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What's This? Cynthia McKinney is Down 25 Points in the Polls?

Wow. Are the voters in Georgia's 4th Congressional district going to send Rep. McKinney packing, again?

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

A new poll by InsiderAdvantage shows Johnson leading McKinney 46 percent to 21 percent, with one-third of voters undecided. The survey recorded the responses of 480 likely voters and has a margin of error of plus or minus 5 percentage points.

An analysis of primary election results showed McKinney's support eroding slightly in predominantly black south DeKalb County, her traditional base. Johnson won more votes than McKinney in predominantly white north DeKalb, Rockdale and Gwinnett, according to the analysis.

InsiderAdvantage CEO Matt Towery said his poll detected some interest among Republicans in the race, which would also work against McKinney. In last week's primary, many Republicans stuck to their own races, headlined by the confrontation between Christian Coalition leader-turned-lobbyist Ralph Reed and state Sen. Casey Cagle in the GOP race for lieutenant governor. A poll released by InsiderAdvantage four days before that race showed Reed and Cagle in a dead heat, but Cagle got 56 percent of the vote.

McKinney's campaign spokesman, John Evans, dismissed Thursday's poll results.

"I'm sure that one is skewed," Evans said, adding that Towery is a Republican. "You don't know who they polled, and so what can you do?"

Atlanta's mayor Andrew Young endorsed McKinney because he said McKinney's controversy was good for Congress:

"Congress needs controversy," Young said in his endorsement, a recording of which was played at the news conference. "The last thing we need in a democracy is people who don't think for themselves. ... I don't always agree with Cynthia McKinney, but I always agree with her right to express her opinions because that creates a dialogue that makes democracy work."

Yep, Mayor Young is so supportive of Rep. McKinney that he provided his endorsement via a recording. And I notice in the picture next to the article that McKinney has decided to tame her wild and crazy hair.

Hat tip: RCP Blog


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Comments (14)

"I'm sure that one is skewe... (Below threshold)

"I'm sure that one is skewed," Evans said, adding that Towery is a Republican. "You don't know who they polled, and so what can you do?"

Well, at least he didn't blame the Jews like McKinney's father did after her 2002 election loss.

Andrew Young is not the may... (Below threshold)

Andrew Young is not the mayor of Atlanta - former mayor, yes.

I guess Mayor Young's suppo... (Below threshold)
Jay C.:

I guess Mayor Young's support of McKinney's freedom of expression in pursuit of controversy also extends to the assault of police officers? Isn't that the only controversy that surrounds McKinney (this time)?

See Caption Contest for the... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

See Caption Contest for the real explanation behind her numbers.

She will do an algore and d... (Below threshold)

She will do an algore and demand a recount, even if she loses by 50 points. Maybe she will get enough votes that way to win. I kind of doubt it though

I did not realize that Andr... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

I did not realize that Andrew Young is such a big idiot.
Maybe those years in the Carter administration warped his judgment.
Let us keep Buckwheat out of Washington.

You know, I don't care what... (Below threshold)

You know, I don't care what Cynthia McKinney does with ther hair. I just think it's entirely too self-aggrandizing to post glamour pics of one's self on their congressional-dot-gov website. Now, if we could only get enough people that riled up here in Jacksonville to oust Corrine Brown. She's about as inspiring ...

... and less glamorous.

Oh, Andy Young has always b... (Below threshold)

Oh, Andy Young has always been a moonbat.

Remember, even Carter had to fire him from his UN job. Young defied direct orders and held meetings with the PLO terrorist representatives.

Who on earth would he support, if not McKinney? Birdbrains of a feather, etc. . . .

McKinney's district is gerr... (Below threshold)

McKinney's district is gerrymandered to be very black and heavily democratic. Neal Boortz made the point that since the 4th district will never produce a republican representative, what better democrat to send to Washington than the crazy McKinney. Pelosi hates her and she has always been an embarassment to the party. A cop-punching, inneffective, insane democrat is better for America than one that might be taken seriously. Vote McKinney!!

"And I notice i... (Below threshold)
"And I notice in the picture next to the article that McKinney has decided to tame her wild and crazy hair."
You mean she no longer looks like Buckwheat? O-TAY!
Controversy yes. Batshit c... (Below threshold)

Controversy yes. Batshit crazy loons, no.

