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One More Thing...

(OK mantis, you're right, including this post it is 2 more things.)

A quick note first: Apparently I was too pithy in my original post about why I was "retiring" from Wizbang. (or whatever proper noun you want to put on it.) I've gotten a number of mails and basically they fall into 2 camps. 1) I'm overreacting by leaving or 2) telling me to ignore Ace and reconsider.

Both sorta miss the mark. Let me explain.

I know it's a figure of speech but I meant it quite literally when I said "It just ain't fun any more." I really did mean for it to be taken at face value.

I know many of you have experienced blogger burn out. (or know someone who has) Well, I did that over a year ago and didn't take the hint then. [For those of you who are not bloggers it is a lot of work, even if you're a part timer like me. Appreciate the efforts of the bloggers you read.]

Today's episode was just the proverbial straw. A big freaking straw but a straw nonetheless. As Allah said, "It was a bad week for the blogosphere." And I hope he's right. I hope for the sake of the blogosphere it was a week and not a trend.

But we've all seen what has happened in the last 14 days or so. (Jeff, Seixon et al) If the blogosphere has devolved to the point where personal destruction is sport, well, that's just a few more straws.

And I don't have to tell many of my readers that life after Katrina was about 3 truck loads of straw too, so that's in the mix.

Which actually brings me to the point of this post.

For those left wondering by my cryptic post, yes this is it for me. It was not a rash decision, in fact you could say it's been on my to-do list for a while. Short of something like another 9/11 or something like that, I'm done. I only have one post left in the hopper.

I've been working on a post for several weeks about the failure of the floodwalls in New Orleans that will probably shock anyone who had even remotely followed the story. - And potentially change your whole view of the storm.

It's an incredibly compelling piece and it would be a shame to waste my effort on it.

Finally, I'm not good at the mushy stuff so let me stumble thru it by saying thanks to Kevin and that I love the whole Wizbang crew and the best of luck to you guys in the future. (was that lame enough?)


Kevin adds: If you don't have anything nice to say, just move along. This is for farewells. Anything even hinting of rudeness will be deleted.

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And a bit more mushy stuff ... (Below threshold)

And a bit more mushy stuff for you guys in the peanut gallery.

Consider this a generic musy post for all of you guys too. (wow that's lame, I told ya I was bad at it.)

There seems to be a rash of... (Below threshold)

There seems to be a rash of burnout going across
the net. Having some experience at blogging your
leaving is understandable.
But remember this, those who do not blog don't understand or appreciate the work it takes to run
a successful blog. Keeping it current, running smoothly and interesting can be "back breaking"
work. The readers/posters neither know or understand this.
So enjoy life while you can, because you'll be back when the next 9.11 happens.

A pre-emptive warning...</p... (Below threshold)

A pre-emptive warning...

If you want to be an ass please do it elsewhere.

Paul,I understand ... (Below threshold)


I understand your burn-out completely! We sometimes take on more than we can chew but we keep chewing and and chewing.

Am I sorry to see you take your leave. For you, I wish it had ended on a higher note. Like other bloggers that have left, I hope you will return someday down the road. IMO, the 06 and 08 silly season is what is causing the turmoil from certain people from both sides.

I hope you do complete your compelling piece about NOLA. I will be looking for it.

Best Wishes!

I remember back in the '04 ... (Below threshold)

I remember back in the '04 elections when Megapundit began..he stopped a long while ago.

I'll be sorry to see you go Paul, while I didn't always agree with your controversial stance on a lot of things, at least you prompted a LOT of discussion...and a lot of the chimp poo-flinging around here. You definitely brought a lot of traffic to the site (and had your share of trolls). I understand about blog burnout, I guess I was never really into keeping a "big" and "successful" blog current, I just didn't have the time. I don't know how all of you guys do it (although having a few different posters here does help).

Good luck to you in the future Paul and try to keep the faith!

3 A/E Henry Scharf
USNS Saturn (T-AFS 10)
From the Dubai Seamen's Center in Dubai, UAE

Godspeed Paul,It w... (Below threshold)

Godspeed Paul,

It was always thought provoking.

I wish you well.

Well, we'll miss you (more ... (Below threshold)
Bill M:

Well, we'll miss you (more than you'll miss us I bet!). I'll miss your comments on New Orleans -- looking forward to that last post. When I needed to know what was what and get a real perspective on the situation, you were the one to turn to.

As some one else said, God Speed, and keep it between the white lines.

I'll be looking for that la... (Below threshold)

I'll be looking for that last post as well.

I appreciate your posts, Paul, doubly so for everything post-Katrina.



