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Newly Translated Document Describes Possible WMD Shipment To Syria

Power Line has posted text from newly translated Iraqi Document Number ISGQ-2005-00022470 which describes a secret shipment from Iraq to Syria which may have contained WMD. It is an unofficial translation released as part of Project Harmony.

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Huh, is it just me or was ... (Below threshold)

Huh, is it just me or was that utterly unenlightening?

It's just you, dex.... (Below threshold)

It's just you, dex.

Every body knew they had WM... (Below threshold)

Every body knew they had WMD,just listen to the speaches made By Fat Kennedy,J. EffenKerry,etc.in 1998 every Democrat told any one that would listen,we must do some thing about his WMD. Along comes some one with the cajones to do the job,and all of a sudden their story changes.You can't tell a liar from a fence post unless they have a D. behind their name.

Mitchell, I was wrong ther... (Below threshold)

Mitchell, I was wrong there is enlightenment abounding on that post. Go to Samson Blinded. We're all new to this high speed internet out here in the sticks you know.

Thanks to the hard work of ... (Below threshold)

Thanks to the hard work of the Power Tools and the rest of the PantLoad media for protecting us from that mushroom cloud of paper.






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