"A cop-punching, inneffecti... (Below threshold)

"A cop-punching, inneffective, insane democrat is better for America than one that might be taken seriously. Vote McKinney!!"

Uh, no -- perhaps if you lived in GA-4, you would hold a different position.

The district is certainly gerrymandered for a black Dem, but we would like to have SOME representation. Boortz is wrong on this one. A moonbat, regardless of party, is bad for America. And McKinney is the worst of the worst -- she needs to go.

For Immediate Releas... (Below threshold)

For Immediate Release
August 1, 2006

Contact: Jesse Derris, Ken Sunshine Consultants – (212) 691-2800

McKinney Capitol Police Incident Part of Systemic Racism of Capitol
Police Force Says African American Officers

African American Officers Say White Officers Targeted McKinney in
Explosive Interview with American Blackout Director Ian Inaba

Capitol Hill is 'Last Plantation' According to Officers

Atlanta, GA – Cynthia McKinney was deliberately targeted by white U.S.
Capitol Police Officers, part of the systemic racism of the U.S.
Capitol Police Force say four African American Capitol Officers. The
startling revelation, coming a week before her primary run-off against
Hank Johnson, came in a video released today by Ian Inaba, director of
the Sundance award winning American Blackout (which will open early in
an exclusive engagement this Friday in Atlanta).

The video shows four anonymous African American officers discussing
what they see as the systemic racism of the U.S. Capitol Police Force.
In particular, they say, is a double standard that exists for both
black officers and Members of Congress – something that leaves the U.S.
Capitol as what they term the "last plantation."

"I know the black members are disrespected, I've seen instances where
black members are disrespected," said one officer in the video.
"They'll do things to black Members that they don't do to white

Another officer in the video recalls white U.S. Capitol Officers
actually preparing to confront African American Members of Congress.

"I've heard them say, 'Well when certain members come through here, in
particular Cynthia McKinney, she ain't just gonna run up these steps.
I'm gonna stop her," said the officer. "It's almost like they be
waiting … want confrontation."

The McKinney incident was just the latest in a long line of
questionable situations and occurrences that are part of what the
officers call the "good old boy system" in the Capitol Police Force.
They term the Capitol the "last plantation"

Black officers suffer from a separate, but not equal, disciplinary and
termination system, they say. And African American officers have been
historically passed over for promotions in favor of less qualified
white officers.

One officer recalls a behind-the-scenes embarrassment for the force
when its general counsel, John Caulfield, was investigated for using
the N-word with a Washington, DC, cab driver. McKinney, they say, stood
up for the black officers.

Another remembers the time when Nelson Mandela visited the Capitol and
black officers heard their white counterparts joking that they "hope
somebody assassinates him."

Winner of the Special Jury Prize at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival and
hailed as "powerful" and "engrossing," director Ian Inaba's searing
documentary chronicles the recurring patterns of voter
disenfranchisement witnessed from 2000 to 2004 while following the
story of Rep. McKinney, who first loses, and then regains, her
Congressional seat in the film.

American Blackout will be released later this year in a significant
theatrical and grassroots campaign to screen the film for voters across
the nation. It serves as an alarming wakeup call for minority voters
that forces are actively conspiring to co-opt and even steal their

The film features interviews with: US Congressional Representatives,
John Lewis, Cynthia McKinney, John Conyers, Bernie Sanders, and
Stephanie Tubbs-Jones; former US Civil Rights Commissioner & Dean of UC
Berkeley's School of Law, Christopher Edley; BBC journalist Greg
Palast; and, Van Jones, Executive Director of the Ella Baker Center.

"They call it the last plantation. And that's what it is, the last
plantation. A lot of black officers I've seen are nervous to even speak
out against what they know is wrong."
– Anonymous U.S. Capitol Police Officer


Jesse Derris
Ken Sunshine Consultants
(212) 691-2800
(212) 691-2670 f
[email protected]

Hopefully the people of Geo... (Below threshold)

Hopefully the people of Georgia will do the rest of the country a favor and send McKinney packing.






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