Well, at least your not let... (Below threshold)

Well, at least your not letting that Pakistani shooting all them Jews story go to your head.

Excellent coverage on that.

Paul, I've enjoyed a lot of... (Below threshold)

Paul, I've enjoyed a lot of your writing. You'll be missed, by some.

Your levee break coverage h... (Below threshold)

Your levee break coverage has been phenomenal. I'm sorry to see you go.

Good luck to you Paul.<br /... (Below threshold)

Good luck to you Paul.
I've been reading posts and comments here for quite some time (ever since I did a search for news about a horrific event in Iraq a few yrs ago)
I've been a follower or You Kevin and Jay Tea ever since.
Please do finish your series on NOLA. You have to give us that at least. I'm sure others will agree.
I'll miss the chuckles I get in the morning over coffee every time yuo have it to an asshat.

That last sentence is suppo... (Below threshold)

That last sentence is supposed to read
I'll miss the chuckles I get in the morning over coffee every time you HAND it to an asshat.


I think your posts on Katri... (Below threshold)

I think your posts on Katrina & NO were some of the best work ever done in the land of blogs.

You might leave the door open a crack.

Paul:I definitely ... (Below threshold)


I definitely understand the burnout issue, I'm going through it myself.

Most of the information in my verbal debates with my lib friends about Katrina come from you.

Good luck.

Bye Paul and best of luck. ... (Below threshold)
Chronic Lurker:

Bye Paul and best of luck. Please consider, well, reconsidering in the future.

I enjoyed your NOLA posts immensely. I'm not one to comment on blogs but do know that there are people out here who have long appreciated you, however silently.

You'll be missed for both y... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

You'll be missed for both your unique insights and your style Paul. Thanks for all the great pieces you have done, particularly on New Orleans. I for one will miss your pithy comments and a style that put fear in the hearts of trolls everywhere.

I wish you the best of luck Paul and I'm still hoping you'll do some guest pieces in the future.

Paul, I just want... (Below threshold)

I just want to wish youall the best.

Hmmm. I had to double-check... (Below threshold)

Hmmm. I had to double-check the calendar to make sure it wasn't near April again. I have enjoyed reading your posts and found them to be generally logical and well argued.

I missed the big Ace debacle and had to go read it. Sheesh. Ace is some kind of psycho. Maybe if you bleed he'll finally be happy. I hate to see you go under such circumstances as the likes of Ace will no-doubt perceive this to be some kind of feather in his cap.

Anyway, best wishes and take care of yourself. I hope you are getting your post-Katrina life back together and that it will be even better than before.

I didn't agree with you mos... (Below threshold)

I didn't agree with you most of the time, but your posts were always well reasoned and written. I went to grad school in La., and my wife is from South La. (I am an adopted Cajun :))So I always appreciated your La. perpective when you wrote.

Anyway, I feel you on the burn out thing, and good luck.

BTW, hurry with that piece about the floodwalls in Renew Orleans. And if you ever want to come to the fields and hang out; holla at me.


Best of luck, Paul. You'll... (Below threshold)

Best of luck, Paul. You'll be missed.

Best regards, Paul. Thanks ... (Below threshold)

Best regards, Paul. Thanks for all your hard work.

Best of luck, Paul.<p... (Below threshold)

Best of luck, Paul.

Hope your future ventures turn out well.

Going to miss you, Paul. G... (Below threshold)

Going to miss you, Paul. Good luck to you.

Paul,I hate to see... (Below threshold)


I hate to see that it's come to this. It has indeed been a bad week in the blogosphere when one of the better bloggers decides to hang up his hat - especially under the circumstances.

I wish you well in future endeavors and hope you'll return someday to Wizbang. You'll be missed.

Best of Luck, Paul.<p... (Below threshold)

Best of Luck, Paul.

I've been reading this blog since about the time Kevin asked you to join as a regular. And as a resident of the Gulf Coast (Mobile) and frequent visitor to Nawlins, I was riveted by your Katrina posts.

But I did notice from your tone that your demeanor had suffered greatly from the disaster experience. In fact, I'm rather surprised you didn't make a break before now as there were certianly times when I though you were near the breaking point.

You probably need this respite from blogging. I appreciate your hard work and I look forward to your final installment to the Katrina series.

I hope you decide to come back to Wizbang some time.


Best of everything to you a... (Below threshold)

Best of everything to you and yours. I'll miss your intellectually stimulating posts.

God bless.

