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Analysis of The Latest Video From Zawahiri

Steve Schippert at Threatswatch has some interesting analysis of the latest video from al-Qaeda operational commander Ayman al-Zawahiri. He not only discusses the message, "one Ummah, one jihad," in which Zawahiri seeks to unite Muslims against the Crusaders, but also makes some observations about the technical aspects of the video and what they may indicate.

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Disreguard warnings at our ... (Below threshold)

Disreguard warnings at our peril.Many more Seattles are on the way,yet we seem to down play what happened.they are telling us what the are going to do,but we don't believe them,please wake up before its to late.

Lorie:Very good re... (Below threshold)


Very good read. Do you think he could analyze that first comment as well? ;-)

"The entire world... (Below threshold)
"The entire world is an open field for us, so just like they attack us everywhere we will attack them everywhere, and just like they united to fight us, our Ummah [Nation], we will unite to fight them."

The average Muslim has been spoon fed this garbage their entire lives so there is no doubt in their minds they are the righteous ones.

On top of that, you have the American and European lefties brainwashed into thinking this isn't really a threat from Islamic fascists, but rather an evil plot from conservatives to take away all the liberal freedoms by making up this threat up.

The rest of us are stuck in the middle of these two insane groups saying "What the eff"

Welcome to WW3, thanks to the Islamic nuts and the lefty nuts that are too blind to stop it before it starts.

"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers."

Ayman's got an agent and PR... (Below threshold)

Ayman's got an agent and PR/image consultant, obviously. He's decided, after seeing how easily Zarqawi had taken the spotlight from the well-hidden Osama, that he can make a run for the True Voice of Jihad title.

It's polished-up on production, and has those nice homey touches like pictures of the exploding South Tower and a couple of dead terrorists on the wall. Why, throw in a picture of Huey Newton, a bust of Che, and a copy of Mein Kampf, and it could be Cynthia McKinney's house.

{Note to self: contact FBI and see if anyone has actually checked Rep. McKinney's home for fugitives lately}.







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