazy? That is the big Q with these folks.

Wow, you people are nuts.</... (Below threshold)
J Rose:

Wow, you people are nuts.

This country and the world ... (Below threshold)

This country and the world will sleep walk away from reality until the big one goes off.Then and only then will the left wake up,guess what? It's to late then.

But I thought it was the ba... (Below threshold)

But I thought it was the backlash against American Muslims we had to worry about. You know, all those Muslims living within our borders that we have ruthlessly slaughtered, sniped, terrorized, brutalized, intimidated, ect.

This is just a Zionist conspiracy to make Muslims look bad and create sympathy for the evil Jooooos. Factor in Karl Rove and Chimpy McBushitler in there somewhere and you have the perfect conspiracy theory.

Hmmmm.It won't be ... (Below threshold)


It won't be much longer before we'll have to adopt Israel's solution to targeted killings like this:

Armed patrols by private citizens of schools, playgrounds and other high-value targets.

Decry Violence And Sell Som... (Below threshold)

Decry Violence And Sell Some More Guns!






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