What can I say, it will be ... (Below threshold)

What can I say, it will be a lot less fun around here without you. Take care and be good. ;)

Best of luck, Paul.<p... (Below threshold)

Best of luck, Paul.

I hope to hear more from you after a respite.

I hope that someday you dec... (Below threshold)

I hope that someday you decide to come back to blogging, Paul. Until then, farewell and be well. Hopefully you'll pop about the comments every now and then, just for old time's sake.

Your high stress level has ... (Below threshold)

Your high stress level has been evident for some time. I, and probably others, attributed it to Katrina and aftermath.

I've enjoyed your perspective on things, Paul, and will miss it. I wish you the best of success in all your endeavors, online and off, and hope that you'll return in some form, in some forum, after a suitable respite.

Good luck, and may God bless you and yours.

It's not retirement. It's j... (Below threshold)

It's not retirement. It's just giving them hell in a different way.

Best of luck to you.

Damn, I really hate to see ... (Below threshold)

Damn, I really hate to see you go.

I didn't always agree with you, but your logic was always spot on.

Best of luck!

Paul: You once paid me a co... (Below threshold)

Paul: You once paid me a complement which has always stuck with me and made me realize what a genuinly decent person you are. I always looked for "Paul" on my RSS Reader because I knew the post was going to be entertaining, moving, fun, informative, and sometimes off the wall. Good luck and remember... Don't let the oozers get you down!

Best Wishes,

Best wishes Paul. <p... (Below threshold)

Best wishes Paul.

I've always enjoyed your posts and your take on things.

Paul,You will be m... (Below threshold)


You will be missed for your great insights and decency. Please know that for every 'crazy' out there that has tried to tear you apart, there are unseen masses that have learned from you and appreciated your writings. Take care of yourself, Paul...and let us hear from you from time to time in the comments here at Wizbang. We all understand the need to take a break, but your friends here will miss you.


Paul:We only get o... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:


We only get one go round. If it isn't fun, don't dp it.

Semper Fi!

Paul,Best of luck. I... (Below threshold)

Best of luck. I'll say the same thing you've all heard from an elder at one point or another: Idiots stand and scream at one another, but real men (or women) have the good sense to turn and walk away. As USMC Pilot said, life is too short to waste it on anything that raises your blood pressure and isn't ABSOLUTELY necessary.

Paul,Best of luck.... (Below threshold)


Best of luck. I hope New Orleans will be able to recover from Hurricane Katrina.

"Ace is some kind of psycho... (Below threshold)

"Ace is some kind of psycho."

-- Jeff Blogworthy, up the thread

I think that hints of rudeness.

But only to ace.

Take care, Paul. And good ... (Below threshold)

Take care, Paul. And good luck to you and to your friends and neighbors in NOLA.

Maybe Kevin's been away and... (Below threshold)

Maybe Kevin's been away and didn't notice the comment, Patterico. Looks like his last post was around 7 a.m. yesterday. Or maybe he just missed it. We bloggers, as you know, have to juggle a lot of responsiblities and divide our time up between posting, monitoring comments, and trying to have a life in between, and sometimes things fall through the cracks. I wouldn't assume because it was still there it was left up deliberately, but maybe Kevin will clarify one way or the other.

Paul,Best wishes a... (Below threshold)


Best wishes and you'll be missed. As a New Orleans ex-pat, I followed your posts closely through Katrina and after. You've had a lot of wonderful insights and info about that and other things.

You will be missed Paul. H... (Below threshold)

You will be missed Paul. Here's hoping that you decide to return after you've had some time off to recharge.

I didn't get over to Whizba... (Below threshold)

I didn't get over to Whizbang as often as I'd like; there are so many excellent blogs around. This is one of the best.

Just want to say I'm sorry to hear you're leaving. You've put up some great stuff.

On the other hand: if it's bugging you that much, go. Go and talk to a friend you haven't seen in a while. Take walk with the dog (or the fish; whatever). Read a book.

Sure, we'll miss you, but we'd miss even more if your brain imploded (God forbid). This blogging stuff isn't that important, that it hurts your life.

You go enjoy yourself.

Paterico, Sister Toljah mig... (Below threshold)

Paterico, Sister Toljah might as well have been hanging out with me this weekend, as she pretty much nailed it. In addition to a major site upgrade I actually spent most of the weekend well away from the site. Given that there are now three posts related to those two lines, deleting it is pointless.

I don't *normally* expect p... (Below threshold)

I don't *normally* expect people to monitor their comments closely. I can't, myself. But from Kevin's postscript to the post, I was under the impression that these particular comments were going to be closely monitored. I apologize if I got the wrong impression.






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