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The Definiition Of A Terrorist

My latest Townhall column builds on an item posted here earlier this week about a CNN correspondent who did not know how to define "terrorist." I also include the true story of the KKK member who lived in my neighborhood many years ago. You have to read the column to know for sure how that fits in, but I am sure some readers here can guess.

Update: A reader/blogger emailed me this:

I can add a similar story to that of the person whose grandfather told her stories about Al Capone. I was raised in northwest Missouri and heard many stories about Jesse James and how he fought against the railroads and government officials who supported him. he was then, and in many circles is still looked to today as a hero.

One story as an example: an aunt of mine was about to lose not only her home but all of her land due to foreclosure from the bank. James heard of this and went out to her house and gave her the money needed to pay the bank what she owed and to keep her property. After he gave her the money he left and waited for the folks from the bank to arrive. When they came to the house, she paid them what was owed and they left. Waiting down the trail was Jesse, he then rode up to them and stole the money. My aunt kept her land and Jesse kept his money.

I've heard similar stories from many families who recalled how he helped them in one way or another. the fact remains with him as well as with Capone that they were vicious men.

Update II:After reading Tom Foreman's post at Anderson Cooper's blog, I was heartened to read, via Tom Elia, the transcript of an Anderson Cooper report alerting viewers to the fact that Hezbollah has been manipulating media coverage.

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This comment was deleted be... (Below threshold)

This comment was deleted because it pertained to the thread below. -- Lorie

The CNN "correspondent" kno... (Below threshold)

The CNN "correspondent" knows perfectly well what a terrorist is, he is one.

My sentiments exactly, Uncl... (Below threshold)

My sentiments exactly, Uncle Mikey.

Ok. Ace and Paul start tea... (Below threshold)
Mike A:

Ok. Ace and Paul start tearing at each other like Cindy Sheehan and Michael Moore fighting over the last low-fat muffin. Polipundit explodes like an overstuff pinata. What is the common thread?? LORI BYRD. She is obviously the source of all this anger. If Lori started writing for a Quaker website, blood soaked Birkenstocks would be littering the street. Lori, you need to rein in your evil-osity or be less obvious. We know what you are up to.


Seems pretty simple to me, ... (Below threshold)

Seems pretty simple to me, which must mean that I'm wrong, but terrorists are those who practice terrorism - as Hezzbollah does -- regardless of the fact that they perform non-terrorist acts as well, such as building hopsitals, schools, etc.

What muddies the definition waters is that governments which practice terrorism fit under that same defintion -- and if Israel were (or has) fought "fire with fire" and has acted like terrorists with tactics such as deliberately targeting citizens in Lebannon, then the Israelis, by definition, are terrorists too.

Yes, this requires using logic (CNN) instead of unthinking flag-waving jingoism (Fox News), but then CNN's target audience is people who think... whch explains the confusion on the part of people who don't (insert smilie face here).

Lee, an oversight in your p... (Below threshold)

Lee, an oversight in your post: "but then CNN's target audience is people who think...." Think what?

"CNN's target audience is p... (Below threshold)

"CNN's target audience is people who think..."Lee


As he does of course!

Now we know where Lee gets his talking points.

Thanks Lee for the oxymoronic thought of the day.

Lee,You're confuse... (Below threshold)
Red Fog:


You're confused beyond redemption and it appears that Wizbang is not amused. You advocated nuking Islam to take out Osama and then inexplicably said that 'option' is too late.

Lee, you couldn't puzzle your way through the definition of 'terrorism' because you're a concrete-operational thinker with penis envy.

quit trolling, Red Froggie ... (Below threshold)

quit trolling, Red Froggie - I answered your question on another thread.

Lee,You did no suc... (Below threshold)
Red Fog:


You did no such thing, uber 'tard.

Lorie:That story a... (Below threshold)


That story about Jesse James helping a woman keep her property has been floating around for along time and and could very well be a myth.

I suspect that the story is a myth because the person who sent you the story claims that the woman in the story was an aunt of hers/his.

Well, Jesse James was killed during the Spring of 1882. So, in order for the story to be true, the person who sent it to you would have to be over 120 years old.

Private to Froggie - I answ... (Below threshold)

Private to Froggie - I answered your troll here.

Lee, you nailed it.<p... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

Lee, you nailed it.

You hit the nail in the nuts again.

For discussion:Ter... (Below threshold)

For discussion:

Terrorists: an organization of like-minded individuals that use violence against civilians to promote any ideaology other than freedom and liberty for those civilians.

Dodo David, I sent t... (Below threshold)

Dodo David,
I sent the comment to Lorie. This event happened with an aunt of mine on my fathers side of the family in late 1879. The incident was documented by her in the family bible which was passed down through the generations and is with my parents currently. I've read variations of the story, and it doesn't surprise me that it would have happened with other families.

Sith Happens.

Let me speak up for Big Al.... (Below threshold)

Let me speak up for Big Al.

Capone's sin was that he competed with the government. The police fight crime with elaborate costly and ineffective procedures. Al just killed criminals in other gangs. He probably put more away than the police did.

He didn't tax anyone and imposed no theology. Free elections were held - then Al bribed the electees as needed. The bribes ensured that office holders didn't deny the public access to what they wanted - booze, gambling, prostitution, and night clubs.

Exactly what is in platform of the Democrats that Al wasn't for? OK, he may not have liked income taxes on the rich or inheritance taxes. Gee, maybe he was a Republican after all. Never mind!

"pucker puss" (lee lee) cou... (Below threshold)

"pucker puss" (lee lee) couldn't hit a nail. His "lips" would get in the way.

Darth Dilbert: Here is a so... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

Darth Dilbert: Here is a somewhat similar story involving Jesse James's brother Frank (who outlived Jesse), and this one is well documented. Several years after the Civil War, Frank's gang robbed a U.S. Army payroll train in central Tennessee. Frank was brought to trial in Huntsville, AL. The evidence of guilt was strong: eyewitnesses placed James at the scene, and they had a confession from a gang member. James made no attempt to defend himself against the charges; rather, he emphasized to the Southern jury his services to the Confederacy during the war.

He was aquitted. And he spent the evening buying rounds for the jurors.

Frank James just dodged the... (Below threshold)
Red Fog:

Frank James just dodged the bullet by cleverly playing the Confederate-sympathy card to the jury. But what about poor Jesse or, for example, the ever popular Bonnie & Clide?

To me, a terrorist is simply a mass murderer participating in a popularity contest. The MSM merely enhances the 'terrorist' status by invoking the killer's 'cause'. Hence, the CNN correspondent takes the Hezbollah cause hook, line, and sinker and gives this 'terrorist' group popular status.

Mike,I will have t... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:


I will have to admit that I had the same thought myself. I am beginning to get a complex. Controversy just seems to follow me.:-